Merry Crist Mess!


Marco Rubio’s campaign has announced that he’ll be welcoming a special guest to Florida to campaign with him: Ex-New York City Mayor and former presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, who will join Rubio in Miami on Monday.

Original DVD cover
So that’s why Rubio is puckering up and ready to plant a wet sloppy one on old Rudy 9-11. I bet Charlie would look really pale in his anguish, if only he could.

This race has some interesting history that might possibly appeal to Rudy, involving Rubio’s opponent in the Republican primary for Senate, Gov. Charlie Crist. According to the Mark Halperin/John Heilemann book Game Change, Giuliani ended up banking his whole campaign on winning Crist’s endorsement in the Florida primary, and the two camps had engaged in very close negotiations.

But in the end, Crist ended up going for John McCain, who was picking up steam in the polls, and who had supported Crist in his own gubernatorial primary in 2006.


The TPM Poll Average currently gives Rubio a lead of 57.4%-29.1% in the Republican primary against Crist.


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14 responses to “Merry Crist Mess!

  1. Nonnie, what’s the deal with Crist peaching on the state GOP?

    Just how bad is it if he’s willing to violate the 11th commandment to get a little daylight between he and they?


    • ol’ charlie loves to see what direction everyone else is going in. then he jumps in front and swears he’s the leader. 🙄

      • writechic

        Man, I thought Crist would be a shoo in. Are the 1970’s porn moustache and midriff shirts coming back to bite him?

        • ol’ tan charlie had so many chances, and he blew (you decide if the pun was intended or not) every one of them. when he saw that rubio was gaining on him, he should have switched parties. he’s never really been a conservative, he just plays one when he thinks he has to. oh well, too late now. poor ol’ tan charlie. all that getting married and making believe he’s straight turned out to be all for naught.

  2. Joanaroo

    Eww! Rudy makes my skin crawl. I can’t stand the fact that the only time he talks about 9/11 is to relive his time as an organizer of the city. He may have gotten Manhattan back on its feet but at a high expense to those first responders and volunteers who showed up at Ground Zero to rescue and recover.

    • he makes my skin crawl, too. it amazes me that he’s still showing his face. you’d think after all his scandals, the press would have eviscerated him by now. there’s no way he should even be a viable endorser of candidates, let alone a candidate for any office. so many affairs, bernie kerik, and the deaths on 9/11 due to his lack of foresight. why has he survived when other politicians have been expunged for much, much less?

  3. Rudy??? Oh please the guy is past his pull date. One can only ride the “9/11” train for so long.

    • i can’t figure out why he’s still around. like i said above, he’s a compilation of a lot of other pols who had to exit stage right when they got caught up in scandals. he’s been in every kind of scandal, but he’s still standing. why? it certainly isn’t his charm. maybe he’s friends with uncle rupie.

  4. Rudy can sway things by offering some of his toss off women to those sexual neanderthal gopers. But whats the deal with Crist? I see it all the time on TV when his pic is by someone else. Even in the poster. Does he eat a lot of oranges?

    • the only way i think charlie’s skin color would look normal would be for him to stand next to boohoo boehner. the 2 of them could get jobs as oompa-loompas.

  5. Hey, Rudy! Remember that revenge is a dish best served cold.

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