The Shrill of It All


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) posed for a picture with Birther leader and California secretary of state candidate Orly Taitz at a tea party lunch event in California Friday, Taitz tells TPM.

Taitz and Bachmann both spoke at a lunch sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, Taitz said in an email. But Birtherism did not come up at the event, according to Taitz.

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“Michelle Bachmann spoke at the lunch, however she did not talk about eligibility, but rather general status of economy, politics and elections,” Taitz says. “I spoke at the lunch, however I did not speak about ongoing legal actions involving Obama’s use of ss number 042-68-4425, which was assigned to another individual, I also did not talk about Obama’s refusal to unseal his original birth certificate, currently sealed in HI or any other issues of Obama’ illegitimacy to presidency which are raised in the pleadings. I talked only about my candidacy for the position of the Secretary of State of CA.”

Bachmann was in California for two days for a tour organized by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, state Eagle Forum president Orlean Koehle tells TPM.


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25 responses to “The Shrill of It All

  1. MNLatteLiberal

    MnIndependent reports on Bachmanns’ suckling on the socialized medicine teat while decrying the evils of government handouts:

    Meanwhile, notorious Moldavian female impersonator Orly finds her recent posing with Michele so controversial, she feels she must issue clarifications, explaining that Bachmann “enjoys a lot of support among Constitutionalists of this country from both major parties and independants [sic]”.

    While Bachmann might very well enjoy the support of “independants” (presumably illiterate tea-baggers like Orly – would love to see who employs her legal services), I have yet to meet a single person from DFL who would express ANY support for Ms. Bachmann.

    And these are the news from Lake Woebegone, where we in MN CD6 suffer and endure and recruit thanks to Michele.

    ~ Latte

    PS: nonnie, I sent you a couple of emails… with ideas… just sayin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hiya latte! ๐Ÿ˜€

      those 2 make quite a pair, don’t they? of course, batshit bachmann won’t see the irony of her kvetching about socialized medicine and making money from it. as for orly, did you read the affadavit from her…well, i won’t tell you the punchline. read it to the end, and you’ll see what the relationship was.

  2. i cant believe michele is talking to someone with an accent — what would Jan Brewer say!

    it is amazing how garbage attracts more garbage

    • MNLatteLiberal

      not to mention someone who is not her brother-in-christ. Orly is practically a heathen, having been born Jewish in the part of Romania the Soviets stole during WWII, then marrying in the Sin City.

      I want to see Orly’s birth certificate. The original birth certificate, and not the notarized copy from Moldavian SSR he emigrated with in 1981. I say Orly is a man. I stand by that assertion. I say, the only reason Michele and Orly met was for Orly to seek Marcus Bachmann’s counseling, to drive away the cross-dressing drag devil through Christ.

      ~ Latte

    • i think batshit bachmann should be forced to use orly as her dentist. after all, getting anything that makes sense from either of them is like pulling teeth.

  3. writechic

    I know Orly is a dentist, real estate lady, butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, but just exactly where does her credibility come from again?

    • MNLatteLiberal

      Why, her excellent legal work on Rhodes v. MacDonald, of course, write. Whenever I am feeling sad, reading Orly’s pearls of wisdom and legal insights always perks me up.

      ~ Latte

    • she was ordained by faux news and baptized with tea.

  4. Oral Taint & Batshit Bachmann

    This could be their theme song:

    Anything crazy you can do , I can crazier….
    I can do crazier better then you….

    No you can’t
    Yes I can!!!!!!!

    As for the birther BS~ Hawaii actually approved a rule that they no longer have to respond to requests for Obama birth certificate proof.

    Aloha Orly!

  5. MNLatteLiberal

    A bit off-topic, but Rep. Mark Souder (R-Indiana) provided more proof today that abstinence-only approach to sex works.

    Be it Mark Souder or Bristol Palin, is there anything sexier than abstinence?

    • i commented on that in answer to someone in the last post. did you hear that bristol will be paid up tp $30,000 per speech? i heard a short snippet of her on the view, and she’s not too bright. why would anyone care what she has to say? i guess that little acting stint didn’t pay off. what a great lesson for teenage girls–get knocked up in high school, and you’ll be rewarded for it.

  6. What kind of bird pin is Orly wearing–an owl?

    • ๐Ÿ˜† that’s not a bird, it’s a winged nut! it’s been in other posters (don’t make me look for them). it will be part of the accessory line i’m going to produce. it will be a one-stop shopping site for rethugs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Oh, darn, I was hoping you made a visual joke of the O RLY Owl in Orly’s honor.

        BTW, if it’s a winged nut, then you’ve managed to make it a double insult as far as the wingnuts are concerned. That nut looks like an ACORN to me.

        • i did do a very quick orly owl at the request of ontheleftcoast at the big orange. not my best work, but as you can see from the timestamps, i didn’t spend all that much time on it.

          here’s a better view of the wingnut, as modeled by batshit bachmann, of course. who else could do it justice?

          • Oh, it’s that kind of nut. It reminds me of the old “Super 6” cartoon.

            “Five with bolts of super power
            And one bolt who is a nut!”

            • i remember that i tried different kinds of nuts–peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, but they just looked like blobs when i made them small enough to fit. i sorta liked this kind of nut, because it makes up for some of the screws the rethugs have that are loose.

              • Speaking of screws and conservatives, I used to be chummy with the fellow who edited Pat Buchanan’s newsletter during the 80s and 90s. I told him my opinion of his old boss wasn’t that his screws were loose, but that they were on too tight. He agreed.

                Hey, are you going to post anything about Miss USA? The wingnuts are frothing at the mouth over her.

                • you mean he had an editor? someone edited that claptrap? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ i like your theory about his screws being on too tight.

                  so far, no plans to post anything about miss usa. i had an idea the other day, but i forgot what it was.

  7. What a pair of Bozoettes. The blind leading the very stupid. I have read many of the case filings and court rulings over at Oh, For Goodness Sakes where they also keep a count of her court cases that currently stands at 0-62. Some say it’s a man though space alien comes to mind. But for the ultimate gross out, nothing compares to the court testimony of former lover and fellow adulterer Lincoln III when he gets into the “hotter, wetter, tighter” rant. At least she doen’t bite! (love the toofy bracelet!)

    • i put a link to charles lincoln’s affadavit in my response to latte above. he’s as batshit crazy as she is! i wonder if the affair really happened or if he’s as delusional as she is.

  8. JaxDem

    “Bachmann Rocks Southern Californiaโ€ uh huh – more like Bachmann is the rock at the end of the rope tied around California’s neck.

    Just look at ’em tryin’ to look all growed up and havin’ a little class by wearin’ their best clothes and accessories. If only they’d kept their mouths shut it’s possible it could’a floated a bit, but the lure of spreadin’ the manure was too rich for ’em.

    Nons, the bracelets are to die for…the toofie you used before, but this is the first I’ve seen the patriot tea pot…omg srsly we need to make these things and sell ’em to the wingnuts. Yeah, then donate the boatload of $$$$ to dem candidates – hey is that that poetic justice thingy??

    All seriousness nonnie, great piece of work as always ๐Ÿ˜€

    • that’s a new toofie. as a matter of fact, it’s real jewelry. i just moved the toofie and made it a bit larger. i think i used that teapot in a poster before. yep, i did (it was driving me nuts, so i had to look for it), but for something a bit more sinister than jewelry. ๐Ÿ˜‰