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The Senate turned back an effort by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Thursday to put 6,000 more security troops on the Mexican border, as Democrats instead suggested that President Obama’s proposal for an additional deployment of a temporary, 1,200-person force was sufficient for now.

The McCain measure, which needed 60 votes to be considered approved, fell short on a 51-46 vote as part of the Senate’s broader consideration of a $59 billion spending bill that funds the troop surge into Afghanistan and other emergency measures. The border-security battle has become the most politically contentious issue surrounding what has otherwise become a routine passage of the war supplemental bill.

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Sensing the shifting ground, Obama proposed Tuesday a plan that would increase funding by $500 million and temporarily send 1,200 members of the National Guard to the border to help shore up the Border Patrol’s efforts to clamp down on illegal immigrants and on security developments with Mexican drug cartels.


“While it’s important to have additional resources there, even on a temporary basis, even on a limited basis, there’s a whole lot more that we need to do. We need permanent solutions, not temporary solutions,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of GOP leadership and co-sponsor of McCain’s amendment, told reporters Wednesday.

Feelings toward Obama remained publicly raw after he visited the Senate Republican Conference, a 75-minute, closed-door huddle which provoked agitated Republicans to complain to reporters afterward about the president’s efforts at bipartisanship. In particular, McCain made note Wednesday, during a speech on the Senate floor, that Obama’s aides announced his new border plan 30 minutes after he left the GOP meeting and yet did not tell the senators what he was about to do.

“You’ve got to laugh, in the spirit of bipartisanship,” McCain said.


Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), the chamber’s lone Latino senator, criticized the McCain plan as “militarizing the border” and the “definition of insanity,” because it continued the previous efforts at building up a troop presence even as the flow of illegal immigrants continued to flow in from Mexico. “It’s a recipe for failure,” Menendez said, arguing instead for a comprehensive immigration reform plan backed by Obama.


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18 responses to “Oldfartisanship

  1. whatever Obama does, it’s never good enough for them 🙄

    • that’s what was so infuriating during the health care debate. why was he being nice to the goopers when it was very clear that obama was charlie brown and the rethugs were lucy with the football?

  2. Friend of the court

    McCain should paint the bottom of his jet orange and do a fly-by.

    • Friend of the court

      I am disturbed by my icon. it looks like mud washing out of a movie.

      • maybe capt underpants can get one of those helicopters little randy paul was talking about. he’s got a plan to catch illegals on satellite and have helicopters standing by to go in and swoop them up.

        your icon is cute. it looks very indignant with its hand on its hip and giving everyone a raspberry. 😉

  3. McGramps is really hanging on to that “there will be no cooperation for the rest of the year” promise. (mad about health care)….
    He’s also digging in about don’t ask don’t tell- pitching his hissy fit before the ink was even dry from the House passing the repeal.

    But really 6000 troops @ the border??

    Get real !

    • the nerve of him talking about bipartisanship after he’s already said that there will be no cooperation. pot, meet kettle.

      • I don’t wish him any ill will, but death would be an excellent career move for him at this point. An added bonus would be us getting to see what Cindy would do as a merry widow.
        I’m thinking cougar.

        • if he kicked the bucket now, he might get a government building named after him in arizony. joe mcliebercain and lindseypoo can go there every year on capt underpants’s bday.

          cindy would definitely go cougar.

  4. Old John is so afraid of losing that primary. None of these people understand that you can not use military for enforcement because, unlike police or Border Patrol, they have to be available to go to court at any time. Maybe the creation of a Freikorp would cinch it. And with no shortage of nazi types and dickheads with guns, recruitment should be no problem. Be glad when this passes so we can get on with the real wacko senate races: Nevada and the Chicken Lady or maybe Rand giving that interview to Russian state TV about how he will eliminate the 14th Amendment and start throwing people out of the country…or….my fav to watch….by acclamation of the Conneticut Republican Committee vote…Linda McMahon! Word has it that old Vince is busting his ass trying to gather up all that horrible WWF footage of her bits in the storyline. He forgot selling videos and DVDs of this crap is one of his biggest moneymakers. Sure hope he gets all those from 10 years ago when he “poisoned” the wife and had her put in a nursing home. In one of the tackiest bits ever. Vince goes to taunt Linda, in wheelchair at the home, and brings one of his super-skanks who proceed to embrace over the wife giving much tongue. That wouldn’t get replay, would it?

    • you have to wonder if independents are looking at who the rethugs have recruited to run–mcmahon, little randy, chicken lady, the guy who didn’t know that puerto rico is part of the u.s., and the one from n.c. who thinks he’s the messiah–and think that the goopers have relinquished their party to the fringe whackadoodles. how can anyone take the rethugs seriously, especially when they defend these crazies?

  5. The old guy’s still in love with the grand gesture moreso than with anything that might actually work. Of course he is probably thinking the grand gesture may save his wrinkled ass from finding a job come fall too since he’s been outed as not teabag crazy enough nor far enough to the looney right for the guano coated constituents he’s trying to woo into the voting booths.

    • the old fart isn’t in love with anything other than his own power and his senate seat. he’s bitter that he didn’t win the presidency, as he thought that was his entitlement. it doesn’t matter that he sunk his own campaign. he’ll just be pissed off at the world.

  6. money for EVERYTHING other than the unemployed – they get zilch, but plenty of money for the borders, wars, bailouts etc

    mccain – cant even go there

    • amazing how they always find money for wars and their own raises, but they whine about how expensive it would be to feed poor people or give them medical care.

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