Even His Family Votes Against Him!

From The Los Angeles Times:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman says his family voted 3-1 against him running for governor, so he will not join the race.

Coleman’s decision comes in the wake of his bruising Senate loss to former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Al Franken.

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He says he reached the decision during a family dinner Friday night.

Coleman says he believes he could have won a Republican primary for governor, and that he’s not endorsing any Republican candidate for now.

The former St. Paul mayor says he is putting together a think tank and policy institute in Washington.

In other words, he’s on the market for a job as a lobbyist.


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21 responses to “Even His Family Votes Against Him!

  1. writechic

    I think we should have a recount. 😀

  2. writechic

    I’m bored waiting for the Brown victory (sounds like the poop after constipation).

    Why does Massachusetts suck?

    Is Tim Kaine now the Michael Steele of the party? Kaine’s hair kinda freaks me out.

  3. Your poster’s great. The special election sucks.

  4. Norm’s a little slow on the uptake.

    • he’s also a bit of a playwright. do you really think that scene actually occurred? either he figured he’d lose, or maybe some big rethug money convinced him to stay out of the race.

  5. Hey,
    If electing another asshat to the senate is what it takes to make those fucks get serious about passing real health care reform, and not another gift to the corporate overlards, and using a simple majority 18 vote majority to do it then fine; welcome another asshat. The more ignorant the better. Rub the voter’s faces in teh stoopid until they gag, and jump-start a movement to really change government forever.

    As for norm? clearly the family knows best. I’ll bet the connubial bliss is in short supply at normie’s place just now.

    • i hope that’s what happens, terry. i don’t think it will be long before the voters of massachusetts do a V-8 style headslap and ask themselves what the hell they were thinking. he has to run again in a couple of years. hopefully, he’ll have shown his true colors by then, and they can get a decent dem in there in his place.

  6. Norm still can’t believe he got beat by a wrestler and then a comedian. What a Bozo. Speaking of clowns, it seems that Chuckles didn’t have a lot of trouble running his lame agenda through with 50 or 51 senate seats. Sometimes the Dark Father would have to lurk closely in case of tiebreaker vote. The Reganistas are still quite the minority party. Just take the big HCR bill and make legislative chunks out of it, one at a time, and run it through on a 50+ vote under “reconciliation”, whaterver the hell that is. Its that or like Colbert said on Monday: “I got mine, so suck it!”

    • isn’t it funny how these people swear up and down how much they love the states they represent, but as soon as they lose an election, they move to d.c. or ny?

      i hope today’s results is a giant kick in the ass to the dems. take a page from the lbj handbook and pass a good bill, one way or another. take the gloves off, and kick the rethugs in the balls.

  7. Norm Coleman’s dentist should be sued.
    He used extra large porcelain caps on Norm’s teeth, making him look like he could use them to pull pickles out of a gallon jar.

    • have you noticed that so many people on tv have huge teeth? what’s with the veneers? why can’t they make them human-sized? in norm’s case, i think they used one giant-sized veneer to cover 2 teeth at a time. it was probably half-price, and you know how rethugs are about fiscal responsibility.

      p.s. i think norm modeled for this emoticon. 😀

  8. maryyooch

    Normy and Queen Caribou would make a match made in heaven (or hell).