Wash Colors Separately

From the New York DAILY NEWS:

WASHINGTON – Kentucky GOP Senate nominee Rand Paul got slapped down yesterday over his remarks on civil rights – by his own party’s leaders.

“I believe … his philosophy is misplaced in these times,” Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, told “Fox News Sunday.”

“I don’t think it’s where the country is right now,” Steele said.

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[…] Paul in an interview questioned the wisdom of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, which barred businesses like restaurants from banning blacks.

The candidate said he did “not like the idea” of telling private business what it should or should not do. The Tea Party favorite later insisted he supports the anti-discrimination law, but he backed out of an interview on NBC‘s Sunday program “Meet the Press.”

Paul then accused the Obama administration of being “un-American” in its criticism of oil giant BP over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Steele, who is African-American, said Paul’s “philosophy got in the way of reality” and told ABC‘s “This Week” he was “not comfortable” with the comments.

But ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a GOP favorite in the 2012 presidential race, said Paul is the innocent victim of journalists with “an agenda.”

“You know, they’re looking for that ‘gotcha’ moment, and that’s what it evidently appears to be that they did with Rand Paul,” Palin said.


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24 responses to “Wash Colors Separately

  1. Joanaroo

    A gotcha moment? Princess and Rand Paul only have to open their mouths and a *gotcha moment* falls out!

  2. writechic

    ♪♪ Me, me, me, me, me ♪♪

    What a bunch of babies! 1/2 Governor Palin says now Paul knows how she feels…and Maddow was prejudice against Paul…and Paul says he was tortured by Maddow (but Maddow was fair)!

    Problem children, indeed!

    (Love the 1/2 Gov’s do and Paul’s argyle. 🙂 )

  3. “”Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.” Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 18

    take off the poodle wig and there you will find the 666

    • he’s too damned stupid to be the devil. he’s just another imbecile who’s trying to make a career based on his father’s name recognition. he’s another chimpy.

  4. You know, I’ve given this some thought over the past couple days, listened to some comments, seen things, etc …

    I said before that I’m not sure whether Ron and Rand are racists or are just willing to enable them. That’s really beside the point … you back a racist policy, then you’re pro-racism.

    As I tread gently here, knowing that most Raisinettes aren’t on the same page with me here …

    A lot of the pro-life community refuses to use the term “pro-choice” to refer to those who support abortion rights, favoring the term “pro-abortion.”

    They say that it’s more honest.

    So, it looks like Paul and Palin are trying to take sort of a pro-choice position on segregation. They might not support it, they say, but they support each business owner’s right to make that choice.

    Wouldn’t that, by the same logic, make them simply pro-segregation?

    One might think that having elected an African-American to the White House indicates that we’ve grown up a bit as a nation. Then, you see that there are people who still think that we should be able to ban that President from eating at the deli with the white guys … it’s very, very sad.

    • to a lot of people, pro-life is really anti-choice. i don’t know anyone who is really pro-abortion. that implies that abortion is something is desirable. instead, it’s something that is sometimes necessary. there’s a big difference, at least in my mind. that said, abortion is a hot-button issue, so it’s not surprising that each side sees the other in the worst light possible. that’s why it’s so difficult to have any kind of worthwhile dialogue about it. it always seem to devolve into shouting matches.

      as far as the pauls being racists, it’s the whole picture for me, wken. while they might not parade in white sheets or burn crosses in people’s yards, they aid and abet racists, and they take contributions from them. they accept their support. remember all the signs at the rallies where rethugs were present (and egging on the crowd)? it was so obvious that there was the stink of racism running through those rallies, and the rethugs just smiled and nodded and patted the bigots on the back. it’s like parents watching their kids do bad deeds, not correcting them, and later on, when the kids grow up and get in real trouble, the parents shrug their shoulders and say they don’t know how their kids went so wrong. part of the job description of being a politician is to be a leader. that means teaching their constituents when they know that they are wrong. when the nazis from stormfront are raising money for you, you throw it back at them and announce that you don’t want their filthy donations. there are some things more important than winning a political campaign. being a decent person and teaching by example are a couple of them.

