(Don’t tell her the dog’s real name is Santiago!)


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer finds herself under scrutiny after telling a newspaper that her father “died fighting the Nazi regime in Gemany.” In actuality, Brewer’s father, Wilford Drinkwine, passed away from lung disease in California, ten years after World War II had ended.

Brewer’s comments were made to The Arizona Republic [actually, it’s The Arizona Guardian] newspaper, and came as she was discussing her state’s polarizing new anti-illegal immigrant law, which the governor signed into law last month.

“Knowing that my father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany, that I lost him when I was 11 because of that… and then to have them call me Hitler’s daughter. It hurts. It’s ugliness beyond anything I’ve ever experienced,” Brewer told the paper.

It’s not the first time Governor Jan told slightly exaggerated stories about her tragic childhood. Did you know she wrote a book about it?

Original book cover

On Tuesday, Paul Senseman, a spokesman for Brewer’s office told the Arizona Guardian that the governor’s remarks had not been meant literally, and that Mr. Drinkwine had passed away as a result of the toxic fumes he had inhaled while working as a civilian at an ammunition factory in Hawthorne, Nv.

“She wasn’t embellishing the story at all,” Senseman told the Guardian.

She wasn’t embellishing? Hell, she took a Bedazzler to it!


Arizona GOP Gov. Jan Brewer is quickly backpedaling from her incorrect claim that her father “died fighting the Nazi regime.”


The governor’s father, in fact, died in 1955 in California.

In a statement Thursday, Brewer corrected the misstatement without apologizing for incorrectly saying her father died in combat.

“My father, Wilford Drinkwine, moved our family before I was born from Minnesota to Nevada to work at the Hawthorne Ammunition Depot in Western Nevada at the outset of World War II. He passed away when I was 11 years old,” Brewer said. “His death came after a long and painful battle with lung disease, contracted following years of exposure to hazardous chemicals and toxic fumes while working as a civil servant at the base.”


In a follow up interview with the Guardian, Brewer blamed the paper for trying to peg her as a “liar.”

“I’m fairly devastated by this, for what it’s worth,” Brewer told the paper, adding that she never intentionally misled the public about her father’s service.

“There is no way I have ever misled anybody,” the governor added. “You’re trying to make a liar out of me.”

Oh, c’mon, Governor Jan, you’re a self-made woman. You made a liar out of yourself. Meanwhile, while Governor Jan met with President Obama at the White House about immigration, the PHOENIX Business Journal xmade a liar out of Governor Janx had this to report:

Gov. Jan Brewer, State Sen. Russell Pearce, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and others supporting the state’s new immigration law say it is needed to stem waves of crime. However, new reports show crime is on the decline.

Arizona is main conduit into the U.S. for Mexican cartels and smuggling rings and Phoenix is a hotbed for human smuggling related kidnapping, they say. “We’re out here on the battlefield of illegal immigration and all the crime that comes with it,” Brewer said on Fox News last month. Brewer referred to the situation as “the terror which our citizens live in day and day out along the border.” Arpaio and Pearce have made similar comments on CNN and other national news outlets.

That rhetoric worries economic developers, tourism officials and others who want to attract high-wage jobs to the state.


“Any kind of negative publicity hurts Arizona as it competes for new business locates and the jobs and tax revenues they represent, especially in the economic climate we live in today,” said Rock Rickert [noting he’s speaking only for himself, not his organization], chairman of the Arizona Association for Economic Development.


Crime in the Valley and Arizona is on the decrease, according to recent statistics.

The city of Phoenix reported 131,052 crimes in 2004. That number fell to 109,784 in 2008 and 90,024 in 2009, according to the Phoenix Police Department. Phoenix had 9,679 drug crimes last year compared to 10,741 in 2004.

Statewide, the Arizona Department of Public Safety said there were 255,133 serious crimes in Arizona in 2009. That is down 12 percent from 2008. DPS reported 341,101 serious crimes in 2002 and 291,380 in 2001.

“Statistically – and you know what Mark Twain said about statistics – the overall crime rate is lower now than it has been in recent years, however the level of attention being paid to a number of recent pieces of legislation, periodic crime sweeps conducted by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, and incidents of violence along Arizona’s border with Mexico only increases the national and international perception that Arizona is not open for business,” Rickert said.

The exception to that trend is kidnapping, which is at a high level in Phoenix because of human smugglers who detain illegal immigrants in drop houses asking for extra money. Phoenix has had 1,000 kidnapping reports the last three years, according to various sources. Many other crimes against undocumented immigrants, including sexual assaults against women, often go unreported.

