Throwing Charlie Under the Tea Party Express Bus

From The New York Times:

Two years after he was shunned by Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida during that state’s Republican presidential primary, former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts endorsed Marco Rubio, Mr. Crist’s opponent in Florida’s Republican Senate primary, on Saturday.


Mr. Romney’s decision to support Mr. Rubio comes after Mr. Crist helped end Mr. Romney’s White House aspirations by endorsing a rival, Senator John McCain of Arizona, in the 2008 race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Mr. Romney is the third major Republican presidential candidate from the 2008 race to endorse Mr. Rubio, joining former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York and former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas. Mr. Giuliani, who endorsed Mr. Rubio earlier this month, was also counting on a Florida victory in the 2008 campaign and now says that Mr. Crist backed out of a promised endorsement.

Original movie poster
(How nice is it of Princess Sarah Palin to lend Captain Underpants her leather jacket?)

Mr. Crist and Mr. Rubio each sought Mr. Romney’s endorsement, according to a Romney adviser, but Mr. Romney is said to believe that Mr. Rubio has a stronger conservative record. Mr. Romney was also disappointed that Mr. Crist vetoed a teacher merit-pay bill last Thursday that was a high priority for Republican lawmakers and former Gov. Jeb Bush.

In 2006, Mr. Romney flew to Tallahassee as head of the Republican Governors Association with a $1 million check to help Mr. Crist’s run for governor.

In 2008, Mr. Romney and Mr. McCain were in a tight battle for Florida with Mr. Romney slightly ahead in polls leading up to the primary. Mr. Crist endorsed Mr. McCain just three days ahead of the election, and some political observers believe the support was enough to give Mr. McCain the primary victory, which he used to build momentum and capture the Republican presidential nomination.

Well, good thing that Charlie still has a grateful Captain Underpants in his corner!  Not so fast…


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is backing away from his support for Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL), saying that he will not continue to support Crist’s Senate bid if Crist were to leave the GOP and run as an independent.

The Hill asked McCain if he would still support Crist as an independent. “No,” McCain replied. Pressed further, McCain only added: “I support Republicans.”

Like Joe Lieberman?

I don’t think that’s quite enough knives in Charlie’s back.  How about one more?  From THE HUFFINGTON POST:

Hours after formally endorsing Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate race, House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) took a hammer to his opponent in the upcoming primary, all but accusing Gov. Charlie Crist of lacking principles.

Speaking at an conference hosted by The Week Magazine, the Virginia Republican called Crist’s position on several key political issues “really puzzling.”

“He embraced the stimulus bill, which I think, pretty much, there is close to unanimity that that bill fell short in terms of accomplishing [its] goals,” Cantor said. The congressman then pivoted to a veto Crist made of an education bill that would have eliminated tenure for new teachers and linked salaries to student progress.

“How is it that he could have done that?” Cantor asked. “[Y]ou have to wonder what Charlie Crist stands for at that point. And what people are looking for in leaders right now is a genuineness, a sense of purpose and a commitment to principles. That’s why I decided to endorse Marco Rubio.”

The indictment offered by Cantor reflects the near complete ostracism of Crist from the national Republican Party. The Florida Governor has watched his standing within the GOP slip as he has embraced small, but significant, portions of the president’s economic recovery agenda. But in recent weeks he’s gone from living on the outskirts to being an outright outcast.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has privately urged him to leave the race, saying there is “zero chance” he can win.


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21 responses to “Throwing Charlie Under the Tea Party Express Bus

  1. writechic

    Love the facial expressions you chose for this cast! Think Crist will turn into a John McCain after being screwed by the crew?

    • this poster gave me so much agita! everyone was at such an odd angle. it was still fun, especially picking out accessories. you know how i love that.

      crist was stupid. he should have switched over to the dem side months ago. he would have won easily. now, i have no idea what’s going to happen. i think rubio would be a disaster. i don’t know if kendrick meek can win, but i certainly hope so, even if it’s only because charlie is a spoiler.

  2. “The Hill asked McCain if he would still support Crist as an independent. ‘No,’ McCain replied. Pressed further, McCain only added: ‘I support Republicans.’”

