While visiting Chicago to support Mark Kirk, John McCain took a moment to defend Sarah Palin’s widely mocked crib notes, written on her hand during the Tea Party Convention last weekend.

“Which is more egregious,” he asked, as if the answer were obvious, “reading from a word on your hand or a teleprompter?”

McCain continued: “I continue to be entertained now by the continuous [hysterical] attacks on Sarah Palin, who [is] very, very popular with a significant segment of the American people.”

Translation: Holy crap, I might lose my Senate seat to J. D. Frickin’ Hayworth, so I have to be nice to this backstabbing bitch so the Teabaggers don’t keep going all nuclear on my ass! I gotta blame someone–I’ve got it πŸ’‘ –that damned liberal media! So what if I had them in my pocket (and at my barbecues) for so many years and still show up on every frickin’ Sunday news show? The Teabaggers love to hate the media!

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And the eye-rolling? From THE HUFFINGTON POST:

Chris Wallace denied rumors that he rolled his eyes at Sarah Palin after their interview aired on “Fox News Sunday” and trashed Joe Scarborough for suggesting as such.


“Look at the end of Chris Wallace’s interview where he rolls his eyes, embarrassed,” Joe Scarborough said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “There’s no doubt he is. Now, he will deny that, but Chris was sending a message to all his friends: yes I know, she is not a serious thinker.”

When asked by Megyn Kelly if he was indeed rolling his eyes, Wallace said he wasn’t.

“No, is the quick answer to that,” he said. “Joe Scarborough lives out where the trolleys don’t run at night. The last time I heard about somebody getting that kind of secret message, it was Son of Sam hearing from a labrador retriever that he should go out and shoot people. I think that Morning Joe definitely needs to switch to decaf.”

“In Joe Scarborough’s defense, it’s not just Joe,” Kelly said. “Did you or did you not roll your eyes? What was that look into the camera?”

Wallace never answered the question, instead praising Palin’s performance in the interview and speculating on her political future.

He later said of Scarborough, “I’m offended that people watch him on MSNBC.”

More fake outrage and yet another pseudo-war between Faux News and MSNBC.


(Videos available at each link to THE HUFFINGTON POST)


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24 responses to “CPT2010

  1. I saw it, but I think they’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    • you mean her crib notes? i don’t it’s been a big enough mountain. first, the questions were not a surprise. she knew exactly what she was going to be asked. still, she’s too stupid to memorize 3 things. second, these are supposed to be her core values. if someone asked you what your core value are, would you have to refer to notes? third, she makes a big deal, whenever she has the opportunity, over the fact that obama uses a teleprompter. guess what, she used one for her speech at the rethuglican convention! most politicians do for big speeches, as do every news anchor (even those on faux news 😯 ). lastly, this is a woman who thinks she’s qualified to be president of the united states, and she can’t even remember 3 things? how is she going to negotiate with world leaders? she’s a moron, plain and simple, and more people should be pointing it out.

  2. writechic

    I like how CPT kinda suggest Captain Underpants, too. πŸ™‚

    McCain’s becoming an old pro at the faux outrage.

    The Megan Kelly presentation of Chris Wallace showed an indisputable eye roll during the long version. The closeup replay looked like it had frames missing, and that’s not beneath Fox.

    I can’t say Wallace rolled his eyes for his friends or because of the whole thing in general. He basically demanded a circus trick from her. A “You betcha!” She jumped through the hoop and didn’t look too certain she was happy about doing it. Cut from tape to Wallace live, then the eye roll. Kelly made it seem like everybody’s dumb for bringing it up. Wallace looked like the cold cuts for a big ol’ dumb sandwich (Kelly and Palin).

    • the cold cuts would be turkey, of course! πŸ˜‰ if chris wallace was smart (which he apparently isn’t), he would have said yes, i rolled my eyes, but it was a reaction to something that was going on in the studio, not anything having to do with princess. however, faux news will never admit a mistake, and it also loves the ridiculous shouting that goes on back and forth with msnbc. msnbc loves it, too. i think it’s gotten rather old. i bet they all get together and have cocktail parties when they aren’t working.

  3. Another MST3K cover! And, yes, she deserves the bad movie treatment on the Satellite of Love.

    • i’m really loving the mst3k covers! would a real comedy political theater be great? someone at big orange suggested it when i posted the last one. people sitting around and ripping apart rethug speeches minute by minute instead of just the snippets on the daily show, the colbert report, or snl?

  4. She wouldn’t last five minutes with Tom Servo. Hope the booze convention she is gracing with her godlyness cuts a big paycheck. Good thing she lets fatboy off the hook while he’s rubbing her face in it. How come she can’t be set up like Debra Medina, our bagger primary candidate againts KBH and the hair. During an interview with spazBeck the questions start like”whats your favorite color, do you like kittens? and goes straight into”do you believe the US government was behind 9/11? A smart person would answer no and be done with it. A bagger would answer “we’re not sure, all the evidence isn’t in, some people say…” And he proceed to destroy her, for entertainment purposes, of course. Word has it Perry had his minions send hundreds of Emails to fox demanding answers. Turdblossem lives!

    • i think tom servo would do a better job than most of the so-called journalists today. they’re afraid to say anything bad about princess or to ask her any questions more difficult than how she likes her moose stew.

      has glenn blechhh french kissed little ricky goodhair yet? i wonder if turdblossom feels torn. faux is pulling for little ricky goodhair, but deadeye dick endorsed kbh.

  5. It’s getting down to serious repub wire The hair had the princess stop by and flutter her eyelashs to delirious crowds. Now kay’s ads claim our nice roadside parks have golden toilets! Need to get out on the road and check that out! Meanwhile the latest Perry TV ad has a bell tolling and ends up with a bad B&W photo of Kay touching cheek to cheek with Barney Franks, a known homersexual! Meanwhile the bagger/birther/truther/tenther candidate is doing a human impression of the Andrea Doria going down. Gotta love it!

  6. Isn’t it fascinating how ‘noun, verb, POW’ McCain is still coming to his toxic asset’s defense…Why, one might think he’s still sweet on her.

    Speaking of sweet, Happy post-Valentine’s day, Nonnie.


  7. My friend DK sent me this snippet from Bill Maher:

    ” he pointed out that for Sarah Palin to have written “tax cuts” on her hand … when tax cuts are the be-all and end-all of the republican and teabag platform … it’s the mantra of all good repube/baggers … “it would be like as if Wile E. Coyote had to write on his paw, ROADRUNNER”!!! ”

    Now that’s funny!

  8. The crib notes didn’t bother me as much as how stupid she’d have to be to need to write any of that simplistic gibberish down.
    I mean, that’s all she ever says–you’d think she’d have it memorized by now.
    I know that’s a fairly obvious point, but I just like making it. πŸ˜‰