Not Haiti, Just Hate


As the full scope of the devastation in Haiti was just beginning to be understood Wednesday, MSNBC and CNN devoted extensive coverage to the crisis, including during their primetime coverage. Fox News did cover the aftermath of the earthquake in its dayside programming, but the Three Musketeers — Beck, O’Reilly and Hannity — couldn’t be bothered.

Beck devoted his entire show to an interview with Sarah Palin. He didn’t mention Haiti once but instead chose to read her his diary. To be fair, Beck’s interview may have been taped prior to the Haiti crisis, but he certainly wasn’t obligated to air it Wednesday. It’s not as if Fox News viewers won’t hear her views now that she’s a Fox News contributor.

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On his show Hannity did mention Haiti in the first two minutes and offered this segue:

We’re going to continue to update you as new details become available on the very tragic situation that is unfolding in Haiti tonight. Now, meanwhile all eyes are on the Senate race in Massachusetts.

No, actually, most eyes are on the Haiti tragedy.


Tens of thousands are dead in Haiti with some victims still clinging to life under toppled buildings, and Hannity devoted the first segment of his show to a political reporter getting pushed down on the sidewalk (and helped back up).


But how did the top-rated prime-time news program address the crisis?

O’Reilly mentioned Haiti in his “Talking Points Memo” — “Haiti, Liberalism, and America” — arguing that the U.S. will do more than any country to aid the people of Haiti but that much of that aid will be stolen. But then it was on to business as usual — attacking President Obama. O’Reilly discussed polls on Obama’s approval with Dana Perino – obviously much needed political analysis in a time of great tragedy.

O’Reilly used his second segment to attack Jon Stewart because he had made fun of O’Reilly and his Factor guests for their discussion of Obama’s reaction to the underwear bomber.


The third segment brought another attack on the Obama administration (and the Clinton administration) – this time from former CIA agent Michael Scheurer, who once said, “The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States.” Scheurer spent most of the interview again trashing Obama’s counterterrorism chief, John Brennan.


It was during the fourth segment that O’Reilly’s obtuseness was on full display. While many Americans clamored for more information on the crisis in Haiti (with some even turning to such coverage because of loved ones back in Haiti), O’Reilly brought on actress Bo Derek to discuss Japanese whaling and the possible roundup of wild horses in Nevada.


One might think that bringing on comedian Dennis Miller to crack jokes while survivors of the earthquake were still trapped under rubble might be just a little insensitive. Not O’Reilly. Sarah Palin, Harry Reid and Leno/Conan were far more important topics of discussion Wednesday night.


O’Reilly then discussed an attack ad produced by Liz Cheney’s Keep America Safe.


It should come as no surprise that more Leno/Conan, more Palin and Tiger Woods were the subjects of the rest of O’Reilly’s show.


O’Reilly and his fellow Fox News cohorts should be ashamed of themselves.

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32 responses to “Not Haiti, Just Hate

  1. They might have felt shame except for the conscience-ectomies they had performed long ago.

    It’s a prerequisite for working for Fox, I believe.

  2. scum beneath the bottom feeders

    • if there are stories they can’t make all about themselves, they just ignore them. they’re just so disgusting and disgraceful that there are no words vile enough to describe them.

  3. writechic

    You know Shepherd Smith and Geraldo Rivera did a really good job reporting during Katrina. I remember Hannity looking pained when he couldn’t come up with angles to blame the people he wanted to blame. Plus, he just seemed generally pissed off about the continuous live coverage.

    How much less worthy of his time are Hatians.

    • according to wapo, this is what shep smith said:

      The people of Haiti have been used and abused by their governments over the years. They have dealt with unthinkable tragedy, day in and day out. And we’re in the middle of a crisis that the Western Hemisphere has not seen in my lifetime. And 700 miles east of Miami, hundreds of thousands of desperate human beings need our help, our support, our money and our love. And they don’t need that.

      i don’t watch him or anything on faux, but from what i’ve heard and the clips i’ve seen, he’s one of the very few human beings on that network. i think geraldo is a self-centered asshole, but i do think he has a heart and honestly feels empathy for people in dire straits.

      • writechic

        I think Smith honestly tries to report without betraying his own humanity or others. And I cringed mentioning Geraldo because he’s just flaky, but I do think he can be compassionate. Hannity was tossing to them during live Katrina reports. Hannity would give them some bullshit right spun line, both Smith and Geraldo absolutely destroyed Hannity for taking a side. Hannity finally surrendered and looked like he was trying to poop a peach pit the rest of the time.

        • i’m impressed! you can actually sit through hannity’s show? i can’t even bring myself to turn on faux news. when i’m channel surfing, i’ll use the up channel button until i get to channel 31. then i’ll manually click 33 just so i won’t have even a millisecond of faux news (channel 32 here) on my tv screen.

          • writechic

            That’s funny!

            (I caught it with Shep Smith on screen. He was reaming Hannity. They cut to the brady bunch box and tossed to Geraldo. I think anyway. I watched so much tv at that time.)

  4. “Beck devoted his entire show to an interview with Sarah Palin.”

    Ah, to be adored and not have to do an honest day’s work!

