It’s My Party, and I’ll Bail If I Want To

From The Caucus at The New York Times:

Even before the Tea Party’s $549-a-head convention next week, some of the movement’s biggest champions are partied out.

Representatives Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, and Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, two Tea Party heroines, have canceled their appearances at the National Tea Party Convention, which begins next Thursday in Nashville, Tenn.

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Their withdrawals are the latest in a string of setbacks for the event, billed as a historic coming together of newly vocal anti-big-government activists. Major conservative groups and commentators have bagged their plans to attend the convention, questioning the motives of the organization running it, Tea Party Nation, and the event’s potential ties to the Republican establishment.

Acting on recommendations of the Congressional Committee on Standards, the two congresswomen withdrew today, citing concerns about where exactly the money – -and, organizers say the sold-out convention will generate a lot – -will go after the last tea cup has been tipped.

The “Tea Party Nation’s for-profit status has put many of his speakers in an awkward position,” Ms. Blackburn said in a statement after calling the convention’s organizer, Judson Phillips, a Tennessee lawyer. Ms. Blackburn, however, was quick to confirm her ties to the cause, adding, “I remain encouraged by the outpouring of energy from constitutionally minded grassroots organizations in Tennessee and around America. These groups are not made up of Republicans or Democrats but everyday Americans who are concerned about their freedom.”

In particular, criticism of the $100,000 speaking fee reportedly going to Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, and the pricey tickets, has left the convention without any elected officials on its speakers’ list with less than a week before the three-day event.

Ms. Blackburn was scheduled to introduce Ms. Palin next Saturday, and will be replaced by Andrew Breitbart, a conservative political commentator.


What’s worse, some conservative activists are calling Ms. Palin to pull out and others are demanding refunds on already purchased tickets, the liberal magazine Mother Jones reports.

From Hot Dish Politics at the Star Tribune:

[Bachmann, the] he Minnesota Republican, who has become something of a heroine of the Tea Party movement, decided Thursday morning that she is cancelling her appearance at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel next Friday, where she was scheduled to be a breakfast speaker.

Bachmann’s office cited the same concerns that other Tea Party activists have voiced about the first-of-its-kind national gathering: namely, the for-profit model of organizer Judson Phillips, a self-described “small town lawyer” with a history of financial problems.

Phillips has announced that the $549-a-head convention featuring Sarah Palin is sold out. But Tea Party critics and allies alike have been asking questions about what Phillips plans to do with the money. Concrete answers have been in short supply, and in the end it looked like too big a risk for any public office holder.


Both Blackburn and Bachmann sought legal guidance in recent days from lawyers in the House Ethics Committee. According to Dziok, they got “conflicting advice.”

That was enough to put on the brakes.

No word yet on Palin’s plans, but as a former government official, she may not face the same legal questions.
Unlike Palin, who is reportedly getting a $100,000 speaking fee, Dziok said Bachmann was not getting any money for her speech.

Update: In a formal statement, Bachmann’s office made clear that her decision doesn’t mean she’s turning her back on her Tea Party supporters:

“Some will want to portray her withdrawal as a repudiation of the Tea Party Movement, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Congresswoman Bachmann remains encouraged by all Americans, regardless of political party, who are concerned about this nation’s future and dwindling prosperity, and continues to be inspired their passion.”

My take? Bachmann and Blackburn don’t give a damn about ethics. They wouldn’t recognize ethics if ethics kicked them in the ass. I think they’re thinking Hey! We had this batshit-crazy act down pat for years, and then Princess Sarah comes along, gets paid big bucks for a book and to work for Fox News and now for speeches, even a hundred thou for this rinky-dink operation, and we get bupkes! What’s a girl gotta do to make some bucks in this town?


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29 responses to “It’s My Party, and I’ll Bail If I Want To

  1. maryyooch

    That was great, Nonnie. I am stuck here in Nashville but I won’t go protest. Just the thought of Palin makes my stomach turn. You can’t get near the place anyhow. They have a long, long driveway to the building and the only time Palin would see protesters would be in the blink of an eye driving past. And we know how she feels about people who disagree with her. So she’ll have that tight-a$$ face turned away.
    Whats up with her face anyhow? Greta’s plastic surgeon?

