My Skools Dont’ Need Munny

From The Dallas Morning News:

WASHINGTON – Texas school districts may be able to bypass Gov. Rick Perry’s decision to not compete for up to $700 million in federal education funds, under a plan announced Tuesday by President Barack Obama.

The president highlighted his disappointment with Perry’s move as he outlined an expansion of the Race to the Top program that would allow school districts to apply directly for grants.

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Race to the Top offers grants to entice districts to raise standards, use data to track student progress and develop creative ways to turn around failing schools. Forty states and the District of Columbia applied for slices of the $4.35 billion pool during the first round of bids.

Perry withdrew Texas from the competition – and the shot at up to $700 million – last week, saying he was doing so “in the interest of preserving our state sovereignty over matters concerning education.”

In a letter to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Perry expressed concerns about the cost of implementing national standards and the effect of such standards on the curriculum already in place.


“It is a loss for the children of his state,” Duncan said. “I happen to know there are some phenomenal educators that are doing a great job in Texas that don’t have a chance to bring resources to their districts.”

The Obama administration’s $1.35 billion extension of Race to the Top could change that. If the program is approved by Congress, it will probably be another year before school districts can apply directly for funds, Duncan said, and the requirements for receiving grants have yet to be determined.

At a news conference in San Antonio, Perry said the expansion was evidence of the federal government “further interfering in state and local affairs and betraying their clear disdain for our rights.”

“I will say this very slow so they will understand it in Washington, D.C.: Texas will fight any attempt by the federal government to take over our school system,” Perry said.

Holy teabag, Batshit Batman! 😯

Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott said that districts would be “foolish” to apply for the funds and that Obama’s statement disregarded many efforts already under way.


But many Texas school districts would be “grateful for the opportunity to apply,” said Jackie Lain, associate director of the Texas Association of School Boards.

The Dallas Independent School District is among them. Spokesman Jon Dahlander said the district would be “very interested” in competing for Race to the Top awards, as long as there are not too many requirements.


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40 responses to “My Skools Dont’ Need Munny

  1. writechic

    OMG. States’ rights. Texas has a right to live with another year of massive state revenue shortages and another round of paring education budgets down from bones to marrow. It’s a matter of sovereignty that our students suffer academically.

    Does this mother fucker Perry think he’s going to end up King of Texas?

    Then given the quotes from educators, he just might.

    (Sorry the pottymouth is in overdrive. I’ve been reading Wonkette tonight. 🙂 )

  2. “I get no respect, I tell ya.”

    Well, Governor Goodhair, you’re getting exactly the respect you deserve.

    Love the chalk drawings of our President, Lady BlahBlah, and the teabagger graduate. They fit right in.

    • so glad you noticed them, neon vincent. it took me 4 tries to get obama right, and 3 for princess.

      • Friend of the court

        nonnie, those are really good drawings. I say that as a drawer.

        • i didn’t draw them, fotc. i haven’t drawn in a really long time. i don’t know if i remember how to hold a pencil. i found cartoons of both of them (and the teabag and cup and saucer) on teh google that i thought would work (actually found a bunch of them and tried each until i liked them), and then i erased here and there, made a few lines a bit stronger or longer, overlaid the whole thing with white, and then beat them up a little to try to make them look like they belonged on a chalkboard.

          p.s. where have you been? you know i miss you when you’re not here.

          • Friend of the court

            I miss you too, when I don’t get by. I have extra work right now and haven’t been around much at all.

  3. Another one of his plots: to start charging tolls on already-built highways. And he’s sold the contract to Spain, so they can collect our tolls on roads our taxes have already paid for.
    One of his aides was the lobbyist for this caper.
    He makes Blago look like a statesman.

  4. Case in point– George W Bush attended Sam Houston Elementary School and then San Jacinto Junior High. He began high school in Houston, Texas, at Kincaid High School.

    Need I say more???

    P.S. I never heard of the Palin nickname “Lady BlahBlah” but I love it!
    Just learned today the bitch is coming to my town in April for a repug only fundraiser dinner.

    Yea sure- bring her to a Blue State in a Lib’ral College town. That ought to be fun.
    I’m sure she will be “welcomed”.

    • little gov. ricky goodhair has to keep ’em stupid. who else is going to vote for him?

      i’m sure princess sarah will be welcomed. by a huge cadre of security guards who will whisk her away to a back door or underground parking lot so she doesn’t have to see all the people who are booing her.

      • OMG Nonnie– you nailed it– Palin will be coming to the Hilton that has *underground parking*.
        Still she will get a major protest welcome & that will get press, even if Palin can’t handle it.

        Last time Repugs had a major conference here– they were met with many flag draped (replica) coffins on display.

