New Yuck!

From The New York Times:

ALBANY — Carl P. Paladino, a Republican candidate for governor from Buffalo, drew fire on Monday for racist and sexually explicit e-mail messages that a left-leaning Web site claimed he had sent to friends and business associates in recent years.

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The messages all appeared to have been sent from Mr. Paladino’s account at Ellicott Development, the Buffalo real estate company that has helped make him a multimillionaire.


“It’s behavior that Carl regrets, and it’s e-mails with some regrettable material,” [Paladino’s campaign manager, Michael]  Caputo said. “But we think this is a smear campaign authorized by Democrats in Albany who are afraid of Carl.”

Marc Odien, an editor at, said the Web site had confirmed the authenticity of the e-mail by contacting three of the dozens of recipients listed in the “cc” field of the messages.

Mr. Paladino entered the Republican campaign this month pledging to spend as much as $10 million of his money to win office.

He is running against Rick Lazio, a former congressman, and Steve Levy, the Suffolk County executive and, like Mr. Paladino, a Democrat who switched to the Republican Party.

From the New York DAILY NEWS:

Renegade Republican gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino is under fire again – this time for sending a string of racist and smutty e-mails to pals and associates.

The outrageous e-mails, first posted on the western New York blog, range from screeds against President Obama to videos of naked ladies.

And those were the tame ones.

His more revolting missives contained racist rants, hard-core porn and a video clip involving bestiality.

In one December 2008 e-mail, an African tribal dance is labeled an “Obama inauguration rehearsal.”

Another e-mail titled “demotivated” spoofs a “motivational poster” with a group of African-Americans running away from a plane.

The caption: “holy s–t. Run n—–s, run!”


Republican Party spokesman Alex Carey deemed the e-mails “disturbing” and noted they “stand in stark contrast to what the Republican Party stands for and the values it promotes.”

Paladino, a millionaire with ties to the Tea Party movement, insisted he’s “not a racist.”


Paladino said he “didn’t originate any of these e-mails” and was “somewhat careless” in forwarding them.

He said he tried to send the e-mails to “a very specific bunch of friends who somewhat enjoy that humor.”

Paladino apologized to women for passing along porn – but not men.

“I say this to the men out there who have never opened a graphic image on the Internet: Don’t vote for me. For those who have, I welcome your vote,” he said.

For Paladino, a virtual unknown outside western New York, it’s the latest in a string of embarrassing – and potentially politically fatal – revelations in recent weeks.

He angered 9/11 families by saying Obama’s health care reform will ultimately kill more people than the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The so-called “values” candidate also admitted to fathering a daughter 10 years ago during an extramarital affair.

If you’d like to see the email of the non-racist who has so much respect for women and is all about family values, you can find them at WNYmedia.


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29 responses to “New Yuck!

  1. writechic

    Creepers! Beastiality…tent’s a little bigger than I thought.

    I need scrubbing bubbles for my brain now. Yuck. What a low life.

  2. His defense included that absurd criticism of “political correctness” … as if it’s just so oppressively PC to think that sending around videos asserting that the Obama inauguration would be a tribal dance is vile.

    Once upon a time, what is being called PC was just called “good manners.” So, yes, just to clarify, the Right is now opposed to good manners.

    Makes me proud to be an EX,-Republican.

    • writechic

      Being offended by Paladino’s getting a chuckle from “n!@@3rs” doesn’t have a thing to do with political correctness. What a cocksucker to try and fall back on that. How blind to his own ignorance is he???

      • he’s a pig. he probably thinks having all that money allows him to say whatever he wants without apology. let’s see if he can get elected in new yawk when he’s just insulted a huge majority of the population.

    • there was one person who wrote back to him and told him how offensive and racist his email was. this was part of his response (i couldn’t copy and paste, so i had to manually type it, but i believe i copied it accurately. he didn’t use caps, and i punctuated as he did):

      to me its just humor. i’m not racist and have never related obamas color to my political distaste for him. i just feel he is a very liberal lightweight who will be unable to make the decisions that the challenges of the future will demand. i also feel that bush is an ass and will go down as the worst president in history. i’m not sensitive to ethnic humor. dago, spic, polack whatever we hear the humor everyday. i think the oversensitivity to black/white is wrong and in itself demeaning. political correctness as people choose to define it is demeaning. […]

      so you see, he hates everyone, so it’s okay.

  3. Yea yea– they always regret the behavior after they are caught.
    Still, better this info came out before the election.

    • i doubt he would have won even if this hadn’t come out, but i’m glad it did, because it further embarrasses the goopers, and it will make gooper donors and voters stay home with their checkbooks and their ballots.

  4. Why hasn’t this fool been arrested for the distribution of illegal pornography? There is a specific list of no-nos and beastialty is on it. Maybe he should just change his name to Palamino and start pallin’ around with Massa (D-Dong Island)

  5. New York State is screwed. They will end up with one of these clowns or with Andrew Cuomo. It was when Cuomo’s father was governor that New Yorkers started migrating southward.

    • cuomo was better than pataki. pataki chose that shrew betsy mccaughey as his running mate. for that alone, he can kiss the entire country’s ass. i like andrew cuomo. he can’t possibly be worse than david paterson. i wish spitzer hadn’t done such a stupid thing. i think he would have been a really good governor. i hope he gets back into politics now that he’s done his penance. of course, if you run, you have my vote, ahmnodt (even though i no longer live in new yawk).

  6. Joanaroo

    Like I said before, ‘Keep it up GOP so you can implode for eternity!’. They don’t like it when we ‘liburuls’ point out their hypocrisy, and even though the assholes sent this racist filth themselves of course they gotta have their ‘Democrats did this’ conspiracy theories. Hey, we got news for you, Rethugs! We couldn’t do this any better when you bring it on yourselves!

    • that’s the problem, though there are 3 gooper dicks in the poster, rethugs have a difficult time keeping anything up. the ED on paladino’s collar–is it the logo of ellicott development or does it stand for erectile dysfunction? 😉

  7. I thought it was for Mr. Ed. Funny you should mention a triple phalic threat in that reply. I was just over at Mudflats and found the most alluring image of the year and the blog line “no photoshop required” but well worth viewing. (sorry, I dont know how to embed these things)…..

  8. Hey nonnie you beat me to it and I drove past his house on my way to work for the last 12 years ! It’s feeling a little like I do it seems whenever someone from Buffalo calls a talk radio show and says something completely insane, stupid or Limbaugh-inspired. The guy gets loose for about 3 days and boom he’s got B-Lo back on the worst place to be from map. What does it say when people who enjoy Victoria Jackson politically charged singing of “there’s a communist in the white house” are making a vigorous effort to dissociate themselves from you ?

    • as soon as i read about ol’ buffalo wingnut, i clicked over to your place to get your take on him. i was surprised that you hadn’t said anything, but i knew you would sooner or later. next time you drive past his house, give him the finger for me!

  9. Joanaroo

    Ugh! Just read about the skanky ditz Victoria Jackson. So she left SNL because she didn’t want people to think she’s an airhead (Nonnie, insert eye-rolling smiley here), yet she’s been on TV with Pat Robertson and Bill O’Reilly and said Faux News is the only news worth watching. Yeah, a Rethug Christian. Surprise, surprise. Quick! Somebody get a deprogrammer for this bitch!

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