Love for Labour’s Lost

From The Guardian:

Labour‘s election campaign was in disarray tonight after Gordon Brown was forced to apologise to a pensioner and lifelong party supporter whom he had described as “a bigoted woman” for questioning him over the scale of immigration from eastern Europe.

His contemptuous dismissal of Gillian Duffy, made in private but caught by a live broadcast feed, again raised questions about his volatile character and, more importantly, whether the Labour core vote would be repelled by his apparent indifference to their concerns.

Morale in the Labour campaign slumped as even some of Brown’s closest aides vented their fury at him, with one describing him as “a pathetic blame shifter”. Others voiced concern that it would appear that he was two-faced.

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Sensing the damage he had inflicted on his already slim election chances, Brown wrote to party members to apologise. “I am under no illusions as to how much scorn some in the media will want to heap upon me in the days ahead. Many of you know me personally. You know I have strengths, as well as weaknesses. We all do,” he said.

Brown had met Duffy, 65, on the streets of Rochdale when she accosted him over a range of issues including the scale of debt, taxes and tuition fees. At one point during the discussion she referred to eastern Europeans “flocking” to Britain.

After an apparently pleasant conclusion to the conversation and closing his car door, Brown turned to his director of strategic communications, Justin Forsyth, declaring the event a “disaster” and demanding to know who was responsible for him meeting Duffy. He appeared to blame his longstanding aide Sue Nye.

Asked by Forsyth what Duffy had said he replied: “Oh everything, she was just a sort of bigoted woman. She said she used to be Labour. I mean it’s just ridiculous.”

Brown was then played back his remarks on a live Radio 2 phone-in. He covered his face with his hands, and said he blamed himself. He apologised to Duffy on the phone, and was then going to hold a press conference in Manchester to apologise again, before agreeing to drive back to Rochdale and say sorry to her in person.

Oh, Gordo, don’t feel so bad.  After all, lots of politicians say really, really stupid things.  In fact, some of them say them when they know everyone is listening!

Original DVD cover

Original DVD cover

At least you admitted that you said something stupid and apologized, Gordo.  That’s something Princess Sarah Palin and Batshit Michele Bachmann will never do.


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10 responses to “Love for Labour’s Lost

  1. writechic

    Art looks a little terrified of little Bachman!

    • if you look quickly, it appears that art is smiling or laughing. however, if you look a little closer at all 3 pics, you’ll see the fear in art’s eyes. 😯

  2. I remember the old Houseparty show and the kid segments. Yes, kids did say the darndest things. It was that innocent era when a do bee only had a relation to a don’t bee. And let us not forget the magic mirror! Maybe Gordon could use it to see if the Silly Party candidate has passed him in the polls. Writing this stuff makes me feel old. Good thing I didn’t say anything about Howdy Doody, Pinkie Lee, or Andy & Froggy. Clarabelle, no!

    • i remember the kid segments, too, but i don’t think i understood what was so funny until i grew up and saw them again. now, i find them hilarious! i suppose it will age me when i tell you i was in the peanut gallery on howdy doody. i don’t remember it at all, but my older sister was on, too, and she swears we were there. my uncle took us, and he swears we were there, too, so if we weren’t, it’s a very elaborate joke on me.

  3. Well congratulations on making all the way from peanut to Mother Raisin. And remembering how excited you were (in the archives) about hitting thr first 5 and 10 thousand, let me be the first to honor HR hitting the first QUARTER MILLION mark on the counter. Your efforts are much appreciated!…(this would have come yesterday but my ISP was having a “open the pod bay doors, Hal” moment.) Good work Nonnie !!!

    • you’re not just a great archivist, jerry, but a wonderful statistician as well. i noticed the other day that we were edging up to a quarter mil, and i meant to keep an eye on it. of course, i completely forgot. thanks for calling my attention to it. i’m gonna have to give you a raise. in fact, i think i’ll double your salary! 😉

  4. Aw, gee, you are too kind. I was going to add how lifelike the Princess looks as an eight year old, sort of matches her mental abilities too. The other one is just a natural born brat…..and before I forget…May need to have you artistic talents address the big deal going on up there in the breadbasket of colonial democracy, Stada, Virginia. I didn’t notice the problem while spending a good chunk of Saturday night closely watching Richmond on TV, even from the blimp you couldn’t see it. But now it has happened. The Great Seal with the victorious figure of Virtus standing over the defeated corpse of tyranny has been altered by the new state AG in the name of decency has removed the bare BOOB! The design goes back to 1776 and the artist is one of the signers of our U.S. Constitution. How this flagrant porno existed for 236 years without enflaming the men, it’s anyones guess. As one HuffPo remark went: “Oh great, now I have one less state seal to masturbate to!” This must not stand. Need to get the raisin women all agitated and stand up to this travesty. Give ’em the old one-two!

  5. Batshit Bachmann is perfecto!