Cheesy in the Big Easy

From The New York Times:

NEW ORLEANS — Should Republicans be the party of no? Or the party of yes?

There was a hint of disagreement on that count as a parade of Republicans took the stage here on Friday at one of the largest party gatherings — Sarah Palin rallies not included — since the Republican National Convention two years ago.

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“There is no shame in being the party of no,” Ms. Palin said, making a rare matinee act alongside other Republicans, rather than a starring marquee role. “When they’re proposing an idea that violates our values, violates our conscience, violates our Constitution, what’s wrong with being the party of no? We’re the party of hell no!”

The Republican addresses rang with unanimity when it came to Democrats’ expanding the size and scope of government. The discussions about foreign policy offered a stinging critique of President Obama, but showed few differences from speech to speech.

Yet the question of being a party of no versus yes was not entirely harmonious.

“We should decide we’re going to be the party of yes,” said Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, ticking through a series of initiatives to embrace affirmatively: lowering taxes, creating jobs, decreasing spending and balancing the budget.


And so it went here at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, an assembly that has been taking place every four years for nearly four decades as a way to showcase the party’s emerging talents.


But two of the leading possible candidates took a pass, as Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts decided to appear together in Mr. Pawlenty’s home state on Friday evening rather than appear in New Orleans with a full contingent of potential rivals and others who frequently make the Republican speaking circuit.

There was Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who urged party activists to rally against Obama policies, particularly the new health care law.

“We still have time to stop this dangerous power play, which I think was among the most arrogant power plays in American history,” Ms. Cheney said as she opened the three-day event on Thursday evening.


There was Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, who began his speech to a hometown crowd with a blunt answer to an often-asked question.

“I am not running for president of the United States of America,” Mr. Jindal said, drawing applause from his declaration.


There was Gov. Rick Perry of Texas who denounced the notion that “Big Daddy government has all the answers.”


Ms. Palin offered a gift to those in the audience: Two sticks of teriyaki caribou meat jerky were left on the chairs for every delegate with a note, “An Alaskan Snack from SarahPAC.”

But it was Mr. Gingrich who made the most dramatic entrance. He strode into the darkened ballroom to the Survivor tune “Eye of the Tiger.” For several minutes, he shook hands and waved to admirers as nearly every verse from the “Rocky III” ballad played over the loudspeakers.

Eye of the Tiger? They should have played Pop Goes the Weasel.


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32 responses to “Cheesy in the Big Easy

  1. chrislipjournal

    “A caribou in every pot” does make a darn fine campaign promise…

    Rob Hanson at Chrislip Journal

    • hello rob hanson,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i just dropped by chrislip (if only electronically), and it’s quite the humorous place. i bet neon vincent, who also lives in michigan, will appreciate it.

      • His being in Michigan (although so far north that people sell fudge to tourists during the summer–trust me, Chrislip will understand what I’m talking about) isn’t the only thing I like about that blog. It’s even geekier than I am!

  2. writechic

    I think in England they’d be called the “prat pack.” But Palin I think is too, too dumb to even realize how dumb she is.

    • i think she knows how uninformed she is. that’s why she talks in sound bytes and won’t do any real interviews. however, instead of admitting that she’s dumb, she’ll chalk it up to her being too busy to learn anything. besides, such a busy person like herself will have lots of people around her who know things, so her knowing anything would just be redundant.

  3. Nonnie you’re forgetting why Sarah is so damned busy: she doesn’t just read a few magazines and journals— she reads all of’em. And that seriously eats into her Moose ‘n Caribou Jerky makin’ time, not to mention pageant walkin’ an talkin’, and drill baby drill practice.
    Caribou jerky— Moose jerky— makes no difference when you distribute it by putting it the same place a bazillion people park their patooties. You just know teh Tea Bags ate it right up.

    • doh! how could i forget? that’s why she doesn’t know anything. there’s no more room in her brain, so the new stuff keeps pushing out the older stuff.

  4. I watched Princess Sarah yesterday. Not only did she pack in the sound bites, she doubled down on all the nastiest ones, especially the “don’t retreat, reload.” Of course, the crowd ate it up. As for Princess, I think she gets moist when she hears that much applause.

    • did you read this, neon vincent? and did you see the comment and the link from rob hanson above? another michigander.

      • Thanks for the link to the piece about McWhorter. He may be a conservative, but he’s also intellectually honest and rigorous. He’s also a linguist. If he thinks Sarah Palin talks (and thinks) like a toddler, then he’s most likely right.

        And, yes, I did check out Rob Hanson’s blog. It’s a hoot!

        • i wonder how long before mcwhorter is fired and banished from the rethuglican party. i think it’s the 12th commandment (st. ronnie’s decree being the 11th) that you shalt now speak ill of rushbo or princess sarah.

          i saw that you had stopped by rob hanson’s blog right after i had posted that comment. it’s really funny.

  5. Ladies & Gentleman~ We have a winner!

    A new nickname for the Queen of the tea party!

    Caribou jerky!

    How fun it would be to hear them debate if they are the party of yes/no/hell no.

    • how funny will it be if princess decides to do her stand-up comedy act about her fellow rethugs who might be thinking of running for prez? i think she wants to run, so she’ll have to start trashing them pretty soon.

      • For now- she’s playing the “god card”. When asked if running for prez, she say’s “it’s in god’s hands”.

        Oh pretty soon the fangs & claws will come out.

        • so is newtie. i wonder whose side the big guy upstairs is gonna be on. and then there’s mittsie. will the mormon diety prevail? it’s gonna be a regular clash of the titans. 😆

  6. Theme music should be Running on Empty. Word has it the Grinch has to check with his third wife and god to see if he can guide the country back to 1980. Lizzard ought to go write a book on her Dark Fathers fourth branch of gov. Perry needs to pay more attention to Texgraft, a full time job here. And would someone please put the Screecher on a channel where human voice could substituted for her own. “How’s that screechy-whiney thing workin for ya?”

    • i think all four should be on a new reality show. every time one of them is caught in a provable lie, they are banished and can never be on tv again. the show will last about 3 minutes (the first 2 reserved for the opening credits).

  7. jeb

    Mmmm, Caribou Jerky! I’d like some of that nice Kool-Aid with it too.

    One question though, did they also pass out barf bags? Lord knows I would have needed one.

  8. The best thing about these hyenas is when they get into campaigning mode and start in on each other. When Rick Perry and Kay Baily Hutchison were going at it, I was thrilled with the guttersniping and cat fighting that went on.
    Two bitchy queens!

    • that’s what i said above. i can’t wait until princess starts trashing her rethug competition with her folksy rhetoric that they find so charming.

  9. Another masterpiece!

  10. Joanaroo

    How about for those Rethugs that show up at these things but personally think the Tea Partiers are obnoxious blighters, the song Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe? The end of the song says I get sick when I’m around/ I can’t stand to be around/ I hate everything about you! Of course this song sums up everything I think about Rethuglicans!

    • i really need to brush up on my music. i wouldn’t know ugly kid joe from….well, insert some other singer i’ve never heard of, because i don’t even know what i don’t know.

  11. Joanaroo

    Ugly Kid Joe was a Santa Barbara, CA band popular in the early 90s to the late 90s, but they were a good band. Their highest charting song was a remake of Harry Chapin’s Cat’s In The Cradle in the mid-90s. Check them out sometime!

    • i saw harry chapin a million years ago when he was in miami. not sure if i’ll like anyone else singing cat’s in the cradle. however, i’ll take your word for it and look for it at youtube.

  12. Joanaroo

    By the way, another name for Palin’s Tea Partiers (especially the men): Caribou Circle Jerks!