The Crock in Little Rock

Oh, kids, things are getting ugly in Arkansas. It seems that Blanche Lincoln is making up stories about her primary opponent, Bill Halter. She is intimating that he has a prescription drug problem, and that’s simply not true. Blanchipoo shouldn’t be making that kinda stuff up, especially when you see what’s she’s like when she’s not working!  Just look at the pictures given to me by my trusted anonymous source:

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For the past few days, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) has been attacking her primary challenger, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, over his ties to a pharmaceutical company sued for misleading investors.

The incumbent Democrat launched a website titled “Dollar Bill Halter” last week and sent out an accompanying mailer that stands out for its provocative suggestion that Halter literally has a prescription drug problem.

(See the flyer at the link above)

What are people thinking in Arkansas? This guy doesn’t seem to be a fan of Halter, but he still defends him. From John Brummett at the ARKANSAS NEWS:

On the day that Lt. Gov. Bill Halter formally accepted the draft of national left-wing activists and announced he would run in the Democratic primary against U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, a person close to Lincoln told me Blanche was going to get tough.

There is a difference, though, between getting tough and getting bogus.

Lincoln’s first salvo was dishonest. The second was a smear.

It takes some doing to make a sympathetic figure of Halter — cold, humorless and imperious opportunist that he be. Lincoln’s accomplishing it was her second recent magic trick. Her first was appearing to be on all sides of health care reform at the same time.

Her opening dishonesty was a little television commercial of hers that you probably liked. In it, Blanche directly confronts a negative television ad against her, paid for by national labor unions, and closes by scoffing that Halter had promised her he’d run a positive campaign. She concludes with the signature spunkiness of a self-professed “one tough lady,” saying snidely of this promise: “That didn’t last long.”

But Halter didn’t make that ad, which Lincoln knew full well. Halter’s own TV commercials as of this writing have been worse than positive: They’re sappy and grating with that screeching, goofy football coach.

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So Lincoln says Halter should have denounced the ad and is responsible and accountable for it because he hasn’t. But that’s like saying he’s responsible for this column because it attacks Lincoln. But he isn’t. I am.


Now to the smear.

Halter made a lot of money at one point in his life and served on boards of assorted ventures. One was a software company that opened a 58-employee office in India. So that, Lincoln says in a TV ad, makes Halter an outsourcer of America jobs.

He was on a drug company board whose CEO got convicted of making false claims and a third that paid a class-action settlement in a lawsuit accusing it overstating the effectiveness of its drug to fight lung cancer. Blanche tells us about those in a creepy mailer.

This is the cynical demonization process that is part of a cancer on our politics. It’s not enough to distinguish yourself from your opponent by performance and policy. You must delve into his past and overstate any association that might make him seem more than someone with whom you merely disagree, but someone who is a sinister threat, near-criminal.

Halter was not directly complicit in any of those matters. He is guilty of bumps in the road of business life — of associations with human beings who were less than pristine. None of it bears on his stand on the issues. He does not run for the U.S. Senate to move your job to India and sell you drugs that don’t work.

It’s Blanche, actually, who has a public record that is obliging to multi-national corporations and drug companies. That doesn’t make her a bad person. It makes her a bit of a Republican.

I might have made an error. Is Blanche Lincoln Amy Winehouse? Sounds more like Karl Rove.


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18 responses to “The Crock in Little Rock

  1. writechic

    Blanche is butt ass ugly. The mannishness is freaking me out. (Though her teeth are better than Winehouse’s)…imagine gnarly-toothed emoticon.

    I wanna see blue dogs booted. Period. I’m sick of them.

  2. those are some scary photos!! 🙂

  3. JaxDem

    Oh nonnie those photos are so wrong – and if laughing at them is so wrong then I don’t ever want to be right.

    You’re good at the tats, but seeing your art on those skanky arms and chest … yuuuck.

    Dear lord, post a warning next time willya??? Gotta go find some eye bleach, brain bleach, and towels to clean up the vomit.

    • you’re so correct, jaxdem! those photos are wrong, wrong, wrong, and blanchipoo really ought to remember that she’s a senator, and she should fix herself up when she’s going to be out in public.

      p.s. i only added the chest tat and changed the name on her arm. the rest were already there.

  4. I love listening to Amy Winehouse, but I can’t stand looking at her. Blanche’s face was actually an improvement and she’s twice Amy’s age.

  5. What, huh? I thought she looked like Betty Crocker.

  6. i would bet blanche is the head mistress at Voyeur

  7. writechic

    😆 Just noticed the $6.66 price tag!

    • well, it’s about damned time! 😉 i found that on the internets. i guess someone found it funny that walmart had something on sale for $6.66. i’m glad they did, because i don’t think i would have thought of making that the price.