Batshit Bachmann Gets Even Batshittier!


On Friday, former President Bill Clinton gave a speech commemorating the 15th anniversary of the tragic Oklahoma City bombing, drawing disturbing parallels between that incident and the current atmosphere of right-wing, anti-government hatred. He warned public officials and members of the media to be responsible with their rhetoric, since it could fall on the ears of someone as disturbed as Timothy McVeigh:

But what we learned from Oklahoma City is not that we should gag each other or we should reduce our passion for the positions that we hold, but the words we use really do matter because there are — there’s this vast echo chamber, and they go across space, and they fall on the serious and the delirious alike. They fall on the connected and the unhinged alike. And I am not trying to muzzle anybody, but one of the things that the conservatives have always brought to the table in America is that no law can replace personal responsibility. And the more power you have, and the more influence you have, the more responsibility you have.

Yesterday in a speech to the Chicago Tea Party Patriots, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that Clinton was trying to “take [her] out.”

Because no matter what the subject, you must be talking about Batshit Bachmann.

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She said that during his speech at CAP — which was a “celebration” of the Oklahoma City bombing — he went after her for her “gangster government” rhetoric:

BACHMANN: They said that Bill Clinton gave a speech yesterday — the former president — at the Center for American Progress, John Podesta’s group. He gave a speech, and he called me out in his speech, and he was talking about the anniversary — Now, only Democrats would do this. The anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing by Tim McVeigh. I mean, we don’t celebrate these things. This is not what we celebrate. So he was at this celebration, supposedly.

So he brought me up, and he was talking about how all of the extremist rhetoric in the early 90s led to Tim McVeigh. See, it had nothing to do with Tim McVeigh; it was the conservatives. That’s what the problem was. So he was making the analogy that Michele Bachmann had made a statement the day before during the Tea Party rally that what Barack Obama is doing is gangster government. And he said because I am using a term like “gangster government,” I’m responsible for creating the kind of climate of hate that could lead to another Tim McVeigh and another Oklahoma City-style bombing. How do you like them apples? So I decided, “Well, this is going to be fun.” I am nothing. I am on the bottom of the food chain. I’m in the minority party, I’m in my second term as a congresswoman, and the former president of the United States decides I’m important enough to take out.

Batshit Bachmann finally tells the truth! She is nothing, and she is the bottom of the food chain.

First of all, Clinton never mentioned Bachmann or “gangster government” in his CAP speech. He did, however, mention the rhetoric in an interview with the New York Times, saying that such blanket demonization of government workers is unacceptable after the Oklahoma City bombing, in which McVeigh was driven by a blind anti-government hatred that targeted innocent public servants.  McVeigh said that he was fine killing those victims because they “represent that government.”

Moreover, it’s offensive for Bachmann to claim that the CAP event at which Clinton spoke was a “celebration” of the Oklahoma City tragedy. After all, the man who introduced Clinton at the event was Michael Reyes, a government employee whose father perished in the bombing.


Finally, it’s completely inaccurate to say that Clinton wasn’t putting any blame on McVeigh himself. His point was that McVeigh was very troubled and “profoundly alienated,” and therefore “highly vulnerable to the suggestions and implications of the most militant rhetoric at the time.”

(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)


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30 responses to “Batshit Bachmann Gets Even Batshittier!

  1. Dusty

    I hope you don’t get pissed…but here goes..

    That fucking cunt is sick..truly sick and it makes me wonder how in the blue hell those old fuckers can rationalize voting for that piece of shit in a skirt.

    As per usual…fantastic graphic Nonnie. I so love you woman. 😉

    • hey dusty!

      long time, no see. well, i see you, because i visit your place every day.

      i’m not pissed. she provokes anger. i think that’s her game plan. she only wants attention. she doesn’t do any work in congress. she’s only there so she can rush to the nearest microphone and get her mug on tv. she’s a narcissist in the princess sarah tradition. i think she’s jealous that she’s not as famous or as rich as princess had become.

  2. We don’t commemorate tragedies?

    That would come as quite a shock to those who commemorate 9-11 or Pearl Harbor Day, I suppose.

    I was never a big fan of President Clinton, but I think he’s settled into the elder statesman role very well.