      • writechic

        Nice exchange, Nonnie and Wken. 🙂

        • wken is always so thoughtful. i feel honored when he comments over here. not that you and the rest of the raisinettes are chopped liver, melissa! 😉

      • I agree, and that was sort of where I was trying to go.

        I do agree, there’s a very small number of people who would actually be fairly called “pro-abortion.” Not quite none, but very, very few … and no one that I’ve ever met in real life, and only one person online (and that might have been a troll).

        But certainly, the Pauls are comfortable taking money from racists and using the cute little code words.

        On a related note … Glenn Beck accuses churches that speak of “social justice” of using code for socialism.

        For many years, “states’ rights” was code for segregation. It probably still is, I just thought that they’d gone away until very recently.

        And absolutely … the Ken Leonard campaign wouldn’t accept contributions from white-power groups. I’d send them back with a note that reads something like this:

        “Here’s your money back. Apparently, I’ve done a very poor job of communicating my message. I need to fix that in my future commercials and ads, but here’s a note to your group first.

        “You guys are nuts. I want nothing to do with you. You don’t support my agenda, and I don’t support yours. I’m sorry for whatever has confused this matter … partly because you wasted your time sending me money, but mostly because if you nutjobs think that you should vote for me, that means that there are probably sane people who think I’m like you and so won’t support me.

        “Thanks for letting me know about this problem.


        Maybe I’d re-word that a little, but I think it works …

  5. jenn/ jlms qkw

    uncomfortable? the best he could come up with was “uncomfortable?” not “terrifying” or “hateful” or “ignorant” or “elitist” ?

    • jenn! 😀 how nice to see you here again! i bet he thinks he’s a real profile in courage for going as far as uncomfortable. what a weasel. i get the feeling that he’s remaining in his job only to make sure he’s got some way of making lots of money afterwards. i wouldn’t be at all surprised if he renounces his rethuglicanism once his term is up. that is, of course, unless he gets a well-paying gig over at faux news.

  6. Great poster choice Nons! AND Rand has no problem playing a spoiled child and Little Princess reminds me of kids that have that genetic old people disorder and, in her case, are forced to do those horrible child beauty contest where they whore up the little girls. And poor Steele now understands the pitfall of being run through the cycle with an all white load. Isn’t it something seeing him attempt to stand up to the dog whistle racism that his party has been the standard bearer of since 64/65. My sympathy goes out to poor Bobby down there in Louisiana getting the shock of reality with the despoiling of his state. The central commitee isn’t going to help you on this one (gopers, like commies, have a central com.) And that acrid smell? Thats the smell of freedom!

    • thanks jerry! 🙂 i used the original problem child poster a while back, and it popped into my mind when trying to think of a poster to use. i was very happy when i found pc2. i hope they put michael phathead steele in the washer on the delicate cycle, because anything else will rip him to shreds. and that acrid smell? it’s the fabric softener the rethugs use. 😉

  7. While Rand spouts segregation ahem, in the private sector only, Palin accuses Obama of being in bed w big oil.
    It was a little hard to hear her over the chants of “Drill Baby Drill”, and never mind the fact that the McLame/Palin campaign took in far more cash from Big Oil. Or the fact Sarah would like to open the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, & commercial exploits. Kinda tramples over the whole “refuge” concept.

    Clearly these two believe that Corporations are people. People with special rights, and no responsibilities.
    Although I’m not thrilled w what is going on w the Obama administration & this oil catastrophe, Palin has a lot of nerve to be pointing fingers, when she;s said all along she’s all for big oil & more drilling.

    The problem with the new answer “hold them (BP) accountable”, is you can’t put the oil genie back into the bottle- just like you can’t partially support going backwards w civil rights.
    You are either for ’em or against ’em. You either have civil rights or you don’t. His idea that some discrimination is ok because private sectors have the right to discriminate is a dangerous road to go down.

    • nobody, except the most rabid teabaggers, will believe that obama (and almost all dems, for that matter–not looking at you, mary landrieu!) is more in the pocket of big oil than rethugs, including princess and her former running mate. that she’s resorting to even more stupid arguments that usual means that she lost her second edition of madlibs and has to resort to the old overused one.

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