All That Glitters is Often Tarnished

From abcNEWS:

Prosecutors at the human rights trial of former Liberian warlord Charles Taylor alleged Thursday that Christian televangelist Pat Robertson had lobbied the White House on Taylor’s behalf in return for a gold mining contract.

The controversial pastor and former Republican presidential contender met with then-President George W. Bush on Taylor’s behalf, prosecutors charged during cross-examination of Taylor in a Dutch courtroom, allegedly in return for a contract to mine gold in southeast Liberia — a contract they say that Taylor had no legal right to grant.

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Robertson made widely publicized public statements in support of Charles Taylor in 2003. However, Chris Roslan, a spokesman for Robertson, denied to ABC News that Robertson ever discussed Taylor with Bush.

But on the stand, Taylor answered, “That is correct,” when asked if he had previously indicated that Robertson had met with Bush, and when asked if Robertson had volunteered to speak with high administration officials on his behalf.

Taylor is being tried in the Netherlands by the Special Court for Sierra Leone, an independent judicial body under the auspices of the United Nations that receives a third of its funding from the U.S.

The gold deal went through in June 1999, with Robertson allegedly pumping $15 million dollars into the project.


Robertson’s company, of which he was president and sole director, was called Freedom Gold, Ltd. The agreement gave the Liberian government 10 percent equity interest in the company and Liberians could purchase at least 15 percent of the shares after the exploration period.

Roslan, Robertson’s spokesman, said Freedom Gold’s arrangement was similar to many American companies doing business in Africa at the time.


Taylor is charged with masterminding the atrocities, such as mass rape and amputation of civilians, in Sierra Leone (which shares a border with Liberia) in order to take advantage of the country’s vast natural resources, including diamonds.

Over the course of the two-year long trial, Taylor has grabbed headlines by firing his first attorney and converting to Judaism.

Judaism? Reverend Pat isn’t going to like that! Oh, and by the way, I think I speak for most Jews when I say we don’t want you, Mr. Taylor. Maybe you could consider…I don’t know…Scientology, perhaps?

Prosecutors have accused Taylor, who served as Liberia’s president from 1997 to 2003, of ordering his subordinates to murder and mutilate civilians, cut off their limbs, use women and girls as sex slaves, abduct adults and children, and force them to perform labor or become fighters to further his economic and political ambitions in the region. Taylor has pleaded not guilty to all charges.


In October, former lead prosecutor Stephen Rapp told ABC News that illegal diamond money was a major motivation for Taylor’s rape of his neighboring Sierra Leone: “It’s [Sierra Leone’s} rich diamond fields which financed the continued conflict, and according to our evidence, was part of the motivation for Taylor in going in there and carrying out a conflict that ranged across the 1990s with an increased level of atrocity against the civilian population.”


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16 responses to “All That Glitters is Often Tarnished

  1. writechic

    Wow. Just vile.

  2. just when you thought you couldn’t despise pat robertson more. i hope someone someday does a documentary that spells out all the evil that pat robertson has done in order to line his own pockets, and i hope they interview a lot of rethugs to ask them what they think about the reverend.

    • GreenApples

      I’m with you. I also hope this gets mainstream attention. It would be nice if folks get the scoop about what the right does in the name of religion. Good work nonnie. Thanks.

      • there were so many stories i could have chosen, but when i saw this one, i figured that not a lot of people might have seen it. pat robertson is a disgusting man, and religion has been hijacked by people like him and the rethuglican party. time to call them all out.

    • “a documentary that spells out all the evil that pat robertson has done in order to line his own pockets”

      A Ken Burns miniseries couldn’t get ALL of it.

      We’d be talking more of an ongoing permanent weekly series, maybe.

      As a Christian, I cringe every time I hear Robertson’s name. I’m sure that whatever he’s saying or doing, I’m going to be repulsed.

  3. “Taylor has grabbed headlines by firing his first attorney and converting to Judaism.”

    I’ve heard stories about how difficult it is to convert to Judaism. The rabbis actively discourage it. Besides, what rabbi would allow Taylor in?

    • good question. a rabbi has to refuse a convert 3 times. however, that might be just for orthodox and conservative. i don’t know what the rules are for reform. i wonder if he had to be circumcised. that might have been a problem, because there’s no end to that prick.

  4. Doesn’t he fancy himself a Profit of God? He worships what Dick Gregory used to call the “Green Jesus”.

    • see, that’s where he made his mistake. he meant to look up prophet in the dictionary when a teacher asked him what he was going to be when he grew up, and he looked up profit instead. 😉

  5. maryyooch

    And the right wingers look up to Robertson.
    He is just as bad if not worse than Fallwell was.
    If there is truly a hell, he’ll be there with all the other so-called Christian leaders.
    I hope they prosecute his ass, too.
    I can’t think of any religion that would want him. He is an anti-Christ for sure.
    Robertson is probably happy Taylor converted to Judaism. All the wackjob ‘Christians’ who believe in the End Times believe they can convert the Jewish people and go to Heaven. Either that, or Robertson thinks he’ll get more gold when the end times supposedly come and Taylor will go to hell for not being a believer.
    All of them have warped so many religions.

    • after the remark about haiti, some of the right wingers have distanced themselves from rev. pat, but they haven’t come out and denounced him for all the evil he’s done over the years through his enterprises in africa.

      i am negating the evil emanating from the images in the poster above by watching the puppy bowl. i can watch it all day long!

  6. Birds of a feather I guess. Pat Robertson is ok with hacking limbs off people, using girls as sex slaves and forcing boys to fight with guns as long as it brings in the bucks for Jesus. If Jesus does return I want a front row seat for the ass whipping Robertson is going to catch.

  7. pat robertson makes jerry falwell look downright saintly

    robertson is a dick to nth degree, but since he is a man of good, the teabaggers and right wing seem to be able to overlook all his transgressions – like they do for all their kind