Sarah Palin, Palm Reader

(ChattahBox)—-[…] After Sarah Palin’s keynote speech last night at the Tea Party Convention, she sat down with the event organizer Judson Phillips for a brief question and answer session. The questions were apparently pre-screened and Palin’s team of handlers had presumably prepped her on the right-wing talking point answers. But the half-term governor of Alaska still needed to look at the crib notes she scribbled on her left hand, to answer basic questions.

Original DVD cover

After trying to answer a question about what conservatives should do if they regained control of Congress, Palin muttered something about cutting spending and then faltered, seemingly forgetting her talking points. She then glanced at the crib notes on her left hand and came up with some energy talking points. Energy was the first word written on her hand. Mind you, Palin attacked President Obama during her speech for using a teleprompter for some of his major speeches.

A blown up image of Palin’s left hand reveals the Sarah Palin-Tea Party master plan to take their country back from the Socialists and to return to constitutional principles:

Budget Tax Cuts
Lift American Spirits

(Pictures and video at ChattahBox) link)

She got paid 100 grand, and she couldn’t memorize those 3 things? 🙄 And they want her to be president? 😯


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48 responses to “Sarah Palin, Palm Reader

  1. Just how bad of a politician is she? It’s not as if she was going to say anything in-depth about policy. All she had to do was remember talking points! She’s like a jazz musician that needs to read the blues.

    • hello keithosaunders,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      not only didn’t she say anything in-depth, but she knew what the questions were going to be in advance! she’s just plain stupid and ignorant. the people in her audience were even dumber and more ignorant than she is. this is exactly why she relies upon twitter. when she twitters, nobody can ask her any questions.

      hope you’ll come back again soon, keith! 🙂

    • “She’s like a jazz musician that needs to read the blues.”

      That is one of the most brilliant comments I’ve ever seen! I will be ripping that off, just so you know.

  2. Hi nonnie,

    I will definately return. Feel free to check out my musings as well. I have some political stuff, as well as sports and music.

  3. DUMBASS. She probably learned this trick in journalism school at one of those places she attended where they were short of paper. I don’t wanna know how they worked that shortage out in the ladies’ rooms but Ill betcha a can-do gal like Sarah got ‘er done.

    • i bet she learned that in junior high when she had to cheat on tests in order to pass. i’m sure she thought she perfected it when she cheated all through high school and college. even tweety said that it’s not something that she suddenly thought of doing as a reminder. now we know why she wears a lot of dark skirts. she doesn’t want to ink to show if she forgets and wipes her hands on them.

      • maryyooch

        I want to see her High School Diploma and College Degree!

        She cannot possibly went through school and graduated using that lttile trick. If my young son pulled that off he’d be in big trouble.

        What IS the matter with these people? They defend her to the ends of the earth. When the truth cmes out about the rest of her stunts, they’ll stll defend her.

        On th other hand (pun intended), thanks Nonnie for the good laugh you gave me this morning.

  4. oy….how ANYONE could think she should run this country is so beyond me, it makes my head hurt.

    • the people who follow her are as dumb as she is. i guess it makes them feel smart when they understand what she says (it takes someone who speaks stupidese to understand stupidese).

  5. Nonnie, I love this one … you even gave Crow the best joke, which is pretty much how I think most episodes of MST3K go, too.

    Honestly … notes on her hand?

    It’s really time for her to move off the stage. She’s a joke that isn’t funny anymore.

    • i love using mst3000 dvd covers, wken. this is the 3rd one i’ve used. i wish there were more of them to choose from. ‘the crawling hand’ was perfect, and i was so happy when i found it!

      she’s a cheater. she even cheated during the veep debate. she couldn’t learn what she needed to know, so she announced at the beginning that she wasn’t going to necessarily answer the questions that were asked.

  6. I have patented my Sarah Palin blues analogy!

    (by the way — if you like jazz)

    • i’m listening right now. you guys are good! by the way, i was born in queens. i wish i still lived there. i’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, and i could hit you up for free lessons, now that we’re buddies. 😉

  7. I really don’t give much of a rip that Palin is doing something stupid (again), but the fact she dissed Obama for using a teleprompter, then using her own Wasilla Hillbilly crude crib note method shows she is hypocritical.