    Bachmann, on the other hand … the woman’s nuts.

    • i read a column by debra saunders that took clinton to task for exploiting the okc tragedy. this from a woman who endorsed rudy giuliani for president. i googled to see if she ever took him to task for exploiting 9/11. i couldn’t find any evidence that she did. at least i know not to waste any time reading anything she has to write again. tom cole, congresscritter from oklahoma, chastised bill clinton, but another rethug from oklahoma, former congresscritter mickey edwards, defended clinton. he said:

      Tom Cole is a good friend of mine and I respect him enormously; I suspect he might have responded differently had he heard President Clinton’s remarks (which were quite similar to what Tom himself might say) rather than reading the reports that emphasize and exaggerate the comparisons between Timothy McVeigh and tea party protesters.

      in other words, tom cole should stop exploiting the okc tragedy.

      • Very, very few Republicans right now are willing to say ANYTHING good about ANY Democrat.

        I know people who have been disgusted that Orrin Hatch eulogized Edward Kennedy. That he saw Kennedy as a friend means that he’s really some kind of evil moderate, I guess …

        That the negative things they say are completely groundless doesn’t matter … you just have to blast Clinton at every opportunity.

        In a world where Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter are the loudest voices for a movement, reason is unwelcome.

        • the only rethugs who will say anything good about dems are those who have retired from politics. it amazes me that rethugs don’t realize that they sound bitter and small. that might help with their teabagging base, but i don’t think mainstream rethugs or independents are impressed.

  3. writechic

    Batshittiest. She knows damn well the difference between a memorial and celebration. That’s the most retarded strawman I’ve ever seen. She is nothing.

    • the celebration thing probably came from frank luntz. it’s no coincidence that so many of the idiots are spewing that crap. i don’t think they can think for themselves.

  4. Bachmann=unhinged

  5. The stupidity and arrogant ranting of rightist/baggers is way past the point of being annoying. Any “bad guy” title is used often with great zeal and no foundation whatsoever. Contrast these two examples of people in charity work: My local CBS affiliate ran a story about a Catholic Sister who runs a home for kids with serious handicaps and aflictions. She made it her lifes work and some adults that grew up under her talk of her dedication and kindness. It was a very heartwarming story restoring faith in people making an effort and living the admonition of scripture. The reason I mention that story is to make the contrast to the “real” bad things in life. Years ago I was watching a documentary with another Catholic Sister who ran a home for severly impaired and handicaped kids. I’m sure she was dedicated to her calling too. She spoke about the school and the day the trucks came. The Germans loaded all those kids in the trucks and she never saw them again. This was the era of Section T4 who murdered at least half a million infirm citizens of the Reich. To those that find it so trendy and cute to make continual reference to our government and leader to the totalitarian regimes of the NSDAP or the Soviets you may want to consider that you don’t have a clue. STOP IT! Just stop it.

    • Amen!

      The Nazis were a very special kind of evil, and the Stalinists weren’t too far behind.

      They might have been Socialists, but that was a tiny, tiny part of what they were. Perhaps the thing that makes me most disgusted with the current tone of rhetoric is that the history of Nazi Germany is being reduced to universal health care.

      “STOP IT! Just stop it.”

      Well said …

    • i hated when people on the left used nazi to oppose anyone on the right, and i hate it when the right uses it now.

  6. writechic

    Bitchin’ shoes by the way. 😀

  7. Alfie

    WKEN you are quite a puzzle brother.
    nonnie I agree with you on Bachman but the Clinton speech was far from solely commemorative.

    • Hey! Clinton connected the dots. When you blend violence & stir up anger in the villagers, you get violent angry villagers. No big mystery!

      It is important to bring relevance of the violent act to the here & now.

      He did an important community service announcement re senseless violence & how it is percolated. You can;t tell me people showing up to rallies fully armed & loaded will not at some point take it a step further.

      • you always have to be cognizant that the crazies will hear the same speeches as more responsible people do, and they will twist everything to fit their warped vision of the world. politicians and talking heads should show people how to disagree respectfully. instead, many of them just want to whip their listeners into a frenzy.

