You Can’t Spell Crazy Without AZ!


Dean Martin, Arizona state treasurer and Republican candidate for governor, is pushing a plan that would create “tent cities” to house illegal immigrants convicted of other crimes, modeled after notorious anti-immigration Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s set-up in his own Maricopa County.

In an interview with TPM, Martin described how the state could use the tent cities to provide “inexpensive temporary housing” that would save them enough money to deploy more troops down to the border.

According to a statement by Martin, he and Arpaio met earlier this week, and Arpaio endorsed Martin’s “Zero Tolerance” plan because it “offers real solutions.” Martin told TPM that Arpaio also said he would take on any illegal immigrants arrested in his own Maricopa County for other crimes.

In the plan (.pdf), Martin describes how the state of Arizona could save millions by temporarily housing “criminal aliens” in either private prisons or in “tent cities.”

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Though in his proposal Martin says Arizona “can no longer afford the luxury of comfy new prisons when our state is in the red,” he assured TPM that with the tent cities, “we’re not talking about a Shantytown here.”

He said they would use extra land adjacent to existing prison facilities, which would allow the tent cities “room to grow, so to speak.


He also emphasized that his plan would eliminate the need to release convicted illegal immigrants from prison 90 days early, which he says Gov. Jan Brewer has been doing to balance the budget.

Martin’s plan would also require welfare recipients to give thumb prints before getting a check, and speed up the completion of the border fence, among other things.


Yep, because Jan Brewer isn’t quite batshitty enough. But wait, kids, the hateful Arizona crAZy doesn’t stop there! From PHOENIX New Times:

You can add Yuma Mayor Al Krieger to the long list of Arizona politicians intent on embarassing the hell out of this state.

According to this clip from KYMA Channel 11, Krieger used a Memorial Day speech to criticize congressional plans to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” — and, while he was at it, to insult gays as “lacy-drawered, limp-wristed people.”

Unbelievably, Krieger subsequently defended his remarks to reporter Nick Cilletti, explaining, “It came from my heart.” Cause, you know, sincerity makes bigotry completely forgivable.

In the brief clip, Krieger speaks from behind a lectern at a local cemetery. Apparently referring to military veterans, he says, “And I cannot believe that a bunch of lacy-drawered, limp-wristed people … could do what those men have done in the past.”


“I am reluctant to compare myself to George Washington or Abraham Lincoln,” Mayor Krieger tells the reporter modestly, “but I did get some feedback on what I said, and I don’t believe I said anything different from what they would have said.”

He got feedback from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln? They’re afraid of immigrants in Arizona while this moronic wingnut is running around?


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16 responses to “You Can’t Spell Crazy Without AZ!

  1. Tent cities? I find no way in which I can draw any comparisons to the Japanese relocation camps in the 40s. Nope. None at all. Move along, señor.

  2. JaxDem

    It is like they are trying to trump the previous round of bat shit craziness. They’re all in competition with each other 😀

    Is that a chicken on Jan’s hat and a “mad as a wet hen” look on her face?

    • it’s like some kind of bizarre poker game where they say i’ll see your batshittery and raise you wingnuttery. it scares me to think what the new brilliant idea will be from the one who will finally say i’m all in.

      so glad you noticed jan’s hat. it’s not a chicken. it’s her lookalike.

  3. If he’s Dean Martin, then who’s Jerry Lewis?

    • i swear, i was going to give him a jerry lewis button, but i didn’t know how many people would be old enough to remember that they were once partners. hey wait, there is a jerry lewis in california! CREW named him one of the 15 most corrupt members of congress.

  4. I was reading this last night on TPM and am glad you chose this topic. The insanity is just going off the chart out there. So now they want to establish concentration camps! It’s no mystery this will be part of their final solution to the “Mexican Problem”. Now they have the Nuremburg laws passed they will need to follow quickly with an enabling act, to give special powers above the law to these self righteous bastards. And remember, back when Dachau and Buchenwald were established, party members took the spirit of the era even farther starting their own private concentration camps! And this crap about “more money for the troops”??? What goddamned troops do the state control outside of the NG? Has Sheriff Joe organized a Freikorp? Will the shooting of Mexicans on sight be authorized? This is a sad situation. Ever since these guys got a blank check on the 9-11 account, the only thing that has been missing is an armband and a strap. Party badges, anyone?

    • these people must surround themselves with sycophants who tell them how wonderful all their ideas are, because anyone else would point out to them just how offensive they sound. i guess they don’t personally know any people who aren’t as white and christian as they are.

  5. the daily sloth

    So much hard work to build legitimate arguments for racism. Why don’t they just say they hate Latinos?

    • hello daily sloth,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i love how people like them preface their remarks by assuring people that they aren’t racists or bigots or homophobes, and then they go on to say the most racist, bigoted, and homophobic things.

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  7. eddie

    It must be the dry heat and desert conditions… oh wait that doesn’t explain the nuts from Alaska, Minnesota, et al.

    • eddie!!!! 😀

      i almost didn’t recognize you! you probably won’t believe this, but it was your emoticon that tipped me off. where the hell have you been? it’s been ages and ages! how are you? i’m so happy to see you! 😀

  8. how fast before they start ordering cases of Zyklon B.

    we can make fun of them – but these people are fracking scary – and they are in charge.

    • people think it’s hyperbole (or in boohoo boehner’s case, hyperbowl) to compare what’s going on with the nazis or the japanese internment camps in this country during ww2, but i would bet that most average germans and most americans would have said you were nuts if you had told them years earlier that that’s where their countries were headed.