    • there might not be anything to protest! they can’t sell all the tickets, and a lot of people are asking for refunds. they don’t want to see princess sarah. she’s betrayed them, because she’s going to campaign for capt underpants instead of j.d. hayworth, the wingnut choice.

  2. Our local teabaggers stood out in 12 degrees hoping to nail shel silver with a teaball but apparently he didn’t show.notice how they are always claiming they have no party affiliations yet they only attack democrats…

    • i’m googling, but i can’t find who shel silver is. they attacked dede scozzafava up in ny-23, and she’s a rethug. however, she’s not a rightwing nutjob, so she didn’t pass muster.

      p.s. i’m all for teabaggers staning outside in 12° weather. when they get pneumonia, they’ll finally realize why we need health care reform so badly.

  3. Wonderful, Nonnie.

    What do you suppose the significance of the $549 gate fee is?

    Yeah, I think Blackburn-Bachmann decided that since they were as pretty as Palin (in a crazy-eyed way) that they should be paid. They just don’t understand star power, such as it is…

    • thanks lulu! 😀 i can’t really blame the batshit twins either. it’s probably like madonna, who has worked for so many years to get what she’s got, watching miley cyrus.

      • Or watching Lady Gaga, for that matter.

        So, taking any bets on Princess Sarah quitting on the Tea Party?

        • i don’t know if she can afford to quit. i don’t mean in the monetary sense, because she’s got plenty of money now, but if she doesn’t show up, she’s pissing all over her base. the wingnuts might be mad at her, but who else does she have? she doesn’t have the excuse that she can’t come because of ethical problems (like she has any ethics), and if she cancels, then she’s admitting defeat. she’s telling the world that even the fundie bigots hate her now. only a few selected media outfits will be allowed, and all of them are friendly towards her, so they’ll skew the pictures to make it look like she was talking to a packed house.

  4. Ethics?

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!

    Palin can pull some BS rabbit out of her hat….
    play the “My retarded baby is sick, and if Obama has his way he would send him to the death panels” card.
    (according to Levi, that is how she refers to her downs syndrome child).

    Or she could cancel claiming a wrist injury from signing all those books

    Or maybe she will broadcast live from Faux snooze & make doubletime $$$.

    Sarah needs lots-a money so she can sue that pain in her backside scoundrel who done her daughter wrong. She wants the money he made for the grandbaby. Moreso she wants to teach him a lesson.

    She better not push him too hard, or he will write a tell all book about Palin & do her in.

    Wherever Sarah goes the crap goes with her.

    • i would love it if levi wrote a book! well, not write it, but dish the dirt to someone who can. she’s a mean vindictive bitch. levi didn’t have sex alone in order to have that baby. her daughter had something to do with it, and the act happened under princess’s own roof. levi had better strike when the iron is hot, though. i think princess’s star is fading pretty fast. she’s yesterday’s news. scott brown is the new darling of the rethugs, and some fundie wingnut will soon replace him, too.

  5. The big question, will she show? There is an opt out clause in her contract that allow her to “send a represenative”. Some think she will quit halfway through the rambling diatribe we can surely expect. Just look how lame the actual elected ones looked at the retreat in Maryland. The toughest questioning by one Jebadiah HensNarling was easily and calmly handled by our intelligent Prez. It must be noted that east Texas is main source of our political dumbassery, especially congressmen.

    • i think it’s hilarious that the rethugs are always saying obama can’t speak without his teleprompter, yet he managed to make mincemeat out of them. he had no notes and wasn’t given a list of questions beforehand. the rethugs, on the other hand, had their little speeches rehearsed and typed out on index cards, and they still looked like whiny petty little know-nothings. 😆

    • G. Dubya and his family were from Connecticut. He only played cowboy down here in Texas. I will concede that more than half the people in the state are dumbasses for voting for the idiot and that the current governor is an idiot too.

