Naked Hypocrisy

From The Los Angeles Times:

The Republican National Committee is investigating the expenditure of nearly $2,000 in party funds at a racy West Hollywood nightclub, a party spokesman said Monday.

RNC spokesman Doug Heye acknowledged that the party had reimbursed Erik Brown, president of a Southern California firm that has provided direct mail services to political campaigns, for a Jan. 31 outing at Voyeur West Hollywood.

The club, inspired by the film “Eyes Wide Shut,” is intended to be “risque and provocative” and “a combination of intimidation and sexuality,” one of its partners, David Koral, told The Times in October.

Original DVD cover

In a statement and in an interview Monday night, the RNC said an unidentified staff member was fired for telling Brown he would be reimbursed for the expenditure.


An RNC official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he did not know whose idea it was to go to that particular nightclub.

The expenditure is listed in a monthly campaign finance report and was first reported by the Daily Caller website.

It was unclear how many people were with Brown or who they were, but Heye said RNC Chairman Michael Steele was not among them.


Steele “immediately determined that we need to find out exactly the why and the how so it doesn’t happen again,” Heye said. “His reaction was one of anger.”

But the episode added to questions about Steele’s management. He has drawn criticism for earning outside income through paid speeches, antagonized conservative icons and been embarrassed by disclosure of an internal GOP fundraising document suggesting that certain donors are motivated by fear and ego.

Heye said he had gotten “a commitment” from Brown to repay the money.

A call left for Brown at his company, Dynamic Marketing of Orange, was not returned. He is not employed by the RNC, although he once mentioned by way of a tweet that he attended a Washington Redskins football game with Steele.


Steele has been criticized by some Republican donors over what they see as excessive spending.

In the same monthly report that disclosed the nightclub visit, the RNC is shown to have spent nearly $11,000 on limousine services, and thousands more in lodging at high-end hotels in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and New York.

About $400 spent at a liquor store on Capitol Hill was classified in the report as “office supplies.” A person answering the phone at Congressional Liquors said the store sells no office supplies.

Heye said hotel expenses covered fundraising events that were “entirely proper.”


A spokesman for the Democratic National Committee took the opportunity to tweak the RNC.

“This controversy shouldn’t give voters much confidence in Republicans when they say they want to be put back in charge of federal spending,” the DNC’s Hari Sevugan said.

But Republicans were more likely to be worried about how their conservative base would react.

Concerned Women for America, which describes itself as a conservative Christian group that promotes biblical values, issued a statement saying it was “dismayed” that the RNC had reimbursed Brown.

Well, there’s a good reason they reimbursed Brown. From Wonkette:

Wonkette pal (and your editor’s former editor at LA CityBeat) Rebecca Schoenkopf sends this note regarding Erik Brown, the Orange County GOP donor now taking the fall for the RNC’s $2,000 sexytime at West Hollywood’s Club Voyeur bondage-lesbian den of debauchery:


I know Erik Brown really well; we used to do a radio show together. He is the most uptight, constipated conservative Christian ever, and while that may sound like a perfect candidate for the topless lesbian thing, there is simply NO FUCKING WAY it was he. That kind of shit would make him cry for his mommy. He is clearly, CLEARLY the fall guy on this.


Okay, so this proves that …. Erik Brown was set up to take the fall by the RNC, by that sleazebag operator Michael Steele, because somebody’s got to take the fall. We’ve got to have a fall guy, the GOP needs a victim, somebody they can pin those Voyeur Club expenses on, the end.


The RNC has fired Allison Meyers, director of the group’s “Young Eagles” program, in the wake of Monday’s news that she had approved the reimbursement of a hefty tab racked up at a bondage-themed L.A. nightclub.


Meyers has headed the RNC young donors cultivation project since February 2009, according to her LinkedIn profile.


It’s unclear if these actions will be enough to appease the Republicans who were calling for a pound of flesh earlier on Monday. As reported by the Huffington Post, Douglas MacKinnon, former press secretary to Majority Leader Robert Dole, had harsh words for the RNC’s top man.

“No matter which side of the aisle you find yourself, if you are giving a political party your hard-earned money, you should have no doubts that it is going to be spent as advertised and not to provide a spoiled, egocentric, out-of-touch chairman with frivolous luxuries which are out of reach of the vast majority of the American people. Michael Steele needs to resign and let the RNC vote in a man or woman who understands that his or her needs do not come before the needs of the nation or the party.”

So, poor schmucky Erik Brown was publicly humiliated so that the RNC would have a fall guy. That should be punishment enough, right? From Ballot Box at THE HILL:

Former clients are distancing themselves from Erik Brown, the California-based consultant in the spotlight for billing the Republican National Committee for a trip to a risqué Los Angeles nightclub.

California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R), who’s running for Senate, announced Monday he “has severed all ties” with Brown’s consulting firm, Dynamic Marketing, Inc (DMI).

The DeVore camp had been using DMI to print some campaign letterhead, signs and stickers, it said in a release. Their business dealings “ended some weeks ago when we contracted with a different printer, and will not resume.”

So Erik Brown is nothing more than Kinko’s to Chuck DeVore, but ol’ Chuckie feels the need to take all his business away from the sap who was used and abused (because apparently, the Rethugs enjoy watching people being tortured) by the national committee of his own party?


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28 responses to “Naked Hypocrisy

  1. writechic

    Will the hypocrisy and weirdness of it all ever get old? 😆

    So, Erik Brown is a sacrificial lamb. Not surprising. The GOP like sheep and other farm animals.

    • what gets me is that erik did them a favor, and they pay him back by taking business away from him. of course, kinko’s or office depot probably does what he does for a tenth of the cost, but they like to keep that money (laundering?) in the family.

