It May Be Cold, But They Need a Chill Pill


With the nation’s capital buried in several feet of snow and the federal government brought to a halt by Mother Nature, conservatives are mocking former Vice President Al Gore and his crusade to curb global climate change.

The vocal doubters of global warming frequently use any unseasonal snowfall or cold spell to mock Gore, despite the fact that climate scientists study long-term trends and give little weight to one-time occurrences or random meteorological events.

But the historic snowfall in Washington — coinciding with a push from Democrats to enact legislation capping carbon emissions — has left conservatives crowing that fears of environmental catastrophe make no sense.

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Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) jabbed at Gore on Twitter Tuesday, writing that “it’s going to keep snowing in D.C. until Al Gore cries ‘uncle.’”

When Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked Tuesday about passing the climate change bill, he quipped, “Where’s Al Gore now?”

Most climate scientists would disagree with the two senators — both of whom are frequent critics of cap-and-trade legislation — pointing to numerous studies indicating that carbon emissions have contributed to rising global temperatures.


Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity brought up the former vice president while introducing a story about the massive snowfall during his Fox News show Monday.

“It’s the most severe winter storm in years, which would seem to contradict Al Gore’s hysterical global warming theories,” Hannity said.

And former House Speaker Newt Gingrich mocked Gore on Twitter on Saturday after the first full day of snow.

“Historic snowstorm in Washington — third this year — where is Al Gore to explain it snows this heavily as a sign global warming is imminent,” the former Georgia Republican wrote.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also made waves this week for disputing global climate change but without pointing directly to Gore.

During a [closed-door] speech Monday in California, Palin called evidence of global warming a “bunch of snake oil science.”

(ChattahBox)—-The record-breaking “snowmageddon” that has paralyzed the mid-Atlantic region, causing power outages, and the deaths of several people, has become fodder for global warming denying Republicans who have pointed to the snowstorm as proof that climate change does not exist. Despite the fact that short-term changes in weather have no bearing on the science of climate change, Republicans are not about to allow reality to get in the way of their nonsensical claims. And the family of Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), one of the most rabid climate change deniers in Congress, decided to build an igloo on the National Mall and call it “Al Gore’s New Home,” to draw attention to their belief that the snowstorm invalidates decades worth of climate change science.

In fact, 2000-2009 was the warmest decade on record. And this past January was the warmest January on record worldwide.

Sen. Inhofe’s daughter Molly Rapert; her husband, Jimmy; and their four children built the large igloo apparently to engage in a fun-filled anti-science and global warming denying family activity.


The offensive right-wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh weighed in, saying It’s “absurd” that the Obama administration proposed a global warming agency amidst “record-setting cold weather.”

And the dim Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends remarked on the “dichotomy” created by “big snowstorms” occurring while “the Obama administration [is] talking about creating a new federal office to study global warming.”


[Glenn] Beck on D.C.’s snow: “I believe God is just saying, ‘I got your global warming here, eh?’ “

(If you have the stomach for it, you can llisten to Glenn Blechhh making an ass of himself at the MEDIA MATTERS link)


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34 responses to “It May Be Cold, But They Need a Chill Pill

  1. These people are just reflections of the corporate state now. They’re echoes, not even that. Attack the corporation, save your energy and disdain for IT.

    • hello theothergardner,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      they are indeed reflections of the corporate state, but they still deserve to be skewered. i won’t save my energy. it’s a david and goliath kind of thing, but eventually someone will hit the right spot and take goliath down.

      • writechic

        Look at us all in sync. 🙂

        My girl Susan said it best a couple of weeks ago, weather does not equal climate.

        • it must be those princessy vibes. i must have a few, too, and we transmit princessy stories to each other. it’s so…so…princessy! 🙂

        • Also too, global warming is not just warming but *an increase in the energy available to the whole system*. With more energy available, all things get more extreme. Not just “hotty” type stuff.

          As an aside, the whole raisin (pardon) d’etre of the GOP is “I got mine, so f*ck all y’all,” so it’s not surprising to me that they have problems conceptualizing the whole earth as one system — as opposed to “well, it’s currently snowing where I got my *ss planted, so I’m ok.”

          • hello owhole1!

            welcome to the raisin! 😀 what a nice surprise that you made it over here!

            people have got to stop using ‘global warming’ and start using ‘climate change.’ it’s easy to say to people who are ignorant to the science that the globe can’t be warming when we’re buried in 3 feet of snow, but how do they explain that the climate isn’t changing when vancouver has to truck snow in for the olympics while people are shoveling snow in dallas?

