Simon Says: “Mr. Beck, you are a con man”


In a Washington Post op-ed last month, Simon Greer — the president and CEO of Jewish Funds for Justice, an organization that helps people achieve social and economic security by investing in healthy neighborhoods — bluntly rebuked Glenn Beck for his war against social justice.

“Mr. Beck, you are a con man and America is not buying it,” Greer wrote. “When churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship across this country advocate for social justice, advocate for the common good, advocate for America, they, and we, walk in God’s path.”

Yesterday on his radio station, Beck responded the only way he knows how — with hyperbolic, extreme rhetoric referencing Nazi imagery. Beck said that Greer’s advocacy for the common good and social justice “leads to death camps.” “A Jew, of all people, should know that,” Beck added. “This is exactly the kind of talk that led to the death camps in Germany.”

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Just last month, Beck was deploring the use of Nazi comparisons when invoked to describe the anti-immigrant Arizona law. “You’re out of your mind!” Beck said of those drawing such parallels. But as many have noted, throwing out Nazi comparisons is specialty of Beck’s. Mocking Beck’s Nazi obsession, Comedy Central’s Lewis Black commented, “Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourette’s.”


For several months, Jewish Funds for Justice has been actively engaging those who present scapegoats and demagoguery in response to the problems Americans face. Instead of pointing fingers, we prefer to point to solutions. Here are some examples of how we’ve engaged and responded to those we oppose.

In March, JFSJ President and CEO Simon Greer asked what solutions the Tea Party actually provides. He asked:

The desire of those facing challenges to get involved in civic life is heartening. I’m not concerned by increased engagement in politics or more passionate voices participating in the public conversation. Pam acted in the best tradition of citizenship.

But when Pam joined the Tea Party, her passion, fueled by her son’s financial problems, was abused and misdirected. The Tea Party’s answers will not help her family or strengthen our country. In response to legitimate concerns about our political and economic systems, the Tea Party’s leaders offer only scapegoats and conspiracy theories.

Later that month, JFSJ launched Haik U Glenn Beck, an innovative website that engaged thousands of people in a unique protest: responding with haiku to Beck’s vituperative statements about the role of religion. The project culminated in the world’s first “Twitterstorm”, sending one haiku a minute to Beck over Twitter.


We followed this success in the middle of April with a column from Simon in the Post‘s “On Faith” column titled, “Government is essential to quest for social justice”. From that essay:

Mr. Beck, you are a con man and America is not buying it. I exhort you to stop bottling your ideological agenda and labeling it “theology.” Americans deserve and demand better.

Recently, Mr. Beck responded, in his own inimitable fashion:

BECK: God is truth. And he lights a fire. God changes hearts. God goes directly to your heart. Government goes directly to your wallet.”


Government makes our country function. To put God first is to put humankind first. To put humankind first is to put the common good first.””
This leads to death camps. A Jew, of all people, should know that. This is exactly the kind of talk that led to the death camps in Germany. Put humankind and the common good first.

Our response was simple:

    This morning, on his nationally syndicated radio program, Tea Party hero Glenn Beck lambasted me for writing, in a Washington Post op-ed, that “to put God first is to put humankind first, and to put humankind first is to put the common good first.” Beck responded by claiming that putting the common good first “leads to death camps.”

    Glenn Beck has a history recklessly invoking Nazi Germany and the Holocaust in order to advance his political agenda. Most Jews in the United States share our belief in the role of the common good in society. With his comments today, Beck is essentially accusing millions of Jews , “ including survivors of the Holocaust and their children and grandchildren,“ of paving the way for fascism.

    I submit that Jews have a better idea of what causes fascism than Glenn Beck.

    Beck’s reflexive hatred for government is not shared by many Jews, who have seen the powerful role government can play in providing Americans with greater freedom, security, and opportunity. I am proud of the work we do at Jewish Funds for Justice, where our belief that we are all made in the image of the divine compels us to petition private enterprise, charities, and yes, the government, to do their part to ensure our shared divinity.

From the American Jewish Committee:

May 29, 2010 — New York — AJC sharply criticized FOX News commentator Glenn Beck for his verbal assault on Jewish Fund for Justice Director Simon Greer, and urged him to use his program to apologize for invoking Nazi and Holocaust imagery.

“Glenn Beck’s assertion on his radio program that Simon Greer’s advocacy for social justice ‘leads to death camps’ is outrageous and inexcusable,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris.


“We agree with Simon that Beck unconscionably crossed the line by invoking Nazi and Holocaust imagery to advance his political agenda,” said Harris. “Exploiting the most painful and tragic period of the twentieth century diminishes Holocaust victims and survivors, and cheapens the millions of Americans who sacrificed their lives to defend our nation’s cherished values and to defeat Hitler.”


