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From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Carly Fiorina’s U.S. Senate campaign has created the nation’s newest online star – the “demon sheep” – in its new ad attacking the Republican primary’s front-runner, former South Bay Rep. Tom Campbell.

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“This is Jon Stewart material,” said Michael Cornfield, an adjunct professor of political management at George Washington University and a new media expert.

“At 3 1/2 minutes, it’s like ‘Avatar’ (long for an online ad),” Cornfield said. “Except unlike ‘Avatar,’ the special effects were embarrassing. And by the time you got to the payoff – a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ – it had become a punch line.”

Other uncomfortable questions remain for the uncredited man who had to crawl around on all fours in a sheep’s costume to portray the video’s antagonist, a glowing-red-eyed wolf in sheep’s clothing – or as it has been dubbed on its meteoric ride across the Internet: the demon sheep.

By Thursday afternoon, a day after its release, the ad had been viewed more than 149,000 times on YouTube (huge for a political video), inspired its own Facebook following, Twitter feeds (@demonsheep), online mashups (to Pink Floyd’s “Sheep”) and even a T-shirt line (“Yes, Ewe Can. Demon Sheep 2010.”).

Analysts wondered what the ad’s long-term effect will be for Fiorina, the political novice and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She and Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine, trail Campbell in a recent Field Poll in their GOP primary battle to take on incumbent Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer.


“That is a significant number of views, especially for a political ad, so they must have been doing something right,” said Theo Yedinsky, a San Francisco new media campaign strategist who worked for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s aborted gubernatorial run. “But whether that’s a smart strategy long term, that remains to be seen.


Made for the relative pittance of less than $15,000, the ad was cobbled together largely from stock and file footage by award-winning ad creator Fred Davis, a veteran of Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign who crafted the 2008 “Celebrity” ad comparing Barack Obama’s popularity to Paris Hilton’s.

Davis’ latest creation attacks Campbell’s fiscal conservatism credentials, saying […Campbell, the] former dean of UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business is, the ad says, a “FCINO” – a fiscal conservative in name only. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Some of the ad’s other messages are being lost, analysts said, as the Internet masses are lampooning everything from the ad’s choice of metaphor to the demon sheep’s choice of footwear. Fiorina appears only briefly toward the end of the ad, from a distance and fleetingly.


“Not creating a strong Web video is not a good thing when you’re pitching yourself as someone who led a technology company,” said Nancy Scola, an associate editor at, an online forum that examines the intersection of technology and politics. “The whole thing makes you wonder what kind of political advice she is getting.”

The Fiorina campaign’s take: All publicity is good publicity.


Campbell’s campaign took a similar tack Thursday, including the ad in a fundraising pitch to his supporters. It was an effort to show that the former professor would run a serious campaign, in contrast to Fiorina’s, which Campbell spokesman James Fisfis described as being in “full-mutton meltdown.”

DeVore, who trails Campbell and Fiorina, took the high road on the sheep question. Sort of.

In a mockery of the acronym used in Fiorina’s video ad, DeVore created a Web site ( for the home of “SFTEODSFOPD, or Society for the Eradication of Demon Sheep from our Political Discourse.”


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29 responses to “Now Playing at EweTube

  1. the ad was so pathetic it was funny – i guess this woman inhaled way too much toner at HP – because she is insane.

    • dcAp! so nice to see you, my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

      that ad was such a joke! i think its worst sin was not the stupidity, but that it was boring. it was so un-entertaining.

  2. “Made for the relative pittance of less than $15,000”

    That looks about right. Every penny (and there were damned few of them) showed on screen.

    I blogged about it on my LiveJournal ( and called Carly Fiorino Jar Jar Binks. And this was the woman advising Captain Underpants on business policy? HAHAHAHAHA!

    • ๐Ÿ˜† i couldn’t comment over there, so i’ll say it here–that parody was divine. well, at least ovine! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Sorry, I had a potential nasty troll problem, so I turned off anonymous commenting. Glad you liked “Dirty Deeds, Done with Sheep.”

        • i’m so glad you used quotation marks, neon vincent. i might have gotten a very bad rep if you hadn’t! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

          • Speaking of bad reps, I have a juicy scandal for you.