    • it bugs the crap out of me that she’s so moronic, she couldn’t remember 3 things that are supposed to be most important to her, and the press continues to treat her with respect. i had cnn on for about a minute and a half today. i changed the channel when one of their asshole reporters glossed over her having to have crib notes to answer questions she knew in advance she would be asked. i don’t think he ever said that she had notes scribbled on her hand.

      the other thing is that there were 600 people there. more people go to the free health clinics, but does the media show up in droves to interview people? they interviewed so many of the teabaggers, as though they’re not a bunch of shit-for-brains who are as ignorant as their idol, princess sarah. the whole thing is sickening.

  8. That MST 3000 poster laugh out loud funny (see other side). Latest nickname from a mudpuppy: Talibunny. If she has such a mercinary desire for cash, how about writing the answers to questions on the inside of her thigh with easy answers around the knee and getting harder (no pun intended) the further up….hey!! get this on pay per view….dim the lights….cue 70s wawa guitar….

  9. Thank you for the compliment :). I’m sure you meant to write *inexpensive* lessons.

    • ummm, yeah, that’s what i meant! 😉

      by the way, keith, if you click where it says reply in blue under an individual comment, your answer will appear directly under that comment instead of at the bottom of the queue.

  10. Nice to see Sarah’s still making a tidy grift from being the Right’s talker, eh Nonnie?


  11. I’ve got the theme song stuck in my head, by the way.

    In the not-too-distant future
    Next Sunday, A.D.
    There was a guy named Joel
    Not too different from you and me …

  12. NEWS FLASH-NBC5 Fort Worth website reports on Texas governors race and our celebrity guest endorsement. From our finest hair: “Sarah litteraly inspires millionsof people with her values, her spunk”. !!!?

  13. I just loved how her crib notes were so damn stupid and basic. I mean, honestly, how hard would it be to remember energy and taxes?
    As for the last one, lifting American spirits, I find it incredible that she even had to crib her favorite silly platitude.
    Keep it coming, Sarah, we need the laughs.

    • and she knew in advance what she was going to be asked! these were supposed to be her core beliefs. do you think al gore ever had to scribble ‘climate change’ on his palm before giving an interview? she’s a dolt, and anyone who thinks she’s smart is dumber than she is.

  14. A 3rd party will not be prosperous. It never has been; study a history book. Dr. Utopia is consistently dismantling this land piece by piece and were out here suggesting songs to the dance orchestra? It is utterly, vitally important that tea partiers, reasonable conservatives, whatever we want to call ourselves, TAKE BACK the GOP.

    • Yeah, you guys certainly did a bang up job the past eight years. Maybe you can get segregation legislation through the next time around. Good luck with that.

      • thanks for answering him, keith, because i couldn’t muster up enough enthusiasm to reply to him. i thought about deleting his comment, but decided the world should be allowed to see how stupid he is. hope he spills hot tea in his lap.

    • Ummm …

      The Republican Party was a “third party” once. It first fielded a Presidential candidate in 1856. The first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln.

      Study a history book.

      • Keitho

        Oh, you mean the president that was for a stronger federal government, i.e. against States sovereignty? If memory serves he was also pro affirmative action — something about an emancipation proclamation…

        In the mid 19th century the Republican party was much more progressive than the Democrats, whose power base was in the South. That began to change in the 20th century, and finally, as a reaction to LBJ’s “Great Society,” any trace of morality was eliminated from the Republican party.

        • oh look at you two, wken and keitho! so adorable trying to reason with someone who thinks princess sarah is presidential material! oh, how you make me laugh, talkin’ about history and facts and stuff. dont’cha know that all that counts is winkin’ and leavin’ off the g at the end of words when you’re talkin’? anything else is elitist!

        • Great point!

          Lincoln was a liberal, no question about it.

          Somehow, though, the “party of Lincoln” forgets that.

          I don’t think that Lincoln would appreciate what’s being done with his name the past few decades.

  15. Next time I’ll get all sciency. You betcha!