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From David Weigel at Right Now at The Washington Post:

Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, who never courted the media the way Rand Paul did, has avoided her fellow “tea party” favorite’s mistakes, keeping fairly quiet since securing the nomination Tuesday. That hasn’t stopped Democrats from making Angle the star of their story about the 2010 elections — a saga of tea party activists saddling the GOP with candidates that even an angry electorate can’t possibly send to Washington.

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“In the past few weeks Nevada became the latest battleground for the Republican civil war,” DSCC chairman Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) told me when I asked why the party was coming out of the gate by going after Angle’s less mainstream statements. “They’ve got a candidate, in Sharron Angle, whose social agenda might generate national headlines, but Nevadans can’t afford it. If you think about it, between her positions on wanting to phase out Social Security and Medicare, wanting to send nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain — those are totally out of the mainstream with Nevada voters. Harry Reid is very much in the mainstream, and Sharron Angle is appealing to the fringe of the Republican Party.”


“Nevada is not an isolated incident. In Florida the establishment candidate was forced out of the party, in Kentucky the Republicans nominate a candidate who questions the Civil Rights Act. They forced out the moderate candidate in Connecticut. Even where they get the candidate they supposedly want in California, in Carly Fiorina, she’s had to run far to the right to win over the party. Republicans are in the very unique position of having to support the candidates they didn’t want. There’s a reason the party wanted Sue Lowden and Trey Grayson to win — they wanted candidates who could appeal to independents.”

Bob Cashell, the Republican mayor of Reno, said that the Republicans picked an “ultra-right winger” to run against Harry Reid, and he cannot support her.  Cashell said he would campaign for Reid, because Angle’s extreme views include abolishing the U.S. income tax and getting rid of the Department of Education.

(NOTE: This post was edited to delete any traces of a story from the San Jose Mercury News. The reason can be found here.)


Nevada First Lady Dawn Gibbons, a Republican and soon-to-be-ex-wife of recently defeated Gov. Jim Gibbons, said in an interview she is supporting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s reelection bid because he is the better candidate on the economy. But she thinks Reid (D-NV) has quite a fight on his hands this fall.

Gibbons, a former state assembly member, has been up close and personal with Reid’s Republican rival, Sharron Angle. They served together in the state legislature and were even opponents in a three-way GOP primary for the state’s 2nd Congressional district seat in 2006.


Gibbons’ recollection is that Angle is a tough campaigner but thinks most of the political dirty work in that race was done on Angle’s behalf by outside groups such as the conservative Club for Growth. “She did not get mean and nasty but she had people that did,” Gibbons said.

That’s one reason why Angle skyrocketed to the nomination on Tuesday — the Club for Growth spent big for her candidacy and she also was boosted by the Tea Party Express. But Gibbons also credited Angle’s campaign skills.


Gibbons has her own theory about why one time frontrunner Sue Lowden’s campaign deflated Tuesday. When Lowden was chairman of the Nevada Republicans, she prevented then-presidential candidate Ron Paul from speaking at the state convention. Libertarians have been mad at her ever since.


As for Reid, Gibbons said she considers him to be “effective” for Nevada and the economy. She said she endorsed him last fall and is “very passionate” about his reelection.

She said Reid is responsible for stopping the dumping of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain in rural Nevada. “That’s a blessing for all our children. We don’t want our children to light up at night, thank you very much,” she said.


Gibbons, who now hosts a Nevada radio show, declined to weigh in on the disgraced governor, who lost in the Republican primary Tuesday. She said she won’t be taking sides in the governor’s race, which will pit Reid’s son Rory Reid (D) against Brian Sandoval (R).


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21 responses to “Far Right Angle

  1. Sue

    A very good point made here is Angle and teabagger candidates around the country are not gonna appeal to Independents. They won’t appeal to anyone of sound mind. Rethugs are in a bind for sure but ain’t it so much fun to watch! lol

    • the rethugs would have done themselves a favor by standing up to the teabaggers instead of pandering to them. however, they went for the short-term benefit and never gave a thought to the long term. i’ll pop the popcorn so we can sit back and watch as they have to defend the likes of little randy paul and far right angle.

