Throwing the poor under the Jeebus

(CNN) — An evangelical leader is calling for a boycott of Glenn Beck’s television show and challenging the Fox News personality to a public debate after Beck vilified churches that preach economic and social justice.

The Rev. Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, a network of progressive Christians, says Beck perverted Jesus’ message when he urged Christians last week to leave churches that preach social and economic justice.

Wallis says Beck compared those churches to Communists and Nazis.

Wallis says at least 20,000 people have already responded to his call to boycott Beck. He says Beck is confusing his personal philosophy with the Bible.

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“He wants us to leave our churches, but we should leave him,” Wallis says of Beck. “When your political philosophy is to consistently favor the rich over the poor, you don’t want to hear about economic justice.”

Wallis says he wants to go on Beck’s show to challenge the contention that churches shouldn’t preach economic and social justice.

Social and economic justice is at the heart of Jesus’ message, Wallis says.

“He’s afraid of being challenged on his silly caricatures,” Wallis says. “Glenn Beck talks a lot when he doesn’t have someone to dialogue with. Is he willing to talk with someone who he doesn’t agree with?”

Beck did not answer numerous requests for an interview.

But a prominent evangelical leader says he, too, is suspicious of churches that preach economic and social justice.

Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia, says Jesus wasn’t interested in politics. He says that those pastors who preach economic and social justice “are trying to twist the gospel to say the gospel supported socialism.”

“Jesus taught that we should give to the poor and support widows, but he never said that we should elect a government that would take money from our neighbor’s hand and give it to the poor,” Falwell says.


Marty Duren, a Southern Baptist Convention pastor, says some conservative Christians have traditionally thought churches shouldn’t get involved in economic or social justice.

“For a long time, Southern Baptists and evangelicals were so focused on the return of Christ that what was happening in the real world was almost incidental,” says Duren, who blogs at

But within the last two decades, Duren says, more evangelical Christians have come to believe that the Bible calls for economic and social justice.


The Bible cares about social and economic justice, Duren says.

“The Old Testament is replete with examples of God threatening to judge a nation because of a lack of justice or carrying out that threat of judgment against a nation,” Duren says.

He believes Beck was wrong to tell Christians that they shouldn’t belong to churches that seek justice.

“If I had any authority at Fox News right now, Glenn Beck would be seeking economic justice,” Duren says.


Wallis also evoked the Christians who fought against slavery as well as civil rights activists.

“The Bible just didn’t say take care of the victim — it talks about justice,” says Wallis, who is the author of “Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street and Your Street.”

Meanwhile, Wallis says he’s waiting for that public debate with Beck.

“I’ll have it,” Wallis says, “anywhere he wants.”


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41 responses to “Throwing the poor under the Jeebus

  1. LOL…the Book of Moron!! πŸ™‚

    That must be the sequel to the “Book of Sarah” found in the Beginner’s Reading section of Barne’s and Noble.

  2. Sadly, I’m afraid that most of the 20,000 boycotters that Wallis can point to were probably already on board.

    Anyone who’s ever actually read the Bible can see perfectly clearly that social justice was very dear to Jesus’ heart. Time and again, it’s perfectly obvious.

    The real meat of it, and I’ve called friends on this one, is this: we’re okay using the government to force kids to pledge their allegiance to a nation “under God,” stamping “in God we trust” on our currency, and banning gay marriage on religious grounds.

    But when it comes time for a law to affect us, like using our tax money to help the poor, then suddenly too many in the Church declare that the Bible isn’t about government policy.

    It’s all about self-righteousness. So when it’s time for a lot of Christians to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem, they’re looking for excuses.

    • i don’t know if it’s self-righteousness. to me, it sounds more like selfishness. you know that i’m not christian, and i’m not religious. however, taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves is just the humane and human thing to do, especially when you have so much. the american dream is supposed to be attainable, because everyone is supposed to lift everyone else up.

      excellent point on how they meld bible and the government when it’s to their own advantage but suddenly love the separation of church and state when it might cost them a penny or two.

      • You’re not religious, but you understand what it’s supposed to mean more than a lot of pew-sitters do.

        The story of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25 is about taking care of those less fortunate (including those in prison …). Nothing there about excuses because we don’t want to create a “culture of dependency” or such crap.

        • you’re our resident bible scholar, wken! you’re my first line of defense against those who come here and start spouting chapter and verse when they don’t like my insulting their televangelists.

          • On a related note …

            I’m listening to Michael Moore on Diane Rehm right now talking about how he sees his relationship with the Catholic Church, in that he’s pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, etc..

            I see that as a lot more honest than fellow Catholic Sean Hannity, who just ignores the controversies as he’s pro-death penalty and unreservedly pro-war.

            … and now I’m enjoying Michael Moore.

            I just need to admit that I’m a liberal, don’t I?

  3. Leave it to a Falwell to say something stupid and self-serving whilst wrapped in their flag and carrying a cross.
    Jesus wasn’t interested in politics‘, indeed.

    I wonder if the son is as craven and predatorily opportunistic as dear old Pastor Dad, or merely an overstuffed parrot spitting crumbs of his elder’s second-hand ‘wisdom’.


  4. Clutching the book of Morons, it looks like Glenn Beck is going to have to go back to the chalk board on this one.

    Da Preacher man is gonna make him cry!

    • he’s afraid of the preacher man. jim wallis said he’d debate him anywhere, and glennie has announced that he’s going to investigate the reverend. if that’s so, how better to begin his investigation by interview rev. wallis on his show? he’ll never do it, because he’s a little chicken shit. he can’t argue with the grownups, because he knows he’ll l0se every time.

  5. Writechic is right, the evangelical mainstram considers Mormons to be blasphemers and whoremongers. That is why Willard will never get the top job even though he will be the next nominee by the seniority system they use. The spazBeck is causing dissention amongst the know it alls over at Rupert world. In a one on one with anyone who knows scripture he would be dead meat. Those magic panties would be getting pretty tight.

  6. Thanks for that link Nonnie. I think wonderboy is going to go critical mass on air someday like the bit that Belushi used to do giving editorials on Weekend Update many moons ago. As long as he can coast on the use of key words for his two minute hates. It is amusing to see the stalwarts losing their thunder. Hannity is coming across like a punk, Billo must dig harder to seem like he’s smart. Maybe Greta should just convert the whole bunch to scientology. Thetans, get your thetans!

    • you’re welcome, jerry. i think it’s hilarious that glenn blechhhh is the one who gets all the attention. billO might get better ratings, but nobody cares about him outside his faithful audience. the same for slanthead hannity, and nobody even mentions greta unless she’s been visiting the palins. little glennie has to keep getting more and more outrageous in order to keep eyes on him, and it’s just a matter of time before he implodes.

      • I had really hoped that his war on social justice would be his implosion, but apparently the Evangelical community is selling out yet another principle.

        By the way, from the National Association of Evangelicals’ web site:

        “The NAE provides a forum where evangelicals can work together to preserve religious liberty, nurture families and children, protect the sanctity of human life, seek justice for the poor, promote human rights, work for peace, and care for God’s creation.”

        Justice … for the poor?

        Isn’t that what Beck said is evil code-language?

  7. Carpenter

    If JIM WALLIS is an Evangelical
    then my dog (Rover) is one too!

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