Rethugs ♥ Abstinence…for everyone else

From The Washington Post:

In what may amount to an election-year tit-for-tat, House Democratic leaders are privately weighing whether to seek an ethics investigation into how Republicans handled the sex scandal that ended Indiana Rep. Mark Souder’s career.

The idea arose Wednesday after Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.), chairman of the House Republican Conference, told reporters that he learned last week of his GOP colleague’s extramarital affair — three days before House Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio) said he first heard about it. Pence said that he approached Souder on the House floor Thursday after hearing rumors of the romance.

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Boehner said he first learned of the affair Sunday, and that he spoke directly to Souder on Monday, when he asked the lawmaker to step down. On Tuesday, Souder did so, tearfully admitting that he had a long-standing relationship with Tracy Jackson, a part-time staffer.

The Souder scandal comes as Democratic leaders are under investigation by the House ethics panel for their handling of the case of Eric Massa, a New York Democrat who was driven from office after several male staffers accused him of sexual harassment.

“We feel like we did the right thing [in the Massa case] but we’re still being investigated,” said one senior House Democratic aide, who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. “We don’t want to do a tit-for-tat. But the question is: What did Republicans know?”

Republican leaders contend that they acted forcefully as soon as they realized that Souder’s affair involved a member of his staff — a revelation that didn’t occur until Sunday, they said.


Another senior Democratic aide said Democrats are divided over whether to seek a formal investigation. The Souder affair is “a simple case” compared to the Massa scandal, the aide said, adding that it may be a “waste of time” for Democrats to try to pursue the matter further.


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19 responses to “Rethugs ♥ Abstinence…for everyone else

  1. MNLatteLiberal

    A COLBERT-like tip-of-the hat to the readers’ comments on the TalkngPointsMemo as they broke the story yesterday: Even amidst all the other GOP sex scandals, this one just gives and gives and gives. Between that, PA-12, Sestack, and Rachel pinning the squirming Rand last night, it’s been a great week for the Dems.

    And while a bit off-topic, guess who’s behind on her taxes?
    For a few years Michele had a strip of county road that she “sponsored” and was supposed to keep clean. DumpBachmann folks proudly cleaned up her garbage for years and got some great pub for the cause in result. My take is we pay her late fee of $75 to cash in on her delinquency. This woman is a self-proclaimed tax attorney. A fiscally responsible fiscal responsibility advocate. Who is against census and who is behind on taxes. Or could this be a morphing tea bag?

    ~ Latte

    • latte, those comments were hilarious, especially this one from Maria Kachelmeyer:

      Rep. Souder didn’t just kill irony here, he took it behind the woodshed, set it on fire, peed on it, shot it, and threw it in a lake.

      there were a lot of them that made me laugh out loud.

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  3. writechic

    I can’t believe it was a woman!!!!!!

  4. Tracy Jackson as a Bombshell. I like that.

  5. Boner is a natural in that Moe hair but what goper wouldn’t be? It’s a shame Curly had to be sacraficed for old horndog on the poster. I have a theory on this kind of unbridled poon lust they exhibit. Starting at puberty, they get all wraped up with money and position, it’s all go go go all the time. This meteoric rise sometimes is interupted by a marriage because that is expected socially. Sex will only be for procreation and only done on birthday and x-mas, if they have been good boys. They strive in business and get into politics and all the right organizations and clubs. All this goes on for decades and one day the thought crosses their mind “Gee, you know, I’d like some pussy!” not realizing that is what you missed 40 years ago when all the normal kids were fooling around in the back seat of a Plymouth and you were slaving over your speech to the Young Republicans. Too late Chucko!

    • i have another theory. these guys couldn’t get laid if they wanted to, and it took them getting a title like congressman or senator in order to get some woman to sleep with them. they say power is an aphrodisiac. they could get hit with a lightning bolt, and i still wouldn’t screw any of them, even with someone else’s lady parts. (we really need a puking emoticon here)

  6. HOT TOPICS-going to need a good poster on the Tea Party Express guy whose expanded writings disclosed to day give him a distict Julius Striecher flavor with his untermench remarks. It will be a lot funnier to do now than when some Islamic guy gets even with him…AND Rand (awn rawn) is turning out to be the ultimate turd in the punchbowl. Dog whistles anyone? Oh, there they are, over by the Coppertone.

  7. I am celebrating Mark’s success at my place. Great minds, and all of that.

  8. There’s no hypocrisy — Oh Bristol Palin is making $30,000 a pop as a spokesperson for…. abstinence!

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