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Sue Lowden, a Republican candidate challenging Majority Leader Harry Reid for his Nevada Senate seat is refusing to back down from an earlier suggestion that America consider a medical barter system as an alternative to current health care solutions.

On Monday Lowden took the idea one step further.

“Before we all started having health care, in the olden days, our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor,” Lowden told a local news station. “They would say I’ll paint your house.”

If we could only breed chickens who are delicious and who could paint houses, that would be perfect!

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Now, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has launched a new website [, Chickens for Checkups,] to ridicule Lowden for her support of the bartering proposal.


Lowden’s campaign sent a letter to the Las Vegas Review-Journal Wednesday defending her stance and providing a testimonial of “Robin L. Titus, M.D.” who claims that he has “bartered with patients — for alfalfa hay, a bath tub, yard work and horse shoeing in exchange for my care.” Her campaign has also been circulating an extensive background document explaining the perks of bargaining with your health care provider.

From the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL letters to the editor:

***You can read the letter at the link. I’m deleting it, because this newspaper had a history of suing bloggers for daring to quote them. It’s a letter to the editor from Robin Titus. I’ll paraphrase so as not to lose the narrative of the diary:
She talks about Jay Leno making fun of Sue Lowden, and she says that she can vouch for bartering, because she’s done it in her rural medical practice. She’s bartered for alalfa, a bathtub, and for services.

Well, I hope you included those things on your income tax return.  They are considered income.  Maybe the IRS should check and make sure.

Then she bitches about President Obama’s health care plan which was “forced on the American people” by the president, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. (I guess only some elections should have consequences.) She says that it has too many undisclosed costs and it takes away people’s ability to make their own choices. She says she has patients who are self-insured (I don’t know what that means) and live healthy lifestyles in order to keep their health care costs low. She laments the infringement on their rights and thanks Sue Chickenlady Lowden for thinking outside the “politically correct” box.
Who is Robin L. Titus, and does she have axdogxchicken in this fight?  Glad you asked, kids.  From the Robin L. Titus, M.D. For U.S. Senate From Nevada website:

PRESS RELEASE – January 25, 2010

Dear Friends,

In an interview with Jane Ann Morrison of the Las Vegas Review Journal last fall I stated I would withdrawal from the U.S. Senate race in January if my campaign had failed to raise at least $100,000.

I have lived my life in a manner where my word is respected and trusted. To that end, I am formally announcing my withdrawal from the U.S. Senate race.

Contrary to a release by Chuck Muth, I am not supporting any individual candidate at this time. My goal is, and has been, to do everything within my power to see that Harry Reid does not go back to Washington D.C. as our senator.


I intend to remain active in the Republican Party.

Thank you, and God Bless.

Dr. Robin


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24 responses to “Chicken Wingnut

  1. writechic

    “Like Chicken for HealthCare” is the awesomest title ever!!!!!!!

    If we give these sonsabitches chickens, will they shut up? Cuz I’ll think about it. :mrgreen:

    • did you read the names of the awards she’s gotten? i was very proud of the second one. 😉

      i think people should storm her campaign offices with all kinds of lifestock and assorted crap saying they want to make campaign contributions and demanding receipts.

  2. “Well, I hope you included those things on your income tax return. They are considered income. Maybe the IRS should check and make sure.”

    Miss working for H&R Block?

  3. And so it goes, the attempt to answer the ultimate deep philosophical question of our lifetime: Why did the chicken cross the road?…To get to the Republican campaign headquarters…and why did the short hair cross the road…because he was told to…and why did the long hair cross the road…because he was told not to….and why did the punk rocker cross the road..because he was stapled to a chicken!

    • I hear tell some locals will be sending her donations– envelopes filled w chicken feathers!

      But hold the phone, looks like little Suzie is probably not in the chicken/barter financial bracket.

      According to statements filed with the Senate Office of Public Records, she and her husband have more than $50 million in stock holdings, much of it in Las Vegas gaming companies.

      $50 million in stock holdings! Wow you could buy a lot of chickens for that kind of spare change.

      • how many chickens will they accept to settle some gambling debts of their customers?

        chicken feathers in envelopes! that’s hilarious. i’d vote for a chicken before i’d vote for that moronic bimbo!

  4. i hope Sue has salmonella

    every time you think they cant get more stupid – guess what! the republicans surprise you

    • is it even legal to bring livestock into a doctor’s office? how about a hospital? can you drag a few sacks of barley and a goat through the hallways?

  5. Joanaroo

    Doesn’t surprise me of course that Dr. Robin was running for a Rethuglican office. Now every Democrat (if anybody admits they are in that town) patient should pay their bill to the good doctor in fresh cow crap. Leave it to Rethugs to come up with an idea like that. What do inner-city patients barter with? Not everyone lives in the sticks as the GOP/ Ma & Pa Kettle party thinks

  6. the rehtugs like this bimbo live like kings, and they think the middle class and the poor are just tv entertainment. they think leave it to beaver and good times were documentaries. and there was always a happy ending, so what’s with all the complaining?

  7. jeb

    If you have the chicken, avoid the fees and make chicken soup and you can skip the doctor.

    Actually, I know quite a few communities that do use bartering for services and it’s actually a good system that should not be discouraged.

    Of course that’s not what the I-care-about-the-average-person-Casino-queen is supporting here. She’s trying to reduce one of the greater domestic economic issues we have to a tour on the rubber chicken circuit for her own gain. Craps!

    • 😆 that’s so funny, because the other day i was thinking that chicken soup is the jewish penicillin, so jewish mothers, who already feel guilty, will feel even guiltier that has to choose between giving her sick child a bowl of soup or taking him to the doctor. sue lowden is an anti-semite!! 😉

      bartering is fine. it goes on all the time. the guy who sold me my air conditioner charged me less, because i agreed to pay cash. however, i could live without an air conditioner, even in floriduhhh. health care is a whole other story. bartering is fine, but it’s not even a drop in the ocean when it comes to solving the huge problem of medical costs in this country.

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