Naked Ambition


A new Rasmussen poll of New York looks at how former Rep. Harold Ford (D-TN) might do if he ran against appointed Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in the general election, as an independent, rather than challenging her in the Dem primary. The answer is that he wouldn’t get very far — but Gillibrand wouldn’t walk away with the contest itself, with a potential split in the Democratic vote.

The numbers: Gillibrand 39%, an unnamed generic Republican candidate 34%, and Ford 10%.Β  […] Rasmussen had to use a generic Republican precisely because there is no GOP candidate right now, and the party’s recruiting efforts have kept coming up short. (We’ll see whether the Republican victory in Massachusetts gets anybody interested in this race.)

Interested? Harold Ford, ever the opportunist, seeing the success of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senate race, has changed his strategery for the New York senate primary accordingly, and he thinks he’ll have the same success.

  1. Naked pic? Check!
  2. Piss off gay people? Check!
  3. Campaign as an opponent of health care reform? Check!
  4. Call yourself an Independent Rethuglican Democrat? Check!
  5. Get lots of money from the big Wall Street banks, maybe even work for one of them, and then wring your hands over the Big Bank tax? Check!

Next on the list:

  1. Yell obscenities at kids in a New York high school.
  2. Buy a truck (If he didn’t leave the old one in Tennessee).
  3. Rent a couple of 20-something girls to act as his daughters, whom he can promptly pimp out on national TV. Oh, and one of them has to have appeared on American Idol. Maybe Kellie Pickler is available.

I guess, after all that’s done, all that’s left is to call President Obama a bastard.

Leave your campaign suggestions for Harold in the comments, kids.

A tip of the hat to the lovely and talented Melissa of WriteChicPress for sparking the idea for this poster (yes, blame her, please, because, frankly, I’m ashamed of myself).


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29 responses to “Naked Ambition

  1. The way things are going in NY — my republican county executive has his eyes on the governor’s seat but was overheard telling a woman she could have his chair at a GOP event in exchange for a lapdance. A month or so ago he compared Shel Silver the Orthodox Jew to Hitler. He’s poised to make Rick Lazio appear to be a voice of reason in the GOP if that tells you anything. If these are their 2 best cards for governor I look forward with schadenfreudian glee to the imbecile they’ll roll out in a senate race… what’s even better isthe woman in question is the daughter of a major contributor/power broker and old money type who is unlikely to suffer fools gladly.
    Alan’s site has Bruce Blankman scroll up as the generic Repub in question.

  2. writechic

    Dude. His piece is smaller than Scott Brown’s! Dude, it’s rubbing up against the Capitol.

    Could you animate it next time? 😈

  3. writechic

    I got a hat tip. I got a hat tip. 8)

    I’m feeling pretty cool in spite of the eye scars.

    • maybe i should have blingeed it. then again, a campaign poster shouldn’t be undignified. πŸ˜‰

      • writechic

        No. That’d be heresy. πŸ˜†

        Did you see the naked Supreme Court Justices in Jon Stewart’s book? Birthday suits sure do seem to bring folks down to earth, humanize ’em in stuff.

        • i just hope that harold is careful. that statue at the top of the capitol has a big sword.

          it would be interesting to see how many voters think harold is humanized by this poster. i think he should go for it. i’ll give him the poster, and he can plaster it all over new yawk. i bet upstate will just love it.

  4. i forgot to add that my extra little joke is that i used an old st. ronnie poster for the background.

  5. Be careful with that nudity lest you get that troll all aroused!

  6. Ewww! My eyes are burning!

  7. Alfie

    I’m a little lost here. Were the Raisinettes supporters of HF.Jr. back in the day?
    I haven’t followed how he ended up in NY but I’m curious.

    • back in the day, alfie, harold was the best the dems could hope to get elected as a dem in tennessee. however, there are lots of much better candidates in new yawk who more closely reflect the values of the voters there, so why should they have to settle for harold? in addition, he laid out all he believed in when he was running for senate in tennessee. now, he’s done a u-turn on a lot of those things, so how can you trust him?

  8. maryyooch

    OMG! That poster is one of the funniest I’ve seen in a while. LOL!

    Ford doesn’t have a shot in hell getting elected in NY. New Yorkers don’t play that game. They tell it like it is. The phonier you are, they more they’ll call you out on it. That’s my old neck of the woods. (and sadly missed, I can assure you.)

    Really, you made my day with the poster!

    • it’s my old neck of the woods, too, mary, and i would have thought that he had no chance either. however, i wonder how many people from massachusetts thought the same thing about nekkid scotty.

      glad you liked the poster. i don’t think i’ve ever been more embarrassed 😳 looking for a pic to use for the poster. you should see what was behind the capitol building. 😯 there’s a reason i didn’t link to the original image.

  9. Is the term “whigger” derogatory or racist?
    It is?
    Okay, then I won’t call Harold a whigger (even if he is one).
    With the way things are going, he’ll have a brilliant future in politics. He’s a turncoat, in the pockets of big business and a phony DINO bastard.

    • with the new ruling about corporations having the same rights as people, harold just might have a future in new yawk politics. the big business pockets he’s in are very, very deep, and they can buy lots and lots of commercials, plant lots and lots of newspaper stories, and bus in lots and lots of people for faux rallies. scary as hell.

  10. your composition is spot on!! πŸ˜‰

    • thanks, ynb. the capitol building had to be placed precisely. πŸ˜‰ i actually had the coffee mug in front of his family jewels (well, in actuality, not his, but some guy’s). then i saw the st. ronnie campaign poster, and i rethought the whole thing and thought the capitol building would be funnier.