  2. Nonnie, this has to be one of the best pics of yours yet. I love it! You’re really good. 🙂

    Oh, and I hope Reid wins. He deserves it. Say what you will about the bills the Senate has passed, but he’s done a kickass job at securing the votes he needed for the big stuff, even with 59 votes (here’s lookin at you, Sen. Centerfold).

    • thanks weatherdude! 🙂 this is the second harry potter movie harry reid has starred in. i should do one for each in the series. here’s the earlier one. i actually like that one better, because this one is annoying me. you see, i couldn’t find a good profile pic of right angle, so i had to doctor one where a microphone was blocking her chin and part of her mouth. i think i was a little too kind to her, because i don’t think her chin is that strong. i was too lazy to change it, so it serves me right that it’s annoying me.

      • I didn’t even notice that you gave her chin surgery. Still looks good! All I know is that she kinda reminds me of Cruella DeVille every time she comes on my TV. Gives me the creeps.

        • i should charge her for making her look much better than she really does. you know, it just occurred to me that i don’t think i’ve never heard her speak. i’ve seen video of her, but just as background as someone else was speaking about her.

  3. jenn/ jlms qkw


    • thanks jenn! and i’m sorry that spammy (the spam filter) made you sit in a corner. for some unknown reason, it marked your comment as spam and allowed 5 spam messages, all from the same addy, to go right through. go figure!

  4. So far right…. she’s wrong!

    At least the chicken barter lady, Sue Lowden got booted out of the Nevada race.

    The left hung on to those remarks by plaguing her town hall meetings by sending someone in a yellow chicken costume.

    Perhaps all the nuclear testing has taken it’s toll on Nevada?

    • so far right, let’s hope she gets left behind! sue lowden is banking on getting john ensign’s seat, either by getting assigned to it if he’s forced to quit or in a primary in 2012. we haven’t seen the last of the chicken lady. if harry reid wins, she’ll still be badmouthing far right angle, because she’ll probably run again, too.

  5. Fran is right about those nukes. While on family vacation back in ’57 we left our little travel trailer at the Lake Meade campground and drove into Vegas to see the bright lights, especially that revolving slipper we’d seen on TV. Heading back on the empty darkness of the highway, there was a sudden burst of white-going-to-purple light on the right side of the car miles away. About a minute latter a giant sandstorm almost strips the paint off old dads Oldsmobile. Why bother telling anyone you’re going to set off an atomic bomb? The next year that movie of the guy who got caught in an A-bomb blast came out (and a dozen others) and it always made me wonder if I would turn into a giant and get killed on Boulder Dam too! That Potter poster works pretty good but husband your strength, you’ll need them. How about one for the still to be done primaries like “John McCain and the Voter Booth of Doom”?

    • omg! can you climb buildings like a spider and shoot webs out of your wrists? 😯

      “John McCain and the Voter Booth of Doom”: i love it! if i make it, you will most certainly get a giant hat tip, jerry!

  6. the daily sloth

    I’m afraid half-wit teabagger qualifies as a pleonasm, but still pretty funny. 🙂

    I’m wonder if most Dems running against these crazy people are thinking about how painful it’s going to be to run again a moron or how easy it’s going to be to win.

    • redundancy is my life. let me repeat that. redundancy is my life.

      i hope the dems aren’t thinking about how easy it will be to win, because that’s the exact thing that will do them in. they have to constantly be on the offensive, reminding people how out of the mainstream these extremists are.

  7. there are teabaggers and there is sharon angle – who makes many teabaggers seem like a pot of Lipton….

    i would be there is nuclear waste living inside her alleged brain cavity

    • no matter how extreme someone is, what the hell is the fascination with bringing nuclear waste to where your family lives? does she order toothpaste directly from china so she can quadruple her chances that she’s brushing with lead?

  8. Gimme a chicken, or give me death.

  9. Joanaroo

    I love it! Yup, these elections are going to be fun to watch! Almost as fun as getting to hear the soundbites now!

  10. Races like this are just a distraction. The real story
    that goes on behind the scenes never even makes the 6 o’clock news.