Say Cheesy!


Just how much are Republican donors willing to pay for a private photo opportunity with conservative firebrands Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)?

The folks at Minnesota-Bachmann Victory Committee are putting the price tag at a whopping $10,000 per couple, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by the Huffington Post.

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According to the invitation, attendees at the April 7 event in Minneapolis are asked to spend $500 per person for attendance at the General Reception and Dinner; $5,000 for a table of ten; and $10,000 per couple for a “Private Reception with Photo Opportunity. (Included in the latter is a table for ten as well).

The money donated will, per campaign finance rules, have to be spread among various committees. The first $2,400 would go to Bachmann’s primary election fund. The next $2,400 would go to her general election refund. And up to $10,000 can go to the Republican Party of Minnesota.

That’s not small change, especially for two pols who say they speak on behalf of real, working class America.

(You can see a copy of the RSVP form at the HuffPo link above)

Well, the Raisinettes were always smart enough to realize that Princess Sarah and Batshit Bachmann were nothing but posers.

From THE HUFFINGTON POST (March 11, 2010):

The event, to be held at the Minneapolis Hilton Hotel, will feature a dinner, reception and “photo opportunity,” according to a statement from the campaign.


According to the Bachmann campaign, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman and several members of Congress are part of the host committee for the fundraiser.

Wow! Timmeh and Loser Coleman! Is the room big enough for that much charisma?


[F]or at least one Democratic rival, Bachmann’s fundraising was an opportunity to raise cash. In a letter sent Tuesday, Tarryl Clark’s campaign manager Zach Rodvold asked supporters for a $10 donation to counter the event.

“The Bachmann campaign hasn’t advertised these sky-high ticket prices yet, and it’s not hard to tell why,” Rodvold wrote. “Michele Bachmann doesn’t want people to know that while families and small businesses are struggling in Minnesota, she’s getting ten grand per snapshot with right- wing celebrity Sarah Palin.”


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24 responses to “Say Cheesy!

  1. $10,000 for a “private photo opportunity” with Palin and Bachmann? Why, you just described a lot of conservative men’s number one wet dream!

  2. It’s like Ghostbusters – The Repteabags are crossing the streams!

    Some sort of megasociopathic uber-being will no doubt come of this meddling in the ways of science, mark my words friends.


  3. The Queen of the tea party is headed to my town.
    Of course you could not pay me to sit with her….. but some kind of appropriate welcome is in order.

  4. What class! A price to be my friend for 15 seconds. They could take guys backstage and get into some serious folding money. Reminds me of a guy on TV talking about watching the Redford movie with his wife where the rich guy buys the fellows wife for a million for a lost weekend. “Do you think I could make a million bucks like that?” she asks. He replies it would be unlikely a rich guy would offer that deal but he could probably get 10,000 guys to pay a hundred bucks apiece.

    • why on earth would anyone spend 10,000 bucks to have a picture taken with anyone, let alone princess and batshit bachmann? hell, give me a 100 bucks, and i’ll photoshop you a pic with anyone you’d like. 🙄

  5. Anyone this pathetic and stupid deserves to be fleeced of 10K.

    • they might get one pathetic deluded moron to pay, but i would bet that the rethugs will just reroute their own money so that the 2 queens of stupidity don’t look as pathetic as they really are.

  6. PSzymeczek

    Not only would I NOT pay to pose for a picture with Caribou Barbie and Guano Loco Bachmann, there is not enough money in Minnesota you could pay ME to do it.

  7. hello pszymeczek,

    welcome to the raisin! 😀

    i wouldn’t want there to be any hard evidence that i was breathing the same air as those two either.

    hope you’ll visit again! 🙂

  8. hookers are cheaper…..

    and these two media whores

  9. did you see Batshit for a crowd of baggers who were spitting on black representatives, dropping N bombs and carrying signs with threats of gun play

    • i was out all day, mick, but when i got home, i ready about all the ugliness and saw the signs they were holding. i hope rethugs will be forced to either own or disown the thugs who were outside the capitol today. i hope they’re asked at every interview what they think about the signs and the people screaming the n word and calling barney frank a faggot. they’ve been trying to cozy up to the teabaggers. make them own them now!

  10. Joanaroo

    The Rethugs would like you to think the racist, gun-toting po’ white and spitty trash protesters are their constituency but with the little business-suited male yuppies who will pay $10,000 for a picture with the Crown Hos, I don’t think we’ll see them eager to be arm in arm with the sweaty, beer-drinking comrades carrying guns and ammo.

    • the teabaggers are a bunch of morons being used as pawns by people who wear $2000 suits and would never lower themselves to hang out with any of the unwashed masses.