Still, much of the crime related to drug and human smuggling does not impact tourists or law-abiding Arizonans. The Phoenix area ranked as the 74th worst metro area for crime in 2009, according to CQ Press.


Thunderbird School of Global Management President Angel Cabrera and Greater Phoenix Economic Council CEO Barry Broome also are concerned about the focus on crime related to immigration flap. The new law gives police greater authority to question and detain suspected illegal immigrants.

GPEC, Thunderbird and some other business and community leaders want to launch efforts to combat such negative images propelled by the law.

Cabrera said Brewer and others are creating an “apocalyptic view” of Arizona that will discourage students from studying here, tourism and high-wage job growth. “That’s not helpful,” Cabrera said.


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34 responses to “(Don’t tell her the dog’s real name is Santiago!)

  1. She didn’t mean it to be taken literally, kind of like when Mitt Romney said that he remembered seeing his father march with Martin Luther King, Jr. he meant that his father more or less agreed with him on some things.

    Obviously, this is more of that “gotcha” journalism wherein reporters look at what politicians say.

    • i wonder if all of these stories (throw in the ones from mark kirk) will wind up in the new texas textbooks.

      • Texbook Update: They have officially anointed John Calvin, the guy who drove the anabaptists out of Switzerland where the movement started. The survivors not killed settled in Poland to live peacably with the Jews. Now keep in mind this state is 75-80% Baptist and now they salute the tormentor!…Lets try a sample test question…Calvin and Capone were both well known for personally killing 200 people apiece with wood related products. Match name to (A) faggot (B) baseball bat

        • geez, if enough texans were already dunbed down enough to vote for chimpy and gov little ricky goodhair, just imagine who they’ll be electing when the kids using these textbooks are old enough to vote! 😯

    • It’s “gotcha” because she got got.

      She was just livin’ that waking dream as they do, in which her speechificating wasn’t so much that her dad fought those mean ol’ Nazis, but rather (wordswordswordswords => generated feeling).

      How can you hold her responsible for wordswordsfeeling? Is not wordswordsfeeling true?

      Bleah. I hates them forever.

      • hi owhole1! 😀

        i won’t argue with governor jan. after all, she’s a glendale community college graduate! in fact, i won’t even doubt that her father died of lung disease caused from inhaling all those chemicals when he worked at the munitions factory. i’m sure that his cigarette smoking (most likely unfiltered back then) had nothing to do with it. 😉

        • “a glendale community college graduate”

          And to think that I applied to teach there because my ex-gf wanted to move to Phoenix.

          • wiki and some other sites say glendale cc, but a couple of others say valley college. glendale cc sounded funnier. 😉

            • Valley College is in Los Angeles. There’s also a Glendale Community College in a suburb of Los Angeles as well as a Glendale Community College in a suburb of Phoenix. It turns out that Jan lived in both Glendales, so I can’t tell which of the two GCCs she attended. I’m so confused!

              • wiki says that it’s glendale, arizona, but it also says she’s a native of glendale, even though she was born in hollywood, ca. i share your confusion.

  2. St Ronnie even lied about his military service – he claimed he liberated Auschwitz! and yet he is still the vaunted one!

  3. Thank you, Governor, for demonstrating why progressives belong to the reality-based community and people like you do not.

  4. Huh? I thought that posted. Let’s try again.

    Thank you, Governor, for demonstating why progressives belong to the reality-based community and people like you do not.

  5. Ohhh! Looks like Lil’ Orphan Jannie took a page right out of Palin’s playbook.
    When all else fails– claim you are a victim of the media.
    It’s awwwwl their fault! Hrmph!

  6. The level of dialogue these days reminds one of the grade school playgound arguments using words that are not understood but they sound good. LadyGov better do a little backgound check of her party member who authored the race bill hanging out with the babynazis. And if she wants to find a great crime scene, it’s right there where the trickle of befouled salty Colorado river tailings crosses the border into Mexico to disappear into fetid pools many many miles from the Sea of Cortez. AZ and CA are responsible for the destruction of one the great delta estuaries and won’t even allow 1% of the flow come through. It’s a major crime against man and nature.

    • Don’t be silly. CA and AZ are American states, and are therefore entitled to use (and use up) anything that they want. If God had wanted the Mexicans to have water, He wouldn’t have put their water sources flowing through such fertile … umm … deserts … yeah, whatever … anyway …

      Americans out there need that much more water. I mean, you don’t expect them to go without green lawns and golf courses in their … ummm … desert … do you? Where are your priorities?

    • i keep waiting for a reporter to ask her how proud her nazi-hatin’ daddy would be if he knew she was pallin’ around with neo-nazi lovers.

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