Cantor’s National Council for a New America Meets Its Death Panel

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Rep. Eric Cantor, R-7th, has pulled the plug on a national organization that was launched with much fanfare a year ago.

John Murray, a spokesman for Cantor, confirmed a report from the Washington newspaper Roll Call that Cantor’s National Council for a New America is “in a suspended state.”

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He blamed the demise of the council on “relentless” attacks from Democrats. The organization also was the target of an ethics complaint, filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, claiming Cantor’s office had violated House rules regarding funding for political organizations.


The council held just one townhall meeting. Cantor and two Republican former governors, Jeb Bush of Florida and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, attended that session, May 2, 2009, at an Arlington County pizza parlor.

Cantor is the Republican whip, the No. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives. Murray said Cantor would concentrate his whip efforts on a “Commitment to America” project set up by the chief deputy minority whip, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. That project is soliciting opinions outside the Beltway to help form a legislative agenda, he said.

We remember the pizza party that Little Eric threw with his buddies, Jebby and Mittsie, don’t we, kids?Β  What fun that was!

Just look at the brain power they had at the National Council for a New America (from wiki):

The council consists of a “National Panel of Experts”. Members of the panel are:

The panel will report to Republican congressional leaders, including:

Gee, with experts like Princess Sarah and Captain Underpants (the non-maverick), I can’t imagine how they could have failed. And Mittsie! That’s the guy who swooped in to rescue Bob Bennett in Utah. How’d that work out? So, keep renaming your stupid little brain trusts, Rethugs, and enjoy your tea.

Tip of the hat to ontheleftcoast at the Big Orange for suggesting Little Eric and this movie a while back.


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19 responses to “Cantor’s National Council for a New America Meets Its Death Panel

  1. writechic

    Love the short pants and crooked little socks! And the cadence of the movie title!

    When I was a youth, expert meant you have a PhD or special training. Now it means a person knows the word and is capable of attaching it to anything.

    (Happy Mother’s Day, Nonnie!!) πŸ˜€

    • thanks melissa! i bet that’s just how widdle ewic wooked in ewementawy school, and i bet all the other kids hated him.

      expert has about as much meaning as pundit does these days. if you can spell your name, you can be on the tv news shows as an expert or a pundit or political adviser.

      happy mother’s day and mmwwaahhhhh to all the raisinettes and/or their moms. πŸ˜€

  2. Hahahahaha.

    A Happy Mother’s Day to you, Nonnie!

    • thank you, neon vincent! πŸ˜€ i was going to make you the reviewer this time, but i didn’t know if you’d be mad at me. you can have dibs next time, if you’d like.

      • You’ll make me the reviewer the way you did writechic? Be my guest!

        • the way i did jerry melton this time. too bad he didn’t notice! πŸ˜† i actually had your name there first, but i didn’t know if you’d want to be “officially” identified as a raisinette. jerry melton is already the official statistician/archivist/historian of the raisin. you’ve always been the raisin’s go-to guy for science (as wken is for religion). it’s official now! πŸ˜€

  3. The National Council for a New America reminds me of the “New World Order”….
    Out of Order!

    The list of names…. any group that has Gramps McCain & Palin on the “A” list, is doomed.

    • every time the rethugs come up with a name for one of their little policy or strategery orgies, they always seem to pick something naziesque. even homeland security gives me the willies.

  4. Well they should have concentrated all their energy on the Young Eagles, that daper bunch of guys who look like middle aged uncles and were described by one TPM blogger as members of the “Lucky Vagina Club”. But even this bold effort to appear more a-go-go and “with it”, as the kids say, ground to a screeching halt because of the spanky women scandal. AND the Palin quotes of the week from the WofJ speech part where she compares herself to Queen Esther: #1 (god speaking directly to her) “Bug up, OK” Doesn’t elaborate on what the bug goes up but returns to here auto fixation with my favorite: #2 “And god doesn’t drive parked cars!” Why should he when he could just make gravity end and they would all float into outer space.

    • funny, i was watching recount a couple of hours ago on hbo, and katherine harris (played by laura dern) said that she had been reading her bible, and she was feeling very much like queen esther. these fundies can’t even make up their own megalomaniacal delusions. they have to borrow each others.

      p.s. jerry, did you look at the dvd cover very carefull? did you read everything?

  5. How in the world did I miss that!! HaHaHa on me. And glad you explained that. It is an honor to be called Raisinette, believe me, I’ve been called much worse. It is good as Mother Raisin to delegate to the capable in the fields of expertise. I need to get a bigger screen for the ‘puter.

  6. can you imagine how awful it must have been to be at eric cantor’s bar mitzvah

  7. Joanaroo

    Geezus, all those empty heads at that meeting! Just imagine, at any given meeting you could have them sitting side by side and have a smoker blow smoke in the closest ear and it would come out of the ear the most further away!

  8. Joanaroo

    Relentless attacks from Democrats? Don’t flatter yourself so, Eric! Like most people would care about the drivel coming out of THAT group! HA! HA! That’s about as ridiculous as, say, a shot in the dark. From a distance. That hit your office window from point blank range. From blocks away. That was shot and fell from the sky. Yeah, that one, Eric.

    • that’s how rethugs like widdle ewic glorify themselves, by playing the victim. i’m so important and powerful that everyone picks on me! wahhhh! wahhhhh!!! he’s a little shit, and the only reason the goopers keep him around is that they need a token jew now that arlen specter defected.