Northern Overexposure

From the Canadian Press:

WASHINGTON โ€” Sarah Palin’s weekend admission that her family once travelled to Canada to receive treatment under the public health-care system she’s so often demonized prompted skepticism and ridicule Monday among her critics in the United States.

“My first five years of life we spent in Skagway, Alaska, right there by Whitehorse,” the former Alaska governor said Saturday night during a speech in Calgary.

“Believe it or not – this was in the ’60s – we used to hustle on over the border for health care that we would receive in Whitehorse. I remember my brother, he burned his ankle in some little kid accident thing, and my parents had to put him on a train and rush him over to Whitehorse and I think, isn’t that kind of ironic now. Zooming over the border, getting health care from Canada.”

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A headline on the New York media blog read: “Sarah Palin Supports Government-Run Health Care, Inadvertently Uses ‘Ironic’ Correctly.”

Sam Stein of the Huffington Post suggested Palin was a hypocrite.

“The irony, one guesses, is that Palin now views Canada’s health-care system as revolting, with its government-run administration and ‘death-panel’-like rationing,” Stein wrote.

“Clearly, however, she and her family once found it more alluring than, at the very least, the coverage available in rural Alaska.”

There were also doubts about the veracity of her story.

In a 2007 report in the Skagway News, Palin said her family travelled south from the town by ferry to Juneau, Alaska, so that her brother could get treatment after burning his foot when jumping through a fire.

“All these years later, that’s still what people have to rely on here in some instances,” said Palin, who was Alaska governor at the time and pledging to improve the town’s ferry system.

One Alaska-based political blog, The Mudflats, wondered – tongue firmly planted in cheek – whether Palin’s brother suffered a burned foot on more than one occasion and she was simply mixing up two different but extremely similar incidents.

“Or perhaps the story was simply tweaked to tell people what they want to hear, while utilizing the perennial ‘I’m one of you’ meme – a great way to ‘connect to the audience’ while skirting those pesky things known as ‘facts,”‘ the blog reads.


Palin’s remarks come in the midst of a furious push by top Democrats on Capitol Hill to meet a deadline imposed by President Barack Obama to get a health-care bill signed into law in the next two weeks.

The self-styled hockey mom, who is being coy about whether she’s considering a run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, has frequently vilified the Democrats for their health-care overhaul, characterizing it as socialism and accusing Obama of conspiring to do away with the elderly and the disabled with so-called “death panels.”


Republicans battling against health-care reform have long claimed that Canadians flood the U.S. to get health care because of waiting lists north of the border.

But Palin’s experience, if accurate, reflects what some studies suggest is a more common trend: Americans travelling abroad to get cheaper care.

A report last spring by Deloitte Center for Health Solutions said 750,000 Americans travelled abroad for medical care in 2007, and forecast that number would rise to six million by 2010. That trend far outpaces the number of Canadians coming to the U.S. for medical treatment.


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23 responses to “Northern Overexposure

  1. writechic

    Canadian Fakin’ is really funny! So is that clip of McCain. It’s a really good day not to be Palin’s handler!

    Is there a word for when you really don’t know much about the world, but you wanna make people think you do so that you’re electable, but you’re generally too confused and therefore anything can fly out of your mouth at any moment?

    She’s that.

    • i’ve been waiting to use that capt u clip, and i thought it was fitting since his movie studio produced the film (look in the upper corner).

      it’s always a good day not to be a princess sarah handler. i bet they get cramps in their brains from having to explain what she says and to cover her tracks.

      i believe the word you are looking for is palignorance. i know that’s the definition, because i just made the word up and that’s what i say it means. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ron

      Yeah…. it’s Palin

  2. You can say one thing about her ~ she’s consistent with her stupidity.

  3. Good God, we have โ€˜death-panelโ€™-like rationing of health care?

    No one told me that.

    But then again, I may have forgotten. I don’t think about health care much – I guess it’s because I don’t have to worry about it. I just know it’s always going to be there.

    Perhaps we should send Ms. Palin a bill?

    • i think you should, don. in fact, make her an undesirable alien, and don’t let her in canada ever again. funny how she didn’t even trust texas doctors to deliver her child. she says she flew back to alaska after her water broke so she could give birth in wasilla. i wonder what gov. little ricky goodhair has to say about that.

  4. Princess Sarah is a hypocrite. News at 11.

    BTW, it looks like you picked your favorite from the list of possible Princess Sarah reality TV show titles over at HuffPo.

    • i’ve seen that title in other places referring to princess. it must have stuck in my mind after seeing it at huffpo. speaking of huffpo, i have no friggin clue how to navigate over there. do they shut off comments after a certain amount of time? if my comment ever showed up over there, i don’t know how to find it.

      • It’s not just you. My wife has the same trouble finding her comments, too.

        • i don’t think my comment ever posted. i would imagine it would go to the bottom of the queue. i checked a few times, and the last comment never changed. neither did the number of pages. it used to be a lot better over there.

  5. Her family went to Canada for health care!

    Now in the middle of a total health care reform crisis, after she instigated the “death panel” charge of angry village idiots…. wants us now to cozy up to the fact she did not have decent health care in rural Alaska as a kid?

    I’d say the Queen of the Tea party is suffering from a serious case of Palignorance.

    What next? Will she tell us tax cuts for the very wealthy is a bad thing???

    Will she try to sell the Pentagon on E bay?

    Is someone slipping some truth serum in her teapot?

    • i’m still waiting for her to admit that once she married toddy, she didn’t have to worry about health insurance, because her family was covered under indian health services and the alaska native medical center. you know, government-run health care.

      p.s. good job using palignorance in a sentence!

  6. Nanookie of the North! One of the Mudflatters said her appearance at the dog race start with her botox lips smeared with deep red lipstick gave her a look of female lady parts that should not be seen in public. I only mentioned vagina once, but I think I got away with it.

  7. Friend of the court

    love me some Bullwinkle. I can’t read the note on her hand. I hope I’m not catching palignorance.

    • there was so much empty space once i slimmed down john candy. i kept trying to think what i might use to fill up the space, and bullwinkle sprung to mind. i was happy, because i love seeing that pic of him. as for the hand, nothing earth-shattering written there. it just says “right.” it’s upside down, because that’s how it would look if princess had to read it, so that’s probably what confused you. you are definitely catching palignorance.