I hope everyone leaves the rice in the bags when they throw it

From the New York DAILY NEWS:

It’s wedding bells for Rush Limbaugh – for the fourth time.

The conservative firebrand, 59, will exchange vows Saturday in Florida with Kathryn Rogers – a blond bombshell half his age – in a lavish Hawaiian-themed wedding bash headlined by none-other-than Sir Elton John.

Original DVD cover

(The guests, top to bottom:  Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Gretchen Carlson, Neil Cavuto)

It’s an odd pairing considering El Rushbo’s history of anti-gay commentary on his conservative radio show and the openly gay “Tiny Dancer” singer’s longtime commitment to gay rights.

The Palm Beach Post reported the British superstar will pocket $1 million for playing the wedding reception at the posh Breakers Hotel.

Anyone wanna bet that’s not the first time Rushbo has paid a gay guy to perform? Just saying. But now, back to the beard…I mean, bride and groom.

Rogers told the Post in 2008 that the couple’s age gap is part of what makes the romance work.

“I grew up so differently, traveling around the world, that I’m sometimes not able to relate to the average person my age,” Rogers said. “Rush has such amazing experience.”

Yeah, uh-huh, we’re all buying that. The boys your age are just so immature! If Rushbo didn’t have zillions of bucks, you’d have married him anyway, Kathy. 🙄

Limbaugh met Rogers in 2004 at a celebrity golf tournament.

He was divorcing his third wife at the time and the pair has dated for three years.


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42 responses to “I hope everyone leaves the rice in the bags when they throw it

  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I’m a little saddened that Sir Elton John would stoop so low as to play such a gig, but that’s life.

    • maybe he needs the money. i can’t imagine being that desperate, and i won’t make in a lifetime what elton john makes in a week.

      • I believe it was Sean Connery who once said that sometimes you take a role because you really love the script.

        Other times, you take it because you need a new swimming pool.

        I think I’ll mention this around church tomorrow and see how many homophobic dittoheads have their heads explode. I mean, after all, he could have had such good, American singers …

        Actually, this is one of those things that makes me think he doesn’t really believe any of the crap he spews. I think that he really is acting out a part. He’s found that he can make a lot of money by playing Rush Limbaugh the right-wing freak, but every now and then taunts his own audience by showing that he doesn’t even believe what he professes.

        Which doesn’t make him any better … it just means that he’s a mercenary as well as a bigoted misogynist.

        • and sometimes, you take the role, because you love money soooo much (ask kathryn rogers and her 3 predecessors about that one).

          i think rushbo is gay. i think he’s one of the self-hating gay types, and his wives are for show. this is from the transcript of his radio show. it was at the time that the mark foley/congressional page scandal was revealed:

          Maybe…Maybe the page…my original theory, maybe the page is out there engaged in some kind of chicanery…maybe the, maybe the, maybe the, maybe the pa…you know, you know kids play pranks too. Maybe the page…maybe they were…uh…uh…maybe they were laughing at Foley in the page room. Maybe Foley’s making advances and maybe you know, “let’s egg this guy on.” I’ve…you know, I’ve done my share of pranks. So it’s for that reason that I ask “why in the wor…how in world did these instant messages find their way into the public domain after such a long time.

          it was the page’s fault? sounds like he’s angry at kids who tell on adult predators. put that together with the trips to places with underage sex workers (not to mention the gay guy who got rush his break in radio and bought him clothes, etc.), and…all i can say is that’s a lot of smoke if there’s no fire.

          • What was it that he said on the air after he was caught with someone else’s Viagra prescription?

            “I had a great time in the Dominican Republic. Wish I could tell you about it.”

            • he’s such an egomaniac. the fact that he hides so much of his personal life doesn’t fit in with his character. he’s hiding something.

  2. Elton, Elton, Elton (shaking head)…..

    BTW…I was rolling on the floor from your comment over at my place!! 🙂

  3. Gasbag! I mean–beanbag!

  4. A June bride, every girls dream! Of course he is a nauseating sack of shit but look at that payout. Elton took the gig for the cash, no musician turns down a paying gig. As for the Great Nancy theory…just consider this truism….Q: what food will a woman eat that will make her stop having sex?…A: wedding cake.

  5. Songlist for the wedding:

    • The Bitch is back (that would be Rush himself!)
    • Crocodilldo Rock- She’s gonna need one as Rush went limp long ago
    • Don’t let that SOB go down on me
    • Honky Cat
    • I guess that’s why they call them the blues
    • Bennies & the Pain killers
    • I can’t get no satisfaction

    Any bets on how long this marriage will last?

    Less than a year?
    2 year tops?

    Ol’ Rush probably knows to have a proper pre nup by now.

  6. Oh too funny! I look up rush on the google…

    Limbaugh began his career in radio as a teenager in 1967 in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, using the name Rusty Sharpe.

    He graduated from Cape Central High School, in 1969. Because of his parents’ desire to see him attend college, he enrolled in Southeast Missouri State University but left the school after two semesters and one summer. According to his mother, “he flunked everything”, and “he just didn’t seem interested in anything except radio.”

    Good luck with that Mrs. L (the 4th!)