  2. These Goliaths could very well knock themselves out with their own slingshot from what we’ve seen of them yet I agree there’s a moral obligations to grease their skids, shortsheet their beds and yell when we see them acting like the knuckle draggers they are. From what I caught on the radio yesterday increased precip is not exclusive of global warming, in fact it’s part of it. And one snowstorm doth not a global pattern change. I wonder if they took credit for the Saints’ superbowl win too since Brownie did such a heckuva job down there.

    • it’s one thing for buffoons like blechhh, insanity hannity, and rushbo to bloviate, but it’s quite another when sitting senators reject science. it’s also pretty stunning that instead of facing anyone who might confront them with facts, they resort to twittering.

  3. i’m sure if they were to receive a record breaking heat wave this year up in DC, they would poo-poo it as though it meant nothing.

  4. I live in NH, and I’m looking at my bare lawn. (Well, not right now, since it’s almost midnight, but you know what I mean.)

    We had flurries two days ago, and other than that no snow for more than four weeks. Shouldn’t that count for something, if every little incident is suddenly conclusive proof regarding the whole of climate science?

    Interestingly, I was reading another blog about how Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy continue to crusade against vaccinations, although all of the science is against them.

    These jokers are the same sort of thing … celebrities squaring off against the actual scientists.

    They go after Al Gore, by the way, because he’s not a scientist. It’s much harder to go after the guy with the Ph.D.’s and the data than the politician.

    • and i’m sitting in south floriduhhhh with the heat on! someone should ask these idiots the following: say a doctor has a patient who has a dread disease. while the doctor is treating him, the patient gets a cold. the cold goes away after a week or so. does that mean that the patient is now declared healthy?

      bill maher is also guilty of spreading the nonsense about vaccines. while vaccines aren’t perfect, the world is a safer place for kids without mump, measles, rubella, diphtheria, whooping cough, etc. don’t forget rushbo and glenn blechhh. they were spreading crap about the h1n1 vaccine. it’s a government plot to kill you, you know.

    • The deniers are targeting Michael Mann, the person behind the hockey stick diagram.

      • they’ll attack anyone and everyone just to see what sticks (no pun intended). the ones that really floor me are the ones who were doctors before they were politicians. you’d think science would somewhat sacred to them, but they poop all over it.

        • In this month’s Anti-Gravity column in Scientific American, the columnist declares that the only way he can tell that Inholfe isn’t a clown is that his car isn’t small enough.

          • 😆 the feet are a giveaway, too. if he wore clown shoes, he couldn’t possibly stick his feet in his mouth as often as he does.

            and speaking of putting one’s foot in one’s mouth, didja hear that dan quayle’s son will be running for shadegg’s congressional seat? 😯

  5. Last night I heard Bill Nye (the science guy) explain the rise of ambient temperature and how it effects the ocean warming that makes for more evaporation. Today the DFW area had the most snowfall in one day EVER. There’s up to a foot of snow out there right now that should be up in Vermont or Vancouver. This inane radio pontification from the usual suspects reminds me of an incident back in 1870. A young clever dick of an inventor named George Westinghouse had the year before come up with an idea of the airbrake for railroad cars. The old way was to have a brakeman turn a wheel atop each car, one by one. The loco had no braking ability. Anyway, young George gets an appointment to see the all powerful president of the New York Central and proceeds to explain to Cornielius Vanderbilt how it works and is shut off and ordered thrown out of the office with the remark “do you take me for a fool, that you can stop a train with wind”!?!

    • people like bob nye the science guy is exactly the kind of guys who should be explaining this to the american public. not only does he explain things so even children can understand them, but people trust him.

      great story about westinghouse. if only we could harness all the wind coming out of congress.

  6. If they were paying attention, global warming & climate change is in part defined by extreme temperature changes.
    While the East coast is getting snowpocalypsed, Oregon is experiencing a snow drought…we have some snow in high elevations, but not near normal amounts. That leads to fires in the summer & low water flows.

    In short things are all effed up. Move the winter Olympics from Whistler to the White House.

    Make all the bloviating, science deniers get off their asses & go shovel 36 inches of snow.

    • pay attention? the only people they pay attention to are frank luntz and rushbo. they don’t want the occasional fact to give them headaches.

    • Yes, but getting that climate change manifests itself as wide extremes requires too much thought.

      These twits are always ranting about how if there’s snow, there can’t be global warming.

      As Pres. Obama said during the campaign, it’s like they’re bragging about how ignorant they are.

  7. It’s a good thing I’m not criminally psychotic. I’d blow up that network for sure.