    • did you see the clips from that interview? i honestly thought i was going to retch. he read to her from his journal. i think the statue of liberty, blurred in the distance, was a symbol for what was going on in his pants (on a much, much, much, much, much, much, much smaller scale) as he slobbered all over her. i honestly don’t know which one of them should have been more embarrassed.

      • Princess Sarah is a C-List actress with a political following. She probably got off on the attention.

        • maryyooch

          Beck: Who’s your favorite Founding Father?

          Palin: Any of them. All of them.

          Must be one of her stock answers. Then she comes out with Geo. Washington? She must have watched the HBO mini-series on John Adams. My fifth grader could have come up with a more informed answer. You would have thought she could have come up with one of the people who helped create the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

          I can’t make myself watch Fox Noise, either. I watch the You Tube clips or read Media Matters.

          OT, but right now Obama is having a presser with both Clinton and W. I wonder if W. realizes how Obama is giving him a chance to partly right all the wrong he did/didn’t do during Katrina? I’m sure that Fox will make some kind of asinine statement of how Obama was using Bush somehow.

          • “All of them”?


            No thoughts about the disparities between John Adams, John Hancock, Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, or Thomas Jefferson? Really? John Jay vs. Simon Rutledge?

            On the other hand, “Who’s your favorite Founding Father?” is kind of a stupid question. Appropriate for that interviewer and that guest, though.

            • it would have been hilarious if she had been asked to list the founding fathers. i doubt she could even name 5 of them. she’d be guessing–abraham lincoln? thomas edison? teddy roosevelt?

          • chris matthews nailed it. he asked (i’m paraphrasing) ever have to do a book report in school when you never read the book? that’s princess in a nutshell. she wants all the glory, but she doesn’t want to do any of the work. she bullshits her way through life, and she thinks it’s enough, because she considers herself better than everyone else.

        • this was probably the only interview where she actually understood all the questions. she still sounded like the moron she is when she answered, but at least she found her intellectual equal.

  5. Oh, definately! That interview clip of spazBeck and Buttercup was just adorable. He’s giving the impression of getting a chubby all the while wondering if he can get to second base with superGILF. And no sign of your favorite monkey man yet. Will he need to be sobered up? He’s so dense that he’ll think donations raised for Hatey are going to that lowlife Rush. And like all of them he’ll want to know ” where’s my cut”?

    • maryyooch

      To say the least, Beck was fucking creepy the way he talked to Palin. She kind of did look freaked out by him.
      Maybe she is partly human after all.

      • i thought she looked rather creeped out, too. the whole journal thing made him sound like an obsessed stalker. it’s hilarious how cool he thinks he is, when he just continually makes a fool of himself on national tv.

    • spazBeck and Buttercup 😆 the name of faux’s new talk show.

  6. I’m so glad I got rid of my cable. None of my money goes to pay for that filth on Faux News.

    • it really pisses me off how much control faux has on cable and satellite companies. so many make you pay extra for msnbc, but you can’t opt out of paying for faux, even if you don’t watch it.

  7. the whole cable model – is a mess – and i wish i could write about it but i cannot (cause guess who is buying us – a cable company!)

    i hate the fact fox news, fx. fox business channel, reality, wnyw, fox sports or anything with rupert murdoch blood on it — i have to pay for!

    btw – beck is joining the rush/pat chorus of why are we helping the haitians

    • cable should be sold as an a la carte deal. you should be able to pick and choose which channels you want and pay for only those.

      stay tuned tonight, dcAp. glenn blechhh is on the hotseat here.

  8. New year’s resolution : If I have to sit and wait any where, tire store, doctor’s office, gym and this bullshit is on the t.v. I am going to change it myself or ask the management to change it if I can’t do it. The idea that this is what people want needs to be met with the reality that no we don’t fucking want it. No cable or satellite here but all our kids read above their age levels.

  9. Not a deep comment here (it’s all been said already!) just a thanks for sparing us a photo of Beck & Palin.

    In a perfect world, those who choose to not use the media for the good of helping out Haiti, should be made to go over there & work in the trenches– for 6 months w no media crew!
    Then we’d know Beck would be crying real tears.

    • uh-oh fran! 😯 you’d better not look at tonight’s post. i’m afraid it’s a doubleheader. however, i think i’ve made both of them look as ridiculous as they really are, so maybe you’ll actually like the posters.

  10. i have just 1 question?,why wasnt fox news bashing george bush when this country was sending innocent children to die in a unjust war in iraq when osama bin laden was in afganistan,we spent billions of dollars of several years,and they still couldnt find a 6’5 man who’s alledgely on a dialysis machine? why wasnt fox news upset over the foreclosures that were taking to so many hard working families,why didnt they complain about the high gas prices,thay were absolutely silent for 8 years,no one word.but as soon as a black man is in office for not even a year,thay have been attacking him ever i am not saying he doesnt deserve criticism when he is wrong,but there is a blatant attack EVERY DAY,EVERY DAY,on his adminstration by these people.and you say you are FAIR AND BALANCED?,YOURE FULL OF SH###@@

    • hello kenny,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i hope you were yelling at faux news and not at me! 😉 faux news is just another tool of big business. they hate regulation of any kind, so they loved chimpy and they hate the dems. not only should they drop the nonsensical fair and balanced crap, but they should take news out of their name. it should be called rupert murdoch’s propaganda channel.