      The intelligence level of the people doing the voting leaves something to be desired as well…

  6. Shel Silver is the Speaker of the NY state assembly. He is a power merchant no doubt and of late they are up in arms that he managed to pass on money that was to go to making more charter schools. A sad little stat on the ones around here is that they’re throwbacks to the good old non union days where teachers can do what they’re told and like it or be fired. That may include after school programs for no pay, teaching french and/or spanish, etc…

    • the other day when you mentioned shel silver, i had to google to see who he was. shel silverstein kept coming up, so i added buffalo and new york and everything else i could think of. finally, i spotted sheldon silver and figured that’s who you were talking about. i don’t know anything about him, other than what i read on google. he sounds like an old-time smoke-filled room type of politician, and it seems like everyone hates him.

  7. i bet nanook of the north shows – and i bet the teabaggers will be noisy and ineffective

    friggin marsha blackburn lives in tennessee and isnt going (she actually makes palin look smart)

    sorry i have not been around – i have been overwhelmed at work

    • i’ve been wondering where you’ve been, dcAp. i miss you when you’re not around.

      i think caribou barbie is going to show, and she’ll stick that fake smile on her mug and make believe that everyone is madly in love with her. she doesn’t have to worry about an unbiased press being there, so she can spin it any way she wants.

  8. Tex Taylor

    Look at these feckless libs grasping for any straw to take the eye off their useful idiot of a leader and his dismal failures. Reads like a communal lib circle jerk.

    We’ll see you shills in November where you will be receiving a much overdue ass whipping, and we will be using you and Bomba to teabag.

    • kiss my ass. you don’t like it here, go somewhere else. you won’t be missed.

    • Troll logic never ceases to amaze me. Up is down, black is white, stupidity is intelligence and vice versa. Gee Dubya is one of the stupidest people on the entire planet, dumber than a rock (I know, that’s an insult to rocks), whether from nature or too much cocaine, and they call him smart and Obama an idiot. Whatever Obama may be, he’s certainly no idiot. He’s obviously intelligent, something that the Rethug trolls wouldn’t be able to identify if it hit them over the head.

      • that’s why i no longer bother to answer them in a respectful manner. they say nothing intelligent, and they’re so stupid that they aren’t even entertaining.

        • Tex Taylor

          Ah, what’s wrong Nonnie? Your Dear Leader’s plunging poll numbers got you down? “Progressive” politic about as popular now as the clap one it was asked to perform?

          Perhaps it is you getting your nasty little asses kicked in the last four elections? Maybe it’s your little toady from above making this comment? He’s (Obama) obviously intelligent, something that the Rethug trolls wouldn’t be able to identify if it hit them over the head.

          So intelligent Bomba has his history hidden behind lock and key. It would bear reminding your toady the “dumb” George Bush has an MBA from Harvard and can fly jets – more than the toady can even dream. Bomba can hit the occasional three and count to to 57 states, if there is a teleprompter involved at the elementary school.

          You bunch of rubes are a joke…you stay here in the safety of your miserable little group think blog, because when you hit the real world, truth be known you don’t amount to much.

          See you in November – line up for ass whippings…

          • before you wear your fingers out any further, i intend to delete any future comments you make here. you aren’t entertaining or intelligent. have fun diddling yourself while listening to rushbo or watch glenn blechh. poop in someone else’s punchbowl, because you aren’t welcome here.

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  10. <<>>

    ROFLMAO! That’s totally appropriate. Not-so-Bright-bart has about the same intelligence level as Palin.


    Wow, that must have been some *huge* conflicting advice…er, personal conflicts… whatever. Since when do politicians care about legal niceties or ethics.

    The tea baggers are a bunch of morons. Their only platform is no taxes, and they’re too stupid to realize that living in a civilized society requires taxes, you know, for those services that they think just make and pay themselves, like the police, the fire department, etc. I suppose they think that fairies come out in the night and pave roads and that everything just runs itself, magically and without money. So, I suppose it comes as no surprise that these same people think that Palin is like an Oxford scholar or something… not that they have any inkling what Oxford is. XD

    • hiya mad! 😀

      long time, no see! glad you stopped by.

      i’m hoping that the feds find out that breibart, the wanna be matt drudge (though i have no idea why anyone would want to be drudge), paid for the idiots who tried to bug mary landrieu’s phone (or whatever they were going to do).

      as for oxford, the teabaggers think it’s the kind of shoe elitists wear.