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27 responses to “Simon Says: “Mr. Beck, you are a con man”

  1. Yes…working for the common good leads to death camps! That doesn’t happen here in America, we’re better than that! Oh wait…never mind.

    When Glenn Beck falls from his botched-hemorrhoid-surgery-induced insanity into poverty (hopefully sooner rather than later), I hope the government takes notice and exempts him from all aid. After all…he dislikes socialism and government handouts now, so why wouldn’t he later?

    Ten bucks says he doesn’t have Nazi Tourettes then. “Wow this overpass is a delightful home. GOEBBELS!!!”

    • i can’t understand his leap of logic (or illogic, to be more exact). how exactly does putting the common good lead to death camps? i must have missed something in the middle.

      • His brain is something like an upside-down blender with the lid attached too loosely. Random things smack into each other, and then they fall out of his mouth.

  2. Glenn Blech thinks that Godwin’s Law has been repeal, when what’s really happened is that he proves that it’s still in force.

  3. *been repealed. I need to drink another beer.

  4. well he is good at mocking polticians kids

    i go back and forth on who i hate the most
    limbaugh or

  5. Clearly, Beck prides himself in unconscionably crossing the line.

    That’s his schtick. How anyone can stand to listen to his dangerous drivel… I’ll never know.

    “Putting the common good first “leads to death camps.”

    My WTF-o-meter is in the red zone!

    • he’ll do just about anything to get attention. anything, that is, that will not cause him any physical harm whatsoever, because he’s a wimp, and inviting anyone who disagrees with him to be a guest on his show, because he’s a mental midget, and he can’t think on his feet.

  6. Every day that passes is one day closer to spazBeck going to the rubber room. Look at that radio rant last week about divine protection for Roger and Evil Rupert and praying about that chicken salad. Look at the panic of two major ad accounts (Mercedes and Purina) who had “free” ads run on his TV show and rushed out press releases saying they are NOT sponsers of this crap. Has lost 100+ sponsors, viewership off 30-40-50% on any given day. Won’t be much longer. We can all pray for spontaneous combustion!

    • i’ve been saying for a while that i think glenn blechhh’s reign is almost over. he’s just too damned stupid to stick around, even though his viewers and listeners are dumber than he is. he’ll be like one of those people who lost on american idol but still has a small devoted following. pretty soon, he’ll be reduced to his own blog, but nothing else. i hope he has all his money invested in goldline, and i hope he loses everything.

  7. Hello Nonnie, this post gave the stats a much needed spike 😀

    I writted you (over at the other blog).

  8. You know, contrary to Beckian mythology, death camps weren’t the result of “pursuing the common good.” They were the result of a centuries-long tradition of rampant anti-Semitism.

    Jews, in general, do seem to know that. So do people who read history now and then.

    What’s scary is that a lot of people do buy the garbage that Beck spews. What I hate is that I know such people. I keep hoping that they’ll wake up … or finally admit that they’ve just been pretending to be Beck fans to torment me.

    • it was scapegoating a particular group of people to make the majority feel better about themselves. it happens here all the time, and the only thing that keeps it from getting out of control is the government. in germany, the government took advantage of the hate and used it to control the people by appealing to their worst instincts. i’m sure rand paul would have been fine with it.

      • It’s being done to Arabs and Muslims (terms wrongly used interchangeably) in the US right now.

        • it’s done on smaller scales in every town. hell, in every high school! if it’s not muslims, it’s blacks or latinos or jews or nerds or whatever group is perceived as weak. it’s always magnified in a bad economy, because everyone needs a scapegoat to blame.

          • True enough.

            At the national level, though, we’re more focused on the Arab/Muslim, Hispanic, and “Afro-centric” groups (which sounds much better than going after them for their skin color … it’s just because they’re un-American because of that hyphenated thing).

            I never thought that I’d see Pat Buchanan’s warnings about “the browning of America” be taken seriously.

            • i think nationally, the focus is on anyone who isn’t white, anglo, and christian. others are more subtle than ol’ grumpy pat. instead of out-and-out saying that non-white, non-christian, non-english-speaking people are bad, they are pro-american, which, in their minds, means white, english-speaking, and christian. they open their eyes really big and insist they’re not anti-everyone else. how dare anyone call them bigots!

              • A friend of mine was talking about a school district merger being discussed … one of the rich, white, wealthy people protested that she didn’t want her kid to go to school with those kids who live in apartments.

                Another person in the meeting asked, “Have you run out of euphemisms?”

                But, really, they’re not bigots. As long as the non-white, non-English-speaking non-Christians convert, learn English, and admit that white people are better (and learn to act like us), then they’re okay.

                It’s just those hateful, divisive, un-American people that they don’t like. I don’t see how you can call that bigotry.

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