The Declaration of Incoherence

From the St. Cloud Times:

ST. PAUL — Rep. Michele Bachmann and other Minnesota Republicans previewed a health care proposal they will unveil the day of President Obama’s State of the Union address.

The GOP “Declaration of Health Care Independence” will become public on Wednesday, Bachmann said at a state Capitol news conference Monday afternoon.

The declaration won’t prescribe specific reforms, but would lay down “rules of the road” for bipartisan health care negotiations, Bachmann said.

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It will call for congressional health care talks to be conducted in public and for a health-care bill that doesn’t increase the federal deficit, GOP leaders added.

Minnesota DFLers called Monday’s news conference a “publicity stunt” by Bachmann, whose Sixth Congressional District includes St. Cloud.

Republicans who flanked Bachmann at the conference — including Rep. Dan Severson, R-Sauk Rapids, candidate for Minnesota Secretary of State — seemed emboldened by last week’s election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Bachmann said Brown’s victory is a public repudiation of the federal health care proposal discussed in recent months.

Because Massachusetts speaks for the entire nation! Hey, wait a second. If Massachusetts now speaks for the entire nation, does that mean that gay marriage is now the law of the land, as well as universal health care?

Republicans have described the reform proposal drafted by Democrats as a “government takeover” of health care in the U.S. Bachmann defended that description Monday, saying the Democratic plan amounts to “regulation on steroids” that would create a de facto, government-run health-care system.

But Bachmann’s criticisms ignore the thousands of Minnesotans who would gain coverage or pay less for health care under the Democratic proposal, Minnesota DFL chair Brian Melendez said Monday.

“Her plan is a do-nothing plan that ignores the facts and embraces the failed status quo,” Melendez said.


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23 responses to “The Declaration of Incoherence

  1. Snowball

    is the best u can do?

  2. I can tell the batshit has been strong lately, as it’s been a while since Madam Representative has graced one of your covers.

    • it seems like forever, doesn’t it? i guess her batshittery must be contagious.

      • writechic

        You know I’m thinking the repugs of 50’s through 80’s tried to inbreed a master race. I mean they just get dumber and dumber.
        The RNC’s Health Care Bill of Rights for Seniors was lame and an obvious attempt at fear-mongering.

        What will they pull out of their butts tomorrow?

        • good thing a whole new generation is ready to take their places. you know, james o’keefe and the phone repairmen. 😆

          • writechic

            Yes, and the super sleuthy Stan Dai as guy who listens in the car from a block away. One of the Bush daughters is still single.

            • 😆 i bet there’s already a sitcom in the works. maybe it’ll be a combination of get smart and charlie’s angels. stan will be the voice on the telephone who sends his angels/phone repairmen out on missions.

          • I was wondering when you’d mention that bunch of bumbling idiots. The Watergate burglars were smarter, and they still got caught.

            • maybe this new bunch should reconsider. watergate had the plumbers. instead of phone repairmen, they should have used resources already on tap (no pun intended), namely, joe the plumber. he could have shown up to unclog a toilet, and the gang of 4 could have been his little assistants. no elaborate costumes needed. they only needed to expose their butt cracks.

  3. Taking any bets on the substantive content of this rules of the road publication?

    I’m guessing it will be like the budget w no numbers, or the “Roadmap to Peace”….

    You open the cover & it says NO.

    End of story.

  4. I’m sure people are (literally) just dying to hear what Bachmann has to say.

    • i can’t believe that they still allow her to be near open microphones. can you even imagine standing behind her, thereby endorsing the crap spewing from her mouth?

  5. Why does she waste time even pretending to care about it when she could be packing for the Opryland extravaganza. Could make some serious folding money and might even win a sash!

  6. maryyooch

    In other related news,

    CNN Political Ticker: Palin Radio to interview Palin
    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is set to be interviewed Monday by Sarah Palin Radio, an independent, hour-long program on that supports the former Republican vice presidential candidate.

    I hope she doesn’t trip herself up with those pesky ‘Gotcha’ questions.


  7. reading this thread was enough to give me a good laugh for the day

    your commenters are genuis!

    then again, michele is pure fodder