    • did you read this? from nndb:

      He started in radio as a disc jockey on his home town’s KGMO (part-owned by Limbaugh’s father) while he was still in high school, using the on-air name “Rusty Sharpe.” He dropped out of college, and eventually landed a job as a morning disc jockey at a small top-40 radio station in McKeesport, PA, near Pittsburgh. He quickly moved to a bigger station in Pittsburgh, where he worked as “Jeff Christie”, and then to Kansas City, where he used his real name. Several times over several years he was fired for making too many, too rude political comments. Frustrated at his lack of success, he left radio, and took a job selling tickets for the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

      Limbaugh’s radio career was revived by Norm Woodruff, a San Francisco radio executive who urged friends at Sacramento’s KFBK to hire him at a time when he was essentially unknown in the radio business. Woodruff even took Limbaugh shopping for clothes, improving his appearance to make a better impression on KFBK brass. The station decided to take a chance, putting Limbaugh on in what had been Morton Downey, Jr.’s time slot. His ratings were better than Downey’s, putting Limbaugh’s career back on track. In telling the story of his success, Limbaugh occasionally mentions Woodruff’s help, but he never mentions that Woodruff was openly gay, and died of AIDS in the 1980s.

    • He says that he dropped out of college because he realized that he was smarter than all of his professors.

      That kind of thinking, of course, is common among 18-year-olds in college for the first time. Usually, by the time students graduate, they realize that they were truly stupid four years earlier.

      Even if they don’t follow through, by the time they’re 50-ish, one would hope that they’ve realized that at 18 they weren’t.

      Limbaugh is still stuck in that 18-year-old mindset.

      • i think rushbo dropped out of college, because he was used to getting things without working for them. daddy owned part of the radio station where he got his first job. i think he got to where he is by luck, not hard work. then he hooked up with norm woodruff (under what circumstances, we can only guess) who saved his butt. he said nasty things into a microphone, and he did so at a time when it was suddenly considered cool to say nasty things into a microphone. it wasn’t talent or hard work, it was all luck. he’s not well-read or well-informed. from what i read and hear about what he says, he gets his material from right-wing blogs and frank luntz’s talking-point faxes.

        • By doing so, he’s managed to dumb down political discourse to a level where someone like Sarah Palin is actually allowed on the national stage. Knowledge is unwanted, intelligent argument is seen as weakness, and acting like the school bully is all that matters.

          I agree, he’s basically a spoiled brat who was given everything as a matter of privilege.

          • and it’s a never-ending cycle. he was given everything as a matter of privilege, and the richer he gets, the more privilege he’s given. that paves the way for those who try to out-bs his bs, and the entire world suffers as a result. he’s the brittney spears of newsfotainment.

  7. Yeah if this isn’t true love then what is ? Cheney and the dark, Boehner and Bourbon ? The fact that he’s a bloated, impotent racist gasbag has no bearing on her deep love of his Am Ex Black card collection.

    • that rushbo or his bride would think that anyone would believe that either one of them married for love is laughable. see—-> 😆 i’m laughing!

  8. Joanaroo

    Eww! Just the thought of someone marrying this asshole and airhead airbag. So where’s all the Gopers whining about the state of marriage in America, and how we need God back in America and strong marriages, yada, yada, yada! Not that they follow their own advice and do as they say! Boy, he sure picks em young, doesn’t he?

  9. Joanaroo

    So, when he was 40, she was 10. Yuck! Ooh! Who’s the fat, ugly, hateful, racist man, Mommy? He’s going to be your future rich but mean-spirited, Oxycontin-addicted husband! Ugh! I’d throw wet bags of quick-drying cement at him!

    • it’s not the age difference, it’s that he’s such a disgusting person, physically and mentally. you know how some people get uglier the more you know them? every time i think that gasbag can’t get any uglier, he opens his mouth, and it’s like watching a living, breathing portrait of dorian gray.

  10. Joanaroo

    Maybe not, but it would be typical of him to choose some young chick whose (supposed) maturity level would be lower than his (non-existent) one, rather than one closer to his own age. I think the reasons for him and his Merry-Go-Round marriages like this are vanity, ego, control, and the fact if he divorces, I’m sure she’ll get squat or at the most nothing near what he has, but she’s young so she can earn money. But the bastard probably figures he’s immortal, like when the heart scare happened, and it may take him to croak for a wife to get anything from him.

    • it has nothing to do with maturity levels. they probably will only see each other once in a while, so rushbo can have his picture taken with a woman. he didn’t even live in the same house as one of his wives. i would bet that his marriages are nothing more than business agreements.

  11. Joanaroo & Tuxi

    Ah, one of those Hollywood marriages like many gay male actors had to suffer through in the Silent Era and Golden Era of movies. Sounds plausible to me! It’s been these guys who are so against certain behaviors who are exactly the ones who are doing said behaviors. One of these days the truth will come out, like maybe a tropical boyfriend or rentboy.

  12. the daily sloth

    I always thought Rush Limbaugh would only marry Rush Limbaugh.

    • i don’t think he uses viagra so that he can perform with women. i think he takes it, puts on the tapes of his show, and then whacks off to the sound of his own voice.