    Looks like Captain Underpants is serious about no longer being a maverick. So, is he going to be consistent and not support Libermann?

    In other news, it looks like someone on the Right finally caught on to something you figured out years ago.

    Slow, aren’t they?

    • they either aren’t too swift (does it take ol’ lindsey doing a musical on broadway to clue them in?), or they’ve been waiting to use that ammo against him for years and thought this would be the time to use it. i wonder if they’re blackmailing yertle mcconnell, and that’s why he’s been saying the stupidest things lately.

      by the way, one of the most popular search phrases that people use to get to the raisin is ‘lindsey graham gay.’

  3. Good lawd! Make it stop!

    • no, let them keep tearing each other apart. let them be on tv every night attacking each other and shrinking the tent even more than it’s been shrunken. the worst that can happen is that rubio will be elected. if he is, then everything he does or says is owned by every single rethug who endorsed him. let him be the albatross around their grimy necks.

  4. Just read last night how SB6 threw the goperites into such a frenzy. Will this affect the family criminal Neil? And today there is a barrage of nancy boy taunts being directed twoard SC. All this is so distracting from the NV chicken news from the gambling woman who insist that we all go to barter. I want to know, can I go into her casino and put cherries and lemons in the slot machines? If I play roulette and put three radishes on black 2 and hit, do I win an ear of corn?? It’s too confusing.

    • the only reason jebby wanted sb6 to pass is so that his family could make money from it. and poor lindseypoo! 😥 i should invite him over to the raisin, so he can look at all the pretty pictures of him. that’ll cheer the poor little guy up.

      i think the biggest question in nevada now is how many bushels of peaches ma and pa ensign should pay to the next mistress sonny boy wants to keep quiet.

  5. JaxDem

    Oh so many nice touches in this one nonnie!!! Token Jew is my fav w/pretty in pink Rudy a close second. But let me tell you, Capt. Underpanties looks a whole lot better in the leather jacket than princess did which has to piss her off no end.

    Good piece and ain’t it fun fun fun watching the GOP here in Florida lately??? What w/the FBI and the IRS investigations and now the news that Huckabee has registered as a Florida voter – now that’s a side show worth watching! Oh and seeing the merit pay bill go down in flames due to the citizenry standing up and having their voices heard thus putting a speed bump in the Bush family fortune’s path, was sweeter than salt water taffy 😀 Yes sirreee, it’s nice sitting back in our front row seats and hitting the rewind button a half dozen times 😀 😀 😀

    • glad you liked it, jaxdem! 😀 you know how i love accessorizing! i was going to give little eric a north carolina insignia, but then i thought he’s earned a nice little token symbol. did you notice that princess let capt u wear the jacket, but she made him wear a cheap flag pin, not all her patriotic bling?

      i didn’t hear that chuckleberry is now a floriduhhhh resident. i hope his mouth-breathing sons don’t move here, too. property values have tanked enough recently. 😉

  6. nonnie i know it’s just me, but i would have left those green bazooms on Romney; he’s sucha bitch.

    And isn’t Charlie gay, too? He sets my gaydar to stunning; Am I wrong?

    • see what a nice person i am, terry? i de-bazoomed mittsie. 😉

      i wouldn’t be at all surprised if charlie was once on the other side of the bathroom stall wall when larry craig was demonstrating his wide stance. he only married his beard…i mean wife, because he thought capt u was going to pick him as veep. he must have been really pissed when princess got the nod instead of him.

  7. Joanaroo

    Cantor: And what people are looking for in leaders right now is a genuineness, a sense of purpose and a commitment to principles. Rethuglicans? HA! HA! HA! Oww! My sides hurt from laughing!

  8. rubio got Darth Asshole himself as an endorsement – Richard Bruce Cheney.

    every time i see crist i think – there is a good reason i dont sit in the sun…..

    you should have heard morning schmoe talking about this race today- like he is the inside man.

    • i can’t bring myself to watch morning schmoe. i jut hate everyone on that show, schmoe, mika bimbozinksi, and willie geist (i wouldn’t even hire him to make announcements over the p.a. system at walmart, let alone give him his own show).