    • so? most speeches that start out as commemorative often end as warnings as to what may happen if the same path is followed, and the same clues are ignored. clinton’s speech was thoughful, nuanced, and respectful.

  8. If by “take her out” she meant “on a date,” she’s wrong. Clinton may be a dawg, but even he wouldn’t stoop low enough to mess with Batshit Bachmann.
    But if she meant “take her out” as in having her killed or otherwise removed, why would any good Democrat want to get rid of her?
    She and her sister Sarah Palin are the Democrats’ best ammunition against the teabaggin’ GOP.
    The more GOP nutters like her say, the better I like it.

    • i think she meant something like this.

      i agree, zippy. let her and princess keep talking. 0h, and don’t forget michael phathead steele. let’s give him a microphone whenever possible.

  9. Barbara Stanwyck may have been a classy lady, but she was good at playing trampy characters. That trampiness transferred over to Batshit Bachmann, who isn’t classy (but would be appalled to be considered trampy).

    • barbara stanwyck usually played a “dame.” she was tough and sometimes trampy, but she was always smart. she never played the bimbo. batshit bachmann isn’t tough and definitely isn’t smart. trampy? yeah, i can see that. she’s probably one of those fundies who uses her religion to deal with her inner lust.

  10. Joanaroo

    Bachmann must’ve been holding the door for everyone when brains were given out. I was thinking that too, did she think the 9/11 memorials were a celebration when George W. ‘My Pet Goat’ Bush was there? Should call her blather ‘Bachmann Bullshit Overkill’ !

    • she’s another one who doesn’t know that there are videotapes, and people can check the things that she says are true. i think we should keep throwing shovels at her so she can bury herself deeper and deeper. honestly, i think she wants to lose the next election so she can work full time at faux news.

  11. first – how many times do the republicans demonize every Muslim when they bring up 9/11 or some other islamofascist remark (and this is coming from me the jew). but for clinton to connect the dots to mcveigh (who btw sean hannity thinks we should become!) that is off limits to bachmann and cole and any GOP asswipe.

    now for bachmann – one of your posters said it – she is beyond annoying. she is a media whore and i agree with dusty – the c-word. she is WORSE than palin (tho they are birds of a feather). this woman is seriously mentally unstable. put a gun in her hand and there is no telling what she would do. not only is she unstable, i really believe she has NO soul, NO conscience and not one iota of a brain. she belongs locked up in a mental hospital away from anyone in society. how anyone can pull a lever for her is beyond any comprehension.

    on another note – i know Joe Biden has to try to be a diplomat, but his complimenting of palin (as weak as it was) on the view yesterday was sickening.

    back to bachmann – i really believe her rhetoric is going to cause a major tragedy in this country

    • i think one of that batshit bachmann/glenn blechhh followers will do something violent. of course, they’ll deny that they ever wanted anything bad to happen. i think that’s a load of crap. i think they keep pushing to see just how powerful a hold they have on their little fringies. while i think almost all of the batshit/blechhh followers also fall under the princess sarah followers, i think that some of princess’s followers don’t subscribe to what batshit and blechhh have to say. i think princess is just as selfish and nasty and self-centered as batshit and blechhh, but capt underpants and the media have made her famous enough that she doesn’t have to try as hard as batshit and blechhh, so she can pull in the reins once in a while.

      i don’t blame joe biden. what was he supposed to say? princess is a bitch and she’s as stupid as a box of rocks?

  12. jeb

    This was the best of Clinton. What we say does have consequences. Many people scratch their heads over legal language or diplomatic language but the care is emphasized because words have consequences.

    We have health care providers in this country living under stringent security because of the passions inflamed by angry rhetoric. Are government workers next?

    For her to trivialize what Clinton said shows that she is willing to participate in something which may lead to people being injured or killed. She and everyone else who are willing to trade integrity for personal gain must accept their part if someone who is unbalanced takes their words one step further.

    • i don’t quite know what to think. maybe she’s just not smart enough to understand what he was saying. of course, she twists everything for her own political advantage. she’s either selfish enough that she doesn’t care if she gets someone killed, or she’s such a delusional fundie that she figures that anyone who doesn’t think like her is going to hell anyway, so it doesn’t matter if s/he dies.