Snow Day! What a Capitol Idea!


With major airports and the federal government shut down, effects from this week’s snow storm will linger beyond the time needed to dig out. The unemployed may be impacted by Congress’ snow days, unless lawmakers are able to rush through a bill extending their benefits.

That didn’t stop the kids in D.C. from having some fun though!

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(left to right, ironically–Chuck Yer-Ass-Is Grassley, John Boohoo Boehner, Eric Token-Jew Cantor, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid, while Mitch No-Chin McConnell, in front, looks on)

The US House of Representatives was supposed to have hearings on the Haiti recovery, Toyota accelerator pedal problems, the Federal Reserve’s exit strategy, and the dilemma facing Google over cyberhacking. All postponed because of the snow.

For the unemployed, it could be worse than just a missed hearing: Congress’ snow days may cost the jobless a week or two of additional unemployment checks and COBRA coverage unless lawmakers can rush through a jobs bill.

Vice President Joseph Biden planned to make a major speech on the Obama administration’s nuclear security agenda. The speech will now have to wait another week.


“The degree these snow days are so costly and a waste of money depends on whether the work will be made up,” says Karen Dynan, vice president for economic studies at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “As far as the people who make policy, it is highly likely the work will be made up. They will just work extra hours.”

According to the federal Office of Personnel Management, closing down the federal government, which shut again on Wednesday, costs about $100 million a day in lost productivity and related costs. So far, the government has been closed 3-1/2 days.

Ms. Dynan says there are several pieces of legislation that are going to be delayed because of Congress’s snow days.

For example, the US Senate is considering a jobs bill that extends additional unemployment and COBRA health benefits before they expire at the end of February.

The bill has already passed the House. Since Congress is on recess next week, this would give the lawmakers just one week to pass the proposed extensions.

“Because there are some lags built into the system, some workers may begin to get notices they have received their last benefits,” says Andrew Stettner of the National Employment Law Project in New York. “This could be one of the worst delays we have faced so far,” he says, estimating it might mean people’s benefit checks are delayed by a week or two once the legislation is passed.


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14 responses to “Snow Day! What a Capitol Idea!

  1. there are statistics for everything….geez, it’s a snow day!! 🙂

    • you’d think that people could get some work done as long as they have electricity. i don’t understand why more businesses don’t take more advantage of the internets and allow their employees to work from home. think of the savings for the employees when they no longer have to drive to work every day or get someone to watch the kids when there’s no school, and think of how much companies would save, because they’d pay out a lot less in sick pay. flexible hours and people telecommuting is the wave of the future, and most companies are stuck in the past. the government is stuck right there with them. why not let reps actually stay in their districts and senators stay in their states and meet through conference calls? is there really a pressing need for them to meet in person other than to benefit their own social lives? heaven forbid they should all have to actually hang around with the people they’re representing.

  2. JaxDem

    How cool is that from the original. Loved Mitch the no chin turtle 😀 Priceless nonnie…

    • i’ve been dying to use that pic ever since i found it months ago, and i’ve been dying to turtle-ize chinless mitch for longer than that. i figured i’d kill 2 birds with one snowball. 😉

  3. I would not want to be on the other side of a snowball fight with Rahm. Whatever he throws will sting.

  4. We’re going to get snow today in north Texas. Maybe Kay can make some slushballs to hit Perry with in this imbecilic primary campaign where she now gets on his case for the roadside parks. For all us mortals who don’t have executive jets to get around these things are pretty important on the highways. And ours are quite nice too. Our tax dollars at work!

    • i’m in south floriduhhhh, and i just turned the heat on. no snow though. we got pretty close a few weeks ago, though!

      if kbh hits little ricky goodhair with a few slushballs, please take pictures!

  5. Not like we miss the harmonious partisanship they have going on in congress when they are in session… I was thinking they are probably having about the same amount of progress if they were in session! NADA!

    But folks on unemployment & COBRA $$, delays could be a big deal.

    They screw up when they are there & when they are not! Doh!

    • like i said above, why not use the technology we have and let them vote electronically? the constitution was written a long time ago, and you can keep the spirit of the law while updating it to take advantage of modern science. if they don’t want to do that, then they should have to stay at the capitol when they know the weather is going to be bad. they all have offices, and there’s a cafeteria with lots of food. i’m pretty sure they have bathrooms in the building, too. 🙄

  6. Ha! It’s no surprise the only ones in the picture throwing their balls around are the Repugs! (But I thought token Jews couldn’t touch snow on a workday.)

    • the dems are building up an arsenal while the rethugs, under the direction of yertl….i mean mitch are just throwing snowballs wildly in any direction hoping that some land. as for cantor, you’ll notice he’s just hiding behind boohoo, waiting for directions from frank luntz. 😉