Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Good new, kids! The problem of terrorism has been pinpointed, and the solution is at hand. From DIGITAL JOURNAL:

The ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee believes one thing President Obama could do to fix the holes in the US’s air security system is to say the word “terrorism” more.
United State congressman Peter King (R-NY) made those comments to Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos while they were discussing specific ways in which the Obama administration could improve air traffic security measures. “Name one other specific recommendation that the president could implement right now to fix this.” Stephanopoulos asked King. “I think one main thing would be to — just himself — to use the word terrorism more often,” King responded.

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(l to r: Peter Huckster Hoekstra, Deadeye Dick Cheney, Snarlin’ Liz Cheney, Peter Hair On Fire King, Jim Demented DeMint, Dan Baby Daddy Burton)

King’s comment seems to fall in lock step with the direction the Republicans’ attacks have taken since the Christmas Day plot. Vice President Dick Cheney announced that Obama has been ignoring the war on terror, and the GOP has also criticized the amount of time it took the President to comment after the fact.

From Julian E. Zelizer:

Princeton, New Jersey (CNN) — Almost as soon as the botched Christmas airplane bombing hit the airwaves, the politics of national security reared its head.

Many Republicans quickly attacked President Obama for being responsible for the fact that Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab was able to walk onto an airplane with dangerous explosives despite the fact that the government had received warnings about him. They argued that the failure proved the White House was weak on terrorism.

“Soft talk about engagement, closing Gitmo,” warned South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint, “these things are not going to appease the terrorists…” Representative Dan Burton of Indiana called for Janet Napolitano, who said the system “had worked,” to step down. Napolitano, said Burton, “does not have the background or experience necessary to execute her responsibilities.” Former Vice President Dick Cheney asked of the president, “Why doesn’t he want to admit we’re at war.”

Some Democrats had responses of their own, pointing out that DeMint has been preventing the confirmation of Obama’s appointment to head the Transportation Security Administration, Erroll Southers. And some Democrats accused Republicans of having voted against appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security.


While politicians play the blame game when things go wrong — looking for the individual at fault — what is more important is to look at public policies and government institutions to understand how our system in fact did not work. In this case, we are talking about the policies of multiple countries.


Obama was spot on when he said that the airline incident had resulted from a “systematic failure” in our counterterrorism operations.


Rather than spending the next few months with each party attacking the other for being responsible, what would be more useful is to have a bipartisan and independent 9/11 Commission-style review of our homeland security programs to see where the holes are and where the system can be improved.

While Obama has promised a review of intelligence systems under the direction of John O. Brennan, the president’s top counterterrorism advisor, a much broader analysis will be needed — one that covers the entire homeland security system, is independent of the executive branch, and is bipartisan in the composition of its membership. The panel would have to invite testimony from allies from around the world to better understand how the global anti-terrorism program is working.


Nothing should be excluded from consideration, from the failures of U.S. officials to respond to evidence to the flaws in the system that Obama inherited. We need a comprehensive understanding of what happened so we can improve the system and make sure that innocent travelers are kept safe from the ravages of terrorism.

Nah, let’s just keep slinging poop, scaring the hell out of people, and using terrorism to try to collect some campaign funds. That’s a lot less work.


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24 responses to “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

  1. So, terrorists are kind of like Swiper on “Dora the Explorer”? If you call them by name, then they become less effective? That’s great!

    I wish we’d known that years ago.

    • writechic

      Excellent analogy, wickle, and developmentally age appropriate as far as King’s cognitive capacity goes.

    • i don’t watch dora the explorer, so i don’t know about swiper, by i remember that, if you say beetle juice’s name 3 times, he’ll appear. i guess it’s the same dynamic.

  2. At least he takes blame for things that go wrong. More than our previous prez did.

  3. writechic

    Omg, instead of pop-psych, we have pop-counterterrorism. Should we emote the word terrorism, too?

    Fear smells like poop.

    I thought the original cover was going to have Don Knotts on the lead horse. šŸ™‚

  4. Ugh, Hoekstra again. May he never be the governor of my state!

  5. Going to be a loooooong election year. Rumor has it that Steele will get the boot soon and be replaced by a bagger. Just imagine how lively the conventions will be when everyone shows up with a gun!

    • it certainly is going to be a very long year. i don’t know if steele will get the boot or not. i think the somewhat moderate rethuglicans (and by that, i mean the non-teabagger ones, they are by no means moderate) are afraid that a bagger will take his place, and they’ll all be shit outta luck. that’s what’s happening in floriduhhh. the head of the rethug party here is out, and that probably means that some real whacko fringe types will be running. i hate to say it, but i’m hoping charlie crist will change parties and become a democrat. i don’t know if he can win a rethug primary, and i don’t see any dems who can win statewide.

