I Should Say Stupid Stuff to Reporters? Gotcha!


Sarah Palin still bristles when talking about her initial experience with the national media. After John McCain named her to the 2008 presidential ticket, political reporters understandably had a few questions for a little-known candidate seeking the vice presidency. More than a year after stumbling in a series of interviews with Katie Couric, Palin was still talking of her irritation with the anchor’s innocuous question about what she reads.

On this week’s “Fox News Sunday,” Palin took another swing at the media, comparing what she considers the unfair media treatment of herself during the fall 2008 campaign with the scrutiny that Kentucky Republican Rand Paul has endured since criticizing part of the Civil Rights Act on NPR and on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” last week.

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Palin, who’s now a Fox News contributor, said reporters are always “looking for that gotcha moment.”

Palin’s not the only Fox News contributor offering advice on dealing with the media. Politico writer Jonathan Martin reported that Karl Rove called Paul’s campaign manager late last week to advise against doing more national media interviews. And on Friday, Paul canceled a planned Sunday appearance on “Meet the Press,” making him only the third guest in the show’s 62-year history to drop out at the last minute.

Paul had shown a willingness after Tuesday’s primary victory to do interviews with outlets that may not share his conservative libertarian views. He told a Kentucky reporter that Maddow’s interview “was very fair” but that MSNBC “went on a whole day repeating something over and over again. It makes me less inclined to go on a network.”

So will Paul follow Palin’s lead in shying away from networks other than Fox News?

Since bursting onto the national political scene, Palin has never appeared on “Meet the Press” or any other Sunday shows except on Fox News.


But for Paul, skipping “Meet the Press” doesn’t mean that lingering questions about his views simply vanish. “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory made that point Sunday, while addressing Paul’s canceling his appearance.

“There are questions about his principles left unanswered,” Gregory said, “like whether his belief in limited government means he opposes, say, the minimum wage, the ban on child labor laws or workplace safety rules.”

He continued: “Perhaps the bigger question is whether this fresh new face in politics is now a weaker candidate than he was Tuesday night.”


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15 responses to “I Should Say Stupid Stuff to Reporters? Gotcha!

  1. writechic

    “In classic white and white”


  2. Victims of the press????
    Get the hook!

    • they’re such victimized people. why, i bet there are lunch counters that have signs saying that they won’t serve rich white people. there oughta be a law against that!

  3. ‘…Palin, who’s now a Fox News contributor, said reporters are always “looking for that gotcha moment.’

    And in Sarah Palin, they found their El Dorado.

    Funny how people who’ve based their entire lives on not thinking anything through to its ultimate conclusion seek to demonstrate that deficiency as often and publicly as possible.


  4. I’m just waiting for the Profitess to get on the tube and launch into a tirade about her new Wasilla neighbor Joe McGuiness attacking her young child in some kind of liberal jaded lust because, well, that’s what they do according to here twits. Sounds like a good time to go through the goofy neighbor movie posters Nonnie. Of course all this distracts from the important issues of the day like recovering the Ark of the Covennent from Arizona where that loopy NC guy found it. I’m off right now to the Home Depot to ask the nice saleslady to show me some 15 foot poles of Shitum wood. Do you think she’ll call the cops?

    • i wondering why anyone would spend that much money for a mansion if it’s within 15 feet of another house. meanwhile, joe mcguiness was minding his own business, sitting on the deck of his rented home, while princess was taking pictures of him.

  5. It isn’t “gotcha” journalism to ask a straightforward question.

    The problem is that much of the Right has been sufficiently dumbed down by Limbaugh, et. al. that legitimate journalism is automatically suspect.

    Frankly, Palin wouldn’t be in the national spotlight if not for that dumbing-down. She has nothing worth saying. She’s wasting airtime and oxygen that could be put to better use, if news agencies weren’t just obsessed with ratings.

    • how ironic to throw out charges of gotcha journalism when most so-called journalists these days will listen to answers that are pure bullcrap and won’t even ask a follow-up question to challenge what they should know are lies. i think part of the problem is that most of the networks are afraid to ask any worthwhile questions, because anything other than softballs will ensure that many politicians (by which, i mean wingnuts) will only appear on faux news.

  6. I guess she is referring to any question that someone doesn’t have an answer for. Really what nerve Katie had to ask such a loaded question….geez.

    • that question reminded me of the old baba wawa if you were a twee, what kind of twee would you be? that’s the kind of softball question you ask a moronic celebrity or a teenage beauty pageant contestant. that a candidate for the vice presidency of the united states couldn’t answer it is absolutely stunning! maybe people magazine should run all the political debates from now on.

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