            I-Team: Witness to Nevada Governor’s Alleged Affair Speaks

            If this is all true, it makes Mark Sanford flying down to Argentina and having a fling with “Carmen Sandiego” look tame. Of course, he’s a Republican. Did one have to ask?

            • oy vey! that’s not just a scandal, that’s a lifetime movie! i just skimmed over it, because i’m working on tomorrow night’s poster, and i have to go outside in about an hour to watch the shuttle take off (if it hasn’t been canceled again), but i’m going to go back so i can get all the juicy details. geez, sex, murder, all that’s missing is rock & roll! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. Of course we HAVE to see the ad….

  4. The ad was making it’s point…. but the demon sheep aspect blew the whole thing out of the water. No longer were we focusing on fiscal eff ups, but this possessed sheep thing.

    They would have done better with a flaming money visual.

    The demon sheep has gone viral now, because it is just sooo cheesy.

    BAAAAAAAAAD choice!

    • maybe it made a point, but it did it so badly. what do you remember after you watch it– that campbell is a fcino or that carly fiorina spent money on an ad that’s so bad, it’s laughable?

      • The whole thing went south as soon as the sheep on the pedestal appears…. not that the sheep theme was working to begin with.

        It’s a great comedy piece…. but the fact she actually bought & paid for it????

        The creators must have had a hard time, keeping from busting out in laughter, when they made the ad deal.

        I’m sure local voters have that *What the ???* moment every time they see that ad.

        That ad is one for the books of all time flops.

        • it’s like it was made just for the daily show, the colbert report, and, of course, the raisin! ๐Ÿ˜‰ the carlyfornia campaign might want to believe that all publicity is good publicity, but they look like a bunch of morans.

          • You would have thought this was right out of Sat Night Live in their fake ads.

            How bout that line “and sadly, we’re just getting started”

            True that!

            • i don’t really remember what was said in the ad. more than anything, i remember the cheesiness and wondering whose voice that was. i knew i recognized it, so i focused more on the voice than the words.

  5. just got back inside. even though the cape is about 200 miles from here, the shuttle launch was awesome. i jump up and down like a little kid when i see it!

  6. I believe Facino is up north of Bakersfield around where all the CornNut ranches are. That damn Carly is the reason these inkjet cartridges in my HP printer dry up before I can get the cover closed. The animal comparison reminds me of one close to my heart comparing a Baptist liberal to a Unicorn: They can tell you all about it, what it looks like, but they ain’t ever seen one.

    • i wonder how this is all going to play out if campbell becomes the rethug nominee. i believe he’s ahead at the moment. maybe all the rethug candidates should retire and move to facino and eat lamb chops and mutton all day.

  7. maryyooch

    “โ€œThat is a significant number of views, especially for a political ad, so they must have been doing something right,โ€”

    What they did was make such a sucky add it’s almost impossible to believe this woman ran a computer company! No wonder she ran it into the ground.
    They could’t do any better than that?
    They’re so stupid, they don’t even realize the ad is the butt of jokes. I could’t believe it when I first saw it, I DID think it was a joke.

    The other message I get from it is that’s how they look at the people who will be voting.
    As in ‘sheople’.

    • if she ran around naked, filmed it, and posted it on youtube, she’d get a significant number of views. would they call that a successful ad? if this is how she shows the people of carlyfornia how good her judgment is, then they had better think twice before voting for her.

  8. What Mary said. I don’t hear anyone talking about the fact their little metaphor was Biblical: “I warn you against false prophets who will come to you in sheep’s clothing, while on the inside they are as ravening wolves.” Was that her lame-ass attempt to get the RWNJs in her sheep pen and demonize her opponent? I think so.
    Now watch me eat this lamb chop.

    • good point, terry. when the rethugs think they’re in trouble, they go biblical.

      what does it tell you that she used the same guy who thought up the ‘obama is the same as paris hilton ad?’ remember the backlash from that one? it’s still reverberating today, when people point out that princess sarah is nothing but a celebrity, more in the paris hilton way than the legitimate political way.

  9. Loved the Wallace and Gromit poster!

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