  5. Yea, what she said! Going to turn our paid for highways into toll roads so Perry can say he didn’t raise the gas tax 5 or 10 cents to keep up maintenance. It would highly offend the dead Reagan corpse to do such a thing. Didn’t hear a lot from them when producers upped the price $3 a gallon. Usually get a lecture on freedom, marketplace, crap like that. Since we have a primary soon for gov., they are currently going for each other in radio ads where KBH is accused of being the most liberal member of the Senate (probably even “puts out”) and she counters that Perry is going to drive a bulldozer through your house, or barn, for the TransTexas Corridor project by stealing your land. There’s a 3rd repub who is a 10ther. She wants the public to be more heavily armed than the cops and says she will end gun registration. You would need paper from half the trees on earth to register all the guns in this state which, by the way, does not and has never had gun registration. The main function of our school system is to keep the kids from wandering the streets all day. Education is a dangerous thing in such a hard core stronghold like Texas. Sure Perry turned down the dough and is beaming with pride about it. He knows ignert is a two syllable word.

    • what gets me is that there are parents who will cheer for this moron for turning down money that would improve their kids’ education. i guess that as long as their high school football games are funded, they don’t give a damn about anything else.

    • mary b

      Do they have a good Democratic Candidate?

      • Yes!!!! Bill White

        Bill White, the former Houston mayor and a Democratic candidate for governor, said Perry should have applied for the grant and tailored it to the state’s school improvement goals.
        “To improve our schools at no cost to local property taxpayers,” White said in a statement, “we need to get back the tax dollars sent by Texans to Washington.”

        • hi green apples,

          welcome to the raisin! 😀

          hope you’ll come back and keep us posted on bill white. if a rethug teabagger can win in massachusetts, maybe this is the year a dem can win in texas. here’s hoping.

  6. mary b

    We really need to be concerned about how they re-write text books in TX.
    I read on Talking Points Memo among other places, that whatever they put into textbooks in TX is what the entire Country sooner rather than later ends up with.
    Did you ever wonder how a majority of Texans could be so ignorant? Must be the school books (LOL). I do know some pretty smart liberals in Texas but they are far outnumbered. If my computer wasn’t on it’s last legs, I’d find the link for you at TPM. But it would probably take all day if not longer. Go on over and check it out. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.
    States rights, my ass. That’s what the racists call it when they refer to the Civil War. It didn’t have a damn thing to do with states rights.

    • here’s a link to an article about it. scary as hell! they even want to paint joe mccarthy in a better light and delete thurgood marshall! 😯

      it does trickle into other states, because the textbook publishers cater to their largest customers. since texas has a large population, the publishers want to please them, while a smaller state doesn’t have that kind of pull, so they have to buy whatever texas approves of.

  7. JaxDem

    Somewhere our dear Molly Ivins’ ashes must look like they’re infused with mexican jumping beans. Dear G-d almighty what the hell is it w/Texas???

    Speaking of Molly, seem to me ole’ Gov Perry took one of her fav quotes to heart:

    “Think of something to make the ridiculous look ridiculous.”

    This is too depressing to focus on anymore. I’m going to shift my attention to looking forward to the big reunion…Sarah Palin has agreed to help John McCain’s re-election effort. whOOt hOOt 😀

    Sarah provided nonnie with the material for some of her best :idea:work evah…

    • the whole thing makes me nauseous. people had better start speaking up and demanding that the media cover stories like this instead of wringing their friggin hankies over the fate of conan and leno. read that article i linked above, and you’ll feel like screaming. they want to rewrite history and push their propaganda, even to the point of more chrisitianity in the classroom and less abraham lincoln.

  8. JaxDem

    thx for the cheat page on emoticons
    now can you help us out w/bold, block quotes, links….somes of us gots lazy and cantz amember how itz done anymore…

    • those are easy, jaxdem. to bold use then whatever text you want bolded, followed by . to italicize, the same, but use i instead of b. for quotes, use blockquote in place of the b. however, a caution. i don’t think blockquote works. i can edit comments, and it gives me a window with buttons i can use, and that makes blockquote work, while it doesn’t when i try it in a comment here.

      if you want to link using a highlighted word instead of just putting the messy link here, do the following. i’ll do it in steps, because it’s too confusing in a sentence. type the following (no spaces unless i say so):
      1. <a href=
      (there is a space between a and href. it’s the only space you’ll use, except for whatever spaces you want to use in the highlighted text)
      2. copy the addy of the link
      3. >
      4. type the text you want highlighted (i’ll use THIS IS WHAT I WANT HIGHLIGHTED in the example below

      in this sentence THIS IS WHAT I WANT HIGHLIGHTED when i link over.

  9. Nonnie, that is awesome. Icky Ricky definitely needs them texan chillens to be nice & dummied down so his ilk can keep getting elected. Unbelievable. Or it should be… why am I always surprised?

    Hey – can you tell me the name of the plugin you used for your subscriber sign-up? That rocks, I want one!

  10. OH and I hope (hint hint) you can come up with something on today’s SCOTUS decision which basically put the final nail in the coffin of any semblance of democracy in this country.

    • helen!!!! 😀
      it’s really you!!! 😀 i delete all the comments from you-know-who, so he hasn’t been around lately.

      you need a widget to add the subscribe button. i didn’t remember how i added it, so i had to look. all the info is here. if i did it, it has to be easy. 😉

      today’s scotus decision is sickening. i’ll have to see what movie i can find to register my disgust.