Do Most Party Crashers Bring Whine?


House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) told his colleagues on Tuesday that Republicans plan to attend the president’s high-profile healthcare summit this week in order to “crash the party.”

According to a House GOP leadership aide familiar with the top-ranking Republican’s remarks at the weekly closed-door conference meeting, Boehner appealed to skeptical Republican lawmakers, saying, “We shouldn’t let the White House have a six-hour taxpayer-funded infomercial on ObamaCare. We need to show up. We need to crash the party.”

Maybe all that self-tanner has been absorbed into his bloodstream and has caused some cognitive difficulties for Boohoo Boehner. Someone really ought to tell him that you can’t crash a party to which you’ve been invited!

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House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has publicly said that Republicans intended to participate in the negotiation session.

Boehner conceded on Tuesday that “it’s an invitation from the president of the United States. If you get an invite from the president, you have an obligation to go.”

Then he whined some more.

There’s plenty to say about today’s summit (translation: I recorded it, but only saw the last half hour or so), but here’s a little something about Little Eric. From

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) upset some people with a remark he made about the letters constituents send to Congress.

During Thursday’s bipartisan health summit, the House minority whip said:

    When the speaker cites her letters from the folks in Michigan and the leader talks about the letters he’s received, Mr. Andrews his, all of us share the concerns when people are allegedly wronged in our health care system. I mean, I think that is sort of a given.


Earlier in the day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) referenced letters from voters who said they needed Congress to act on health care.

(emphasis mine)

Allegedly? Has this guy never picked up a newspaper? Has he never watched the news? Does he think people need to make stuff up about insurance companies and health care in general in this country? I guess as long as Little Eric and his family and his rich buddies are taken care of, that’s all that really matters. I hope his health insurance covers heinie abrasions, because Little Eric got spanked. From the Washington Post:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama scolded Virgina Republican Rep. Eric Cantor for the stack of paper he brought with him to the health summit, calling it the type of political stunt that gets in the way of lawmakers having a serious conversation.

Cantor said he brought a copy of the 2,400-page Senate bill and the 11-page proposal Obama posted online earlier in the week.

Taking offense at the display as Cantor began to speak Thursday, Obama said the “truth of the matter” is that health care is a very complicated subject. He said all the Republican ideas discussed during the first half of the daylong summit would generate a bunch of paper, too.


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23 responses to “Do Most Party Crashers Bring Whine?

  1. writechic

    We need a montage of all the GOP spankings today. I saw McCain taking his lickings. Pretty funny. Especially because McCain HATES being told by youngsters like the President. Damn kid.

    Boehner just gives me the willies. I think his mispronunciation of hyperbole was the last straw for me. 😉

    • i haven’t seen a lot of it, but the clips i did see have me convinced that the dems could have let the rethugs keep talking, and they would have buried themselves. they didn’t need anyone else manning the shovels. little eric saying that the crap that the insurance companies get away with is just “alleged” is stunning. everybody knows someone who has been denied medical care by an insurance company. there’s nothing “alleged” about it. capt underpants came off as a whining old bitter asswipe who is more concerned about his failed campaign than he is about the american public. i think it was jon my weenie is as short as my name kyl who said something to the effect that it would horrible, horrible i tell ya!, for the government to decide what the basic level of care should be. ummm, so it’s better for an insurance company to make those decisions, when its main concern is profit? from what i saw, the most logical voice on the rethug side was tom coburn, and that’s a really scary thing!

      • writechic

        I saw the bite with Speaker Pelosi thanking Coburn for the coherent contributions to the summit. Just watched Obama give Boehner a timeout. Kinda funny, but kinda sad.

        Right wing trolls are all over the firedoglake and tpm channels on youtube. It really is just a whiny and mean minority holding this all up. For Democrats, courtesy just looks weak now.

        • i dunno. i think the dems did themselves a favor today. from what i’ve seen, the dems sounded reasonable and kept pointing out that a lot of what the rethugs are demanding is already in the bill. on the other hand, the rethugs kept saying over and over again that everyone has to start all over. i think the dems made a point of calling bs when the rethugs used their frank luntz-created facts as their arguments. it’s okay to be courteous when you’re correct. i don’t think it looks weak, i think it looks like the dems were the adults in the room today. the rethugs, on the other hand, looked whiny and mean.

          • writechic

            Nonnie, I think the dems did well at the summit. They looked like the grownups. I just mean from here on out it would look absurd to keep catering to the temper tantrums and oh so vocal minority.

            • i agree. they gave the rethugs yet another chance to state what they want, and they let the american people see that most of what they want is already in the bill. the hell with them now. full speed ahead. either be a constructive part of the process, or get out of the way.

        • “Right wing trolls are all over the firedoglake and tpm channels on youtube.”

          I’m subscribed to Firedoglake’s YouTube channel. Time for me to go over there and give all the trolls thumbs down.

  2. The funniest thing with conservs is the insistence that they be listened to and they are being ignored in their great quest of doing Gods Work. What is it about “you lost” they don’t understand. They don’t call the shots, don’t run committes any more, they have been brought low thanks to the idiot leader who now spends his spare time picking up dogshit. Again, what is it about YOU LOST they don’t understand?

  3. Well that was nice of Bonehead Boehner to show up…. I mean he has a very busy golf & tanning schedule, and all those lobbyists to meet with & take gobs of money from.

    But since he makes $174,000 a year as a Senator, it was good of him to attend the meeting.

    Cantor’s “allegedly wronged” remark was entirely insulting.
    Hey Eric– go visit Congressman Grayson’s
    Names of the dead website

    They are most sincerely dead, because they did not have insurance. Not allegedly wronged, just shut out of access to care.

    (Love the lapel button Nonnie! No- Yes)

    Why do their constituents put up with these airheads???

    • did you notice who didn’t show up, fran? limpy snowe! the white house said she was invited, and she said she wasn’t. she decided to stand on ceremony instead of show up and say anything on the record. she’s scared stiff of the teabaggers, i guess, especially after she voted for the jobs bill.

      • A Snowe day or Snowe job, you decide.

        • i wonder how that’s going to fly in maine. the teabaggers will undoubtedly love it, but i’m not so sure the independents will think it’s too swell that she chose to be petty instead of showing up and actually contributing to the conversation. she could have shown up without the talking points and acted like a real….ready?….maverick!

  4. I loved it when the guy (I can’t remember who) challenged his DC buddies to give up their healthcare program!! LOVED IT!!!!!

    • dick durbin. he had one of the best speeches.

        • Wow! Durbin nailed it. If it’s so damned socialist…. give it up.

          Cue Crickets!

          • i thought the best part was when he said, “look who we are in this room?” that was perfect, because that’s what the unwashed masses are thinking when they watch these rich asswipes deciding what’s best for everyone, based on their own privileged lifestyles. they don’t have a clue what’s going on outside the bubble. do they think that the people who show up at their town halls really represent most people? the ones who need health care the most and can’t get it probably are either too sick to get to a meeting, or they’re busy working 3 jobs just trying to get by. the people who show up are organized groups representing one angry point of view. they yell down anyone who has a different perspective.

  5. crosssection

    A great article detailing how Americans feel about the healthcare proposal…not the administration…isn’t that what it is all supposed to be about???

    • “a great article”? your opinion in a couple of paragraphs? spare me. you have a podcast of fundies who worship princess sarah and rushbo, and we’re supposed to trust your opinion? 🙄 people want to be rescued from insurance companies. premiums are soaring, coverage is crap, and people are dying every single day.