I Thought He’s From South Carolina

Kids, did any of you watch the Miss America Pageant? Me neither. However, I saw this in The Boston Globe, and frankly I was shocked, shocked I tell ya!

LAS VEGAS—Organizers say Miss Oklahoma Taylor Treat has won a $6,000 scholarship at the Miss America Pageant for her volunteering and community service.


Miss New Hampshire Lindsey Graham was first runner-up for the award and won $4,000.

(emphasis mine)

Of course, I had to do some digging. Is it kosher for a senator who says he represents South Carolina to represent a New England state in the pageant? And how did Lindseypoo do in the pageant? I had no luck researching the first question, but I did find some screencaps of Lindseypoo in all his finery. Here he is in the evening gown portion of the competition.

As you can see, John Boohoo Boehner lent Lindseypoo some self-tanner, and Carrie Prejean let him wear her lucky hubcaps earrings.

The bathing suit competition is always a favorite, and I bet judge Rush Limbaugh didn’t have to reach for the Viagra after seeing Lindseypoo in this sassy little number!

Work it, work it!

Next was the talent portion of the show. Who knew that Lindseypoo could dance? Tom Delay, eat your heart out!

Oops! Maybe next time, you should pay a little more attention to waxing, Lindseypoo! I hope those armpits didn’t cost you the title!

Despite all of his hard work, Lindseypoo didn’t get the coveted tiara. Instead, it went to Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron. While the other losers contestants managed to put on their pageant smiles, the camera caught Lindseypoo unable to hide his disappointment.


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25 responses to “I Thought He’s From South Carolina

  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    LOVED it!!!!
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. writechic

    It burns!!!! I don’t know what assaults my sensibilities more…the pit bush? Or the barrel body in a bikini? 😉

  3. you are something else, Nons!! 😆

    He must have had some extra time on his hands, not to mention some hidden talents! 😉

  4. JaxDem

    Jeebus H. my home state does it again (hanging head in shame). Gotta give credit where credit is due tho’…he does a mean Swan Lake, no???

    What a howling funny change of pace nonnie! Loved it 😀

    • jaxdem, here’s the truth. i was getting burnt out looking for stories and movies. i had to resort to one of my favorite pastimes, dressing up lindseypoo. can i be any luckier that miss new hampshire really is named lindsey graham? she even spells it the same way!

  5. p.s. No Miss Congeniality?


    • if only joe mcliebercain and capt underpants had been the judges instead of rushbo, and lindseypoo would have won everything! the teabaggers are mad at lindseypoo, so rushbo couldn’t vote for him.

  6. Poppa Bush once praised volunteers and volunteering as “a thousand points of light.” In this case, Lindseypoo got second place for having a thousand points of being light in the loafers!

  7. He’s much prettier as Scarlet. Ughhh. Those pictures give me issues!

    • 😆 i can’t help myself! i love to dress lindseypoo up! i bet he’s got a closetful of pretty clothes that he wears when he’s at home. it’s a wonder there’s room in the closet for him!

  8. W00T! As usual, mighty fine graphics there Nonnie. 😉

  9. Too funny–well done.

    • hello slamdunk,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      glad you enjoyed the nonsense. hope you’ll stop by again. i stopped by your blog, and i really enjoyed your writing.

    • hello tasha,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      glad you got a laugh out of the nonsense. that’s what the raisin is here for. hope you’ll stop by often. 🙂