The GOP Choice: Parker Griffith, Mo or Les

From The Huntsville Times:

Perhaps Congressman Parker Griffith should run ads in Washington to remind his new party which side he’s on.

A letter sent this month by an attack arm of the Republican members of Congress seeks money to defeat Griffith and other “vulnerable out-of-touch Democrats.”

“We’ve been up on the air all over Alabama’s 5th Congressional District so that voters there know your Democrat in Congress has been falling in line with Nancy Pelosi’s destructive liberal agenda,” reads the solicitation.

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(Top:  Parker Sparky Griffith  Bottom:  Les Not-Mo Phillip, Mo Not-Les Brooks, Pete Blimpy Sessions)

The National Republican Congressional Committee issued the letter. While that line might apply to the Griffith elected in 2008, he has since changed sides, switching in December from the Democratic Party to the Republicans. A committee spokesman said the letter was sent because of administrative oversight.

But trust them, because they can run the government!

“I guess I’ll have to call them and see if they’ll take me off the list,” said Griffith, adding that he has not made contact with the Republican committee.

But Griffith has been striving to make his switch known locally. He can be found this week on local TV ads denouncing the initiatives of President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. His new spots on local radio stations warn against the “dangerous liberal agenda.”


“Talk about a Freudian slip,” said Mo Brooks, a member of the Madison County Commission who is seeking the Republican nomination for Griffith’s seat.

Brooks issued a statement Thursday saying the letter “confirms what we all know – Parker Griffith is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

What’s with the Rethugs and sheep? Seriously, I wouldn’t trust them with a wool sweater, unless I had plenty of stain remover.

The solicitation is signed by Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, chair of the committee. But those responsible say the letter was simply a bureaucratic blunder.

Hey, not so fast! Sessions isn’t Blunder Man! That title is already taken.

[Southeastern press secretary for the NRCC, Andy] Sere issued a statement Thursday saying the letter was intended for the 2nd Congressional District of Rep. Bobby Bright, D-Montgomery. Sere’s statement also says that Griffith, even before his switch, “stood up to Democratic party bosses” and that Republicans in Congress welcome Griffith.


[Local conservative radio commentator Dale] Jackson was quick to point out that the Republican committee was the same organization that paid for numerous attack ads in 2008, ads that said Griffith, a retired oncologist, made money by dragging out the suffering of cancer patients, or implied that he did not oppose terrorism.

Les Phillip, a Madison businessman who is also seeking the Republican nomination for the 5th District, said Griffith still holds the same liberal values the committee attacked in 2008.

Tip of the hat to JML9999 (no relation) over at Big Orange for suggesting the TV show (which I don’t think I had ever heard of before).


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18 responses to “The GOP Choice: Parker Griffith, Mo or Les

  1. Sounds like typical conservative dirty politics to me.

  2. writechic

    Alabama politics are SO embarrassing. Just watch this and weep for me:

  3. “What’s with the Rethugs and sheep?”

    The Tea Partiers are also calling Princess Sarah a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We progressives have known that for a year and a half. What took them so long to catch on?

    • i read that! 😆 i think the rethugs are limited to one metaphor every few months or so. the rethug and teabagger advisers really need to expand their horizons.

  4. That ad is too much! That don’t fly down here.

    You can tell the one guy on the right is anti abortion…. how far along do you think his pregnancy is???

    As for that “bureaucratic blunder”…. yea right.
    Ooooops! Did the GOP do that??

  5. A state that puts shackles on the former governor and send him to a secret prison to go into solitary. What a state. How about some of them peckerwoods go up to Jeff Davis’s old capitol in Montgomery and say nice things about Lincoln.

    • i can’t believe that eric holder hasn’t yet looked into the siegelman conviction. the charges were so trumped up that it’s sickening, and the trial was a joke.

  6. And a Happy Valentine for our favorite redhead, our own Sun Maid who takes all those sour grapes of life and turn them into sweet chocolate covered raisins. {{{{{big hug}}}}}

    • awwww, thank you jerry. (don’t tell , but i went back to being a brunette a couple of months ago)

      happy valentine’s day to you and to all the raisinettes! 😀