Texas Tea

From Karl Frisch at MEDIA MATTERS (April 24, 2010):

As Media Matters noted in a special report released this week:

In recent years, at least twenty Fox News personalities have endorsed, raised money, or campaigned for Republican candidates or causes, or against Democratic candidates or causes, in more than 300 instances and in at least 49 states. Republican parties and officials have routinely touted these personalities’ affiliations with Fox News to sell and promote their events.

Now the Associated Press is reporting that Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) — whose prospects for reelection in November are considered a “toss-up” by prominent political analyst Charlie Cook — is slated to participate in Fox News host Glenn Beck’s traveling road-show today when it touches down in Texas:

With his Republican primary victory safely behind him, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is still working hard to court conservative voters.

Perry, who is running for a third full term in office, is scheduled to speak Saturday night at conservative radio and television talk show host Glenn Beck’s “Taking Back America” town hall event in Tyler.

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Beck loves Perry. In fact, just this week he praised the Texas Governor saying he has “made [him] want to move to Texas” because Perry is “saying a lot of the right things right now.”

From The Dallas Morning News:

TYLER – Gov. Rick Perry urged supporters to “find you a tea party” Saturday night at a “Taking Back America” town hall event hosted by conservative radio and television talk show host Glenn Beck.

“If you care about America, if you care about taking this country back, you find you a Tea Party. Get involved,” Perry said to wild applause during the event, which attracted about 5,000 people.

Then he opened the door for more speculation on his presidential hopes.

“As for 2012, we’ll work on 2012 when 2012 rolls around. It’s about 2010, folks,” Perry said.

Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said Perry was referring to congressional races in 2012, not a presidential run.


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15 responses to “Texas Tea

  1. GreenApples

    What a team! ‘My skools are O.K.’ and ‘Learn from my blackboard’. With Sarah on-board to really add to the smarts. Ugh!

    • can you even imagine rick perry thinking he has a shot at running for president? πŸ™„ maybe glenn blechhh can be his pick for veep.

      • While I am totally for a gay president, Rick the Prick Perry is not the kind of gay guy I have in mind.
        I’d prefer one who’s out of the closet and doesn’t try to disguise his sexual orientation with a bunch of homophobic jibberjabber.
        Gee, what a surprise Glenn Beck is having a bromance with gay Rick. They are a natural fit–an emotional bottom and a mean top.

  2. When I think of “TexasTea” I think of the Beverly Hillbillies. Of course, you’ve already used that cover for Princess Sarah and her brood. Do you know if she’s coming to Texas to campaign for Governor Goodhair?

    • GreenApples

      Yes, she’s one of Perry’s strongest. She has already made shows. (Actually when she was in Houston the turnout wasn’t very good.)

      • oy vey. if glenn blechhh, rick perry, and princess were all in the same vicinity, the vacuum that would occur would suck in the entire state of texas!

    • i was in a hurry, and i couldn’t think of a good title. that was the third one, and i still didn’t like it, but it was time to post. it makes me think of the beverly hillbillies, too.

  3. Still plenty of tickets for the Dallas do. Only $75,000 gets a chance to rub against the Profitess. And an update to the Perry hurricane gesture. It was because Mayor White of Houston had called out 100,000 volunters for humanitarian relief BEFORE the gov got so charitable. And there is an interesting spazBeck sighting told to Dave by Robert Altman while visiting the facilities of a fancy NYC establishment. After hearing strange sounds in the stall next to him, he exits and goes over to wash his hands. Looking up into the mirror, he see coming out “the biggest chipmunk I have ever seen in my life”!

    • i thought it was rather strange that gov little ricky goodhair would be charitable toward anyone who wasn’t rich and white. now it makes sense.

      i don’t even want to know what the sounds were coming from the stall. do you think he cries when he poops, too? chipmunks are cute, but i can see him resembling a really, really stupid one. πŸ˜†

  4. I loathe the “taking the country back” slogan.
    We still have what’s left of the ruins Bush 2 left it in.
    No one took the country, it’s still here.

    They need pros, they’re getting conned!
    Great summary.

    If chalkboard Glenno is your spokesperson & pitchman, there’s trouble in river city AND you may already be a loser!

    • i hate it, too. it’s like when some nimrod came up with ‘homeland security.’ the first time i heard it, it made my skin crawl. it sounded like it came right out of the third reich.

  5. Joanaroo

    But they did get the appropriate letters for FEMA, especially with the New Orleans debacle – Fraud, Errors, Mismanagement and Arrogance. Well, arrogance especially on Dubya ‘Decision Points’ (what the Hell does that mean?) Bush. ‘You’ve done a helluva job there, Brownie!’. Yeah, he sure did.

  6. Joanaroo

    But Nonnie, how do we know Bleech wasn’t doing something else men do in the bathroom? Maybe he got excited over a centerfold in the Wall Street Journal! Or one of the Tea Party Tempest, the Princess!

    • i think he was crying, because there was nobody around to wipe him, and he didn’t know what to do. at home, his wife takes care of those things, and they have interns at faux news just for that purpose.