  2. writechic

    Do you think it was her RNC donation that helped pay for the nekkid lesbian club:

  3. they go and fire the person who approved it, but what about the person who submitted it? obviously those types of receipts must get submitted and signed regularly, they just got caught on this one.

    • writechic

      Yeah, I think Maddow said the bondage club was submitted to the FEC! 😆

      But the limos and hotel expenses are so much more extravagant. Steele’s like unfireable. (Yes, I’m making words up…too much Palin).

      • phathead steele is the fall-guy-in-chief if the rethugs lose in november. that’s the only reason he’s still there. since he’s the designated fall-guy, i guess he figures he needs junior fall-guys to take the heat off him.

    • i’m waiting for the other stiletto to fall. i wonder who was present at that little get-together. in fact, i wonder which big-name rethugs are regulars at the voyeur.

  4. With a title like “Naked Hypocrisy,” I knew there’d be a Brown involved. It’s just that I was expecting pink leather shorts Scott Brown, not Erik Brown.

  5. They fired the person who said the expense would be reimbursed but not the idiot who submitted the expense?

    The Dems need some election fodder, thanks Michael Steel for providing such an abundant source.

  6. geez53

    That’s it, i’m done!

    Busted my hump for Dem candidates, local to national, for nearly 25 years. And not once was i treated to an all expense paid …….ummm…uh….Art exhibit!

    I’ll be at the Gang-O-Partay!!

    Just kidding, not ready for the manditory partial lobotomy requirement of the RNC.

  7. The only real surprise is it wasn’t in a leather joint with nancy boy bikers. You have to expect this sort of behavior from men who get it twice a year (Xmas-Bday) knowing that qualifies as a sex maniac in their peer group. Only sex for procreation!….off topic Q? Nons: Was reading about your teachers fixing to get their pay halved in FL when I came across a name not seen in a long time, none other than that notorious swindler and arch criminal Neil Bush being a key player in the scheme. Any thoughts?

    • JaxDem

      There has been a gal (teacher) posting a good bit on this over at the big orange. Good old Neil Fredo Corelone Bush owns Ignite Learning Education which sells programs that supposedly “help” the kids pass the tests. The teachers unions are up in arms and according to this gal, they’re leaving the Republican party in droves over it (insert grain of salt here).

      I do know for sure that Sen John Thrasher had to block any more incoming messages flooding his Senate Majority page yesterday due to this. She asks, why not merit pay for dentists or performance pay for – gasp!!! – politicians (wouldn’t we all love to see that – oh, the possibilities are endless).

      It is more appropriate to call NCLB “no con-man left behind”. ;D

      • “no con-man left behind” is right, jaxdem. you nailed it. it amazes me that, no matter how much it sucks here in floriduhhhh, people keep voting rethugs in. the dems have really dropped the ball if they can’t find people to run against these asswipes successfully. it looks like that piece of shit mccollum will win, and things will get even worse.

        • When I worked for a tutoring service, the owner would regularly get called on by the owners of other tutoring services that took NCLB money to convince her that she should partner with them to earn the big bucks. She would have none of it. She was happy with the way she ran things and didn’t want to lose her independence either to the operators of the other services or the the federal government. Based on what I’ve seen on NCLB, she made a smart decision keeping out of it.

          • i think she made the right decision, too. i didn’t know that nclb pays for tutors. i am sufficiently jaded to believe that a lot of tutoring services are (under nclb) the teaching equivalent of all those clinics that are ripping off medicare.

    • i really haven’t been paying a lot of attention, but floriduhhhh schools have sucked for a long time. the teachers more or less have to teach the fcat instead of having the freedom to teach what they want how they want. the state wants the kids to pass a damned test, not really learn how to think critically. the new legislation that’s been passed will mean that nobody will want to teach in floriduhhh. there will be no job security, and the pay will certainly not be competitive for those with advanced degrees. if obama is smart, he’ll back the teachers union. the standardized testing is a lousy way to evaluate teachers, especially in a state where english is not the first language of many kids.

      as to neil bush, his software is what’s used for fcat prep. of course, it’s just a coincidence that jebby was the one who pushed the fcat through the legislature.

  8. Washington and its inhabitants have reached a point that can only be overload. Democracy has given rise to entrenched special interest, but more than that, just look at what is spent on crafting policy. The work on health care alone has been costly.

    So, these sorts of stories about spending public money on personal entertainment may just be a show.

    Spitzer’s downfall was not having a little fun, it was his editorial that he wrote regarding Bush administrations economic policy:

    And furthermore, these people in the league with Bush and Chaney are murders:

    “The death of US Senator Paul Wellstone: accident or murder?” Wellstone was one of the very few vehemently opposed to invading Iraq. He died in a plane crash with his family.

  9. Joanaroo

    I’m not someone who goes overboard about conspiracy theories, but I don’t trust the Rethuglicans as far as I can spit. Not only do I not put it past them to have played a part in Paul Wellstone’s and other Dem’s death, but I sure wouldn’t have put it past Tricky Dick Nixon’s bunch to have murdered Martha Mitchell. She spoke out on the Rethugs in Watergate and they tried to prove her demented. I’d like to know if she really died of myeloma or if that was just one cause. It seemed like she had been lucid and well and the next day she was dead.

    • i don’t trust rethugs either, but there’s plenty of ammunition to nail them with without wild speculation. i think it’s best to concentrate on what can be proven and to leave the rest alone. the wingnuts sound like lunatics when they repeat the nonsense about vince foster. let’s not stoop to their level.

  10. jeb

    Whash the matter with offish shupplies?

  11. i wonder if the RNC was able to arrange for discounts on merchandise from Voyeur for their members

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