Why did my doctor just take my temperature with a meat thermometer?


RENO — U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden said Thursday that Harry Reid is trying to make her look bad over remarks suggesting a return to the barter system with doctors.

“Harry Reid is trying to change the subject from his 2,700 pages of government-run health care,” she said after a breakfast meeting in Reno.

Lowden became a top story nationwide last week after Democratic Party figures, cable news shows, bloggers and even Jay Leno ridiculed her so-called “Chickens for Checkups” plan.

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Lowden’s comments thrust her onto the national media scene. Democrats, with TV crews in tow, tried to deliver a goat and chickens to her Las Vegas office. Hundreds of bloggers are cracking chicken jokes, and Jay Leno, in a monologue now posted on YouTube, asked what patients would do if “their doctor isn’t Amish.”

Lowden told the audience of about 50 people at the Nevada Business Connections monthly meeting she expects the next month to be filled with negative attacks on her.

“I have all my opponents attacking me and I have Harry Reid attacking me,” she said. “Why? Because he doesn’t want me coming out of this primary.”

Lowden touted her business background to the audience, saying she and her husband Paul have extensive experience in making tough business decisions for themselves and as many as 5,000 employees. She said she isn’t a career politician.

Do they give those 5,000 employees health insurance, or do they just barter for medical care?

She said her first move in Washington, D.C., would be to begin reducing the debt by cutting congressional salaries and chop back spending in every federal agency, including by reducing every federal salary.

By the way, kids, have you seen the new Nevada Rethuglican official logo?


From the Reno Gazette Journal:

In recent weeks, Republican Sue Lowden found herself on a swift trajectory to the front of the 12-person pack of Republicans competing to take on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November.
Then, the chickens clucked.


Now, most mentions of Lowden in national or local media is accompanied by the word “chicken.” Political opponents have produced mocking videos that are going viral on the Internet.

Angry voters have shown up at Lowden’s offices with frozen chickens.

Worse, Democratic volunteers keep showing up at Lowden’s campaign offices with cages of live chickens.

On Thursday, the Democrats intended to bring a goat, and chickens, to Lowden’s Reno headquarters. But the goat locked itself inside its owner’s truck. With no time to call a locksmith, they hurried to meet the television cameras with only chickens in hand.

The comedic political theater has taken on a life of its own and has raised questions about Lowden’s ability to quickly respond.

“She had all the momentum going in this primary, to the point it was almost a done deal,” said conservative activist and Lowden supporter Chuck Muth. “The only person who could stop Sue Lowden was Sue Lowden’s campaign.”

Muth faults her campaign for not defusing the situation before it became a national joke.


“Sure it’s a distraction when farm animals show up at our campaign offices,” [Lowden campaign manager Robert Uithoven] said. “At the same time, Harry Reid has not talked about anyone else but Sue Lowden. He’s already defined this race and is operating as if the general election has started.”

With a dozen Republicans competing in the primary, being perceived as the frontrunner is important.

But many voters aren’t impressed.

“We’re being laughed at,” said Will Brown, a Sparks Democrat. “This is absurd.”


[Harry Reid’s] campaign has argued his poll numbers will improve when voters are given a choice between two candidates.

Lowden’s chicken problem might just confirm that.

“I don’t like Harry as the majority leader,” Brown said. “But before I pull the rug out from under him I’d want to know we’ve got someone who is not an embarrassment to us.”


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17 responses to “Why did my doctor just take my temperature with a meat thermometer?

  1. writechic

    “A chicken pox on her house.”


    And I love her transformation into animation, too.

    The chick brought this on herself. I hope her opponents beat the stuffing out of her…quite liberally…lest Nevada politics and the U.S. Senate run a fowl! 😀

    • funny thing is that it took a lot less time for me to transform her into a cartoon than it took for me to transform wallace into a doctor.

      i can’t believe she has the gall to blame harry reid for making her look bad. she’s a moronic bimbo, and if she wants to know who made her look like a fool, she should look in the closest mirror.

  2. First Carly Fiorino with the Demon Sheep and J.D. Heyworth with horses, and now Sue Lowden with chickens and goats. What’s with Republican politicians and barnyard animals? Is it because they can’t avoid being laughing STOCK?

  3. A chicken in every Doctor’s pot?

    What next? The Doctor’s of Nevada have to make a health Department Public service announcement stating it is not sanitary to be bringin’ chickens into medical offices.

    But Lowden’s oober wealthy stepford wives situation makes her a mockery.
    Lowden is now the Marie Antionette of Nevada.

    “Let them barter chickens”

    • i’m still trying to figure out how someone who is really, really sick is supposed to paint a house.

      she’s one of these bitches who marries money and them doesn’t understand why everyone else doesn’t as well if they want to live a life where they don’t have to worry about such things as staying alive.

  4. Yearning for the “good old days”. Let us slip on our rose colored Reagan glasses and look back to a time of silk top hats and diamond stickpins, men happily working the 12 hour day and diseased children playing with a hoop. And why did the wonderful Doctors come together in 1905 to form the AMA? Because folks were self medicating and staying away from the docs who were killing more people than saving from maladies. The payoff was the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1906 that said you had to have a prescription to buy your dope. That means you got to see the old doc and pay him money for his time thus insuring he kept a livelyhood. Gold and silver accepted. Chickens, not so much….and the republady better understand this: If those chickens lay eggs, that’s capital gains Toots!

    • i think most doctors these days would only accept chickens that lay golden eggs. the only reasons that doctors will agree to a bartering system are:

      1. they have good hearts and went into medicine to actually help sick people

      2. they don’t want to claim income so they can pay less taxes

      if i was in one of sue’s casinos, i’d bet my money on the second in most cases.

  5. what if i brought a goose or a duck? are they worth more or less? how about pirhanas? can we throw lowden in a prihana pond?

    watch this woman win… just proving once and for all that this is the stupidest country in the universe –

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