Broder, Can You Spare a Slime?

From Jamison Foster at MEDIA MATTERS:

David Broder does not like politicians who lie.  I know this because he said so himself, in an infamous 1998 Sally Quinn article about why the Washington Establishment was so angry at Bill Clinton for lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky:

“The judgment is harsher in Washington,” says The Post’s Broder. “We don’t like being lied to.”

That suggestion — that Washington, DC’s elite residents take greater offense at being lied to than the simpletons outside the nation’s capital — is the kind of thing that would draw heaping piles of scorn from the political media had it come from a liberal Democrat.  But it came from David Broder, beloved “dean” of the Washington Press corps, and so nobody said much of anything about his preening moral superiority.

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[…]  Lying, according to David Broder, is a Very Bad Thing.  So bad that David Broder suggested Clinton should resign because “he may well have lied to a federal grand jury.”  May well have — the mere possibility that Clinton had lied about sex was enough for David Broder, who very much does not like lying politicians, to call for resignation.

Since I know how much David Broder hates politicians who lie, it was a little odd when he refused to call for President Bush’s resignation, though Bush lied about matters far more grave than Monica Lewinsky, and though Broder denounced Bush as a “lawless and reckless” president who “started a war he cannot finish, drove the government into debt and repeatedly defied the Constitution.”


I mean, it simply can’t be that David Broder holds Democrats to a higher standard than Republicans, or that he thinks lying only counts as lying when it’s about sex.  Can it?  No: That does not sound like the esteemed “dean.”  It can’t be.  Must be a fluke.

So, this morning I read Broder’s celebration of Sarah Palin’s virtues.  Now, Sarah Palin, as you might remember, has built her entire national reputation on lies.  From the moment John McCain plucked her out of obscurity in the summer of 2008 until the time she finishes her next sentence, she will have said little of any real significance that was true.  Her repeated “bridge to nowhere” boast — a remarkably enthusiastic and frequent lie.  That bit about selling a state jet on e-Bay?  Bunk.  Her claim that Alaska produces 20 percent of America’s energy?  A lie in 2008, and still a lie today.  “Death panels”?  The lie of the year.  You get the point: Sarah Palin tells lies.

But, oddly — because, remember, he does not like being lied to — David Broder didn’t mention Palin’s history of untruths in his column today.  Well, I thought, Broder must have thought he had covered that ground often enough in the past that it could go unmentioned today.  So I fired up the way-back machine and read all 23 Washington Post columns in which David Broder has mentioned Sarah Palin, certain that I would find numerous harsh denunciations of a politician who displays an open hostility towards the truth.


[…] Well, this was a little surprising: Not once — not one time — in those 23 columns has Broder so much as hinted at Palin’s dishonesty.  Not even in a casual, polite “that wasn’t quite true” kind of way. Well, you could knock me over with a feather.  I mean, David Broder can’t stand being lied to.  He told us himself.

You can read Broder’s bullshit Washington Post op-ed piece here.

Tip of the hat to the handsome and talented (and currently resting) Distributorcap for the suggestion of the movie and the subject matter.


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20 responses to “Broder, Can You Spare a Slime?

  1. JaxDem

    Ha. I posted this at Dkos this a.m.

    “The same day the Washington Post released a poll showing a staggering 71 percent of Americans — and a majority of Republicans — don’t think Sarah Palin is qualified to be president, the Post’s David Broder and Time’s Joe Klein wrote columns proclaiming Palin a towering political force on the American landscape. It’s rare that Beltway conventional wisdom gets proven false the very same day it surfaces. But that probably won’t stop it from spreading. ” From Joan Walsh at Salon.

    Her money quote:

    “I had a lovely conversation with Klein a few weeks ago, about Clinton and Obama and American liberalism. He’s not stupid, he just writes stupid things sometimes. ”

    Outstanding work w/that poster…Dang – Mary freekin Astor???

    • most of the d.c. media have absolutely no idea what the average american is thinking. they look at polls, but the polls can be very misleading. these days, there seem to be very few impartial pollsters. they start with a hypothesis they believe to be true, and they fashion their questions so that the results “prove” what they believe.

      broder’s actually putting into print his belief that princess is anything more than an american-idol-style self-serving know-nothing embarrassment completely wipes away any credibility he might have had. he’s probably been popping too much viagra.

      • Cialis is cheaper and it still works. 😉

        As for Princess Sarah, take away her hair and give her an old-fashioned hairdo, and she looks not just old-fashioned, but just plain old. Yeah, I’ve typed that before, but it bears repeating.

        • i’m not going to ask how you know about the effectiveness and price of cialis, neon vincent. 😯

          it looks like princess puts her makeup on with a trowel. it probably started as a holdover from her pageant days, but now she has to spackle the lines and wrinkles. i also think she wears about 10 pounds of hair extensions. take away the makeup and the hair, and you’re left with jean schmidt.

  2. writechic

    Okay. It’s obvious Broder doesn’t ever get laid. That explains his fixation on Clinton’s lying. And more importantly, it’s obvious that Broder doesn’t ever get laid, which explains his infatuation with Sarah Palin.

    I mean that he would construe any of her qualities in such cutesie terms as “pitch-perfect populism”…Broder does not get laid.

    Bank on it.

  3. writechic

    Still kneeling.

    (not looking at feet) 😉

  4. pitch-perfect populism

    Lady blah blah is more like

    BITCH-perfect populism!

    So sick of the Palin Factor.

    • i can think of lots of P words to describe princess–poopyhead, pukebrain, pinhead, prevaricator, puddinghead, pretener, phony. nope, pitch-perfect and populist are not among them.

  5. Broder has lost his mind! Has she been over there rubbing her twits on him? And from someone who called out mightily for Bill to quit because he got some lipstick on his dick stick. I was intrigued by the PLO assertion that Monica was working for Mossad to pump him for information. At least they got the pumping part right. Just a matter of time till the Palin family will get their sex scandal like Edwards just did. Lot of chatter about sex pics and video that might just pop up unexpectedly. At least this will make Nonnies job easier. Somebody did a porn last year titled “Whose Nailin’ Palin”.

    • broder is just showing his true colors. he’s a mindless aider and abettor for the rethuglican party. he’s faux news with a typewriter. he needs to take his press credentials, shred them, and flush them down the toilet.