      • JaxDem

        Crist stepped all over his er, well…self with this latest about face on his previous stance on abortion:

        “Gov. Charlie Crist, who wanted to change hearts and not abortion laws when he ran for governor, now wants to fight for “pro-life” legislation if he’s elected to the Senate, according to release issued by his campaign Friday.”

        That sound you just heard, my friends, was Charlie’s death knell. Even the dems won’t want him now!

        • right after i made that comment, i went over to google news, and that was one of the first stories i saw. i said to myself that i have to remember to go back to the raisin and do a never mind on that comment. he’s toast.

  6. KarenZipdrive

    Ugh. All it takes for me to totally zone out is the mention of the word Republican.
    I had to stop watching MSNBC and most national news because I was always in a state of outrage.
    However, I think Diane Sawyer is doing well as the ABC News anchor–she delivers the news without editorializing, plus she looks great in a suit.

    • the best thing on msnbc these days is tweety, believe it or not. he’s been setting up traps for the moronic rethugs who appear, they wander in, and then tweety slams the door shut. they look like the idiots they are.

  7. I am reminded of the college semester where I ended up with Gulliver’s Travels assigned by 3 different professors. The repubes are Lilliputian in their smallness and they’re Yahoos in their domestic and Foreign policies. My 13 yr old girl heard that comment on the car radio and laughed out loud. What’s this guy saying ? Obama will be better of he says terrorism more? Yeah, that’s what they’ve got I said, that’s all the party of No has to offer. That is SO lame she says. Uhh, yeah.

    • that’s because most rethugs don’t even have the analytical skills of a 13-year-old. they have no good ideas at all, so they just sling crap to see if anything sticks. i just wish the dems would point out their lies every single time they repeat them.

  8. The other night I told the husband I had turned off the Tee Vee because I could not stand to hear the world terrorism or al Qaeda any more.
    He turned it on PBS & instantly, those words were in use again.
    Oh hell. I think whenever “W” started using those words it meant war or billions more for war.

    Here is the other thing I dislike…. the president getting up & saying this is all his fault & he accepts responsibility.

    Really? Don’t we have huge departments- Homeland Security (Lieberman! It;s HIS fault!!!), the CIA, FBI & umpteen Pentagon divisions that do this shit. It is their job & their responsibility.

    I know it is allegedly noble to take blame… but it was not his personal responsibility, and it rings hollow to have him officially take the blame.

    It reminds me of Bush, in his photo op at a podium, with rolled up sleeves, a month later holding a presser saying he took responsibility for Katrina. What the hell good did it do anyway?
    All these years later ~ much of the area is STILL in ruins.

    What really irks me, is the aftermath– the guy’s father notified officials that he had turned extremist & his concern.

    Just like the 9-11 hijakers told their flying instructor they were not interested in learning how to land planes.


    These should be big red flags.

    The knowledge that something is very wrong should be the items they pay attention to….
    not frisking 80 year old grandmothers in airports.

    • i think there’s way too much focus on what’s said and how it’s said. everything is political theater nowadays, because every word is parsed and every gesture is put under a microscope. if everyone would just stop and do their damned jobs, we’d all be a lot better off.

  9. JaxDem

    Well I always prefer to take my advice from an assclown that can’t even buy a clue. Even better if I can find one who has 8 uninterrupted years of total f-ups under his belt.

    • the rethugs are too cowardly to even show up on shows where they might be questioned or taken to task for their lies. these are the people who are supposed to protect us? šŸ™„

  10. Joanaroo

    Well, Geezus, Mary and Mudder Fudden Joseph! How about we take the damn GOP and put them in the Gulf with the damn oil they love and let them fossilize like mammoths at La Brea! Peter King: Bitching that the terror suspect didn’t get his Miranda Rights first when the GOP said *(Domestic) Terrorists are declaring war on American citizens. They SHOULD NOT receive their Miranda Rights!* You know, don’t give the police a fucking bit of credit for catching the guy so damn soon!

  11. Joanaroo

    And Mikey *Yur doing a heckuva job* Brownie: The president did this to stop offshore drilling…yadda, yadda, yadda. Rush Limbaugh, etc. all blaming Obama over something the GOP blew their wad over to get. Gee, and Halliburton is involved. And Mr. BP makes $5 million a year. Hear that sucking noise? It’s Brownie still attached to Dubya. And Rush rewarding his doctors for all the new Oxycontin prescriptions. Just let Brownie and Rush suck up all the oil as much as they do the Viagra Juice!

    • did you see brownie on hardball? tweety was hilarious! he pointed out how stupid brownie sounds, and brownie kept sputtering and trying to rehabilitate himself while digging himself an even bigger hole. šŸ˜†