HP Must Stand for Hair Pundit

From Ruth Marcus at Post Partisan at The Washington Post:

What is this, middle school? I was all set to sit down and write about women in politics, and applaud Tuesday’s results, when off pops the new Republican nominee for senator from California, Carly Fiorina, with a comment that takes you back to the cattiness of the school cafeteria.

Fiorina, all miked up but not yet ready to be on the air — and, I think it’s fair to suggest, perhaps not ready for prime time — described an aide who saw her opponent, Sen. Barbara Boxer, on television “and said what everyone says: ‘God, what is that hair? Sooo yesterday.'”

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Adding insult to insult, Fiorina didn’t back down when asked about the comment by Fox’s Greta Van Susteren. “I was quoting a friend of mine,” said Fiorina, who lost her hair during cancer treatment and is now sporting what my mother would call a pixie cut. “My goodness, my hair’s been talked about by a million people, you know? It sort of goes with the territory.”

No no no no no! It does go with the territory that women in politics have more attention paid to their appearance than male candidates. It doesn’t go with the territory that one candidate — female or male — gets a free pass for dissing an opponent’s looks.


So what I was going to write was a lot cheerier. It wasn’t just about how many women won on Tuesday: Fiorina and Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman in California; Sen. Blanche Lincoln against the pundit-decreed odds in the Arkansas Democratic primary; probable GOP gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley in South Carolina; Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle in Nevada. It was about how the typology of female candidates has changed even as the phenomenon of being a female candidate has diminished in importance.


Fiorina and Whitman are former chief executives of major companies (Hewlett-Packard and eBay, respectively). Lincoln is an incumbent senator. Haley broke some kind of gender barrier as a female candidate for major office caught up in an alleged sex scandal. Angle seems like a nut, but at least a self-made nut.

Meanwhile, as The Washington Post’s Anne E. Kornblut pointed out, “gender never became much of an issue” in this year’s campaign. In California, former and would-be future Gov. Jerry Brown will be, literally, the odd man out among three female candidates at the top of the ticket.


“It could be a bit of an indication of something resembling progress,” Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, told Kornblut about the election results.

Alas, that was before Fiorina’s unfortunate detour. Carly, talking about your opponent’s looks? Sooo yesterday. And when middle-schoolers get caught talking trash, a grown-up makes sure they apologize.


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17 responses to “HP Must Stand for Hair Pundit

  1. Sparkle Pony’s blissed!

  2. Carly’s flipped her wig! But what’s with the pot calling the kettle black? Her hair is kind weird too– worse her hair brained comment about jobs not being a god given right & the hair brained performance that got her fired from HP.

    • her excuse was so stupid. once people realized carlyfornia was being treated for breast cancer, nobody said a word about her hair. i think ruth marcus called it correctly–it was pure middle school. she would have looked more like an adult if she had just said that she didn’t know the mike was on, and sometimes people talk about stupid things.

      • I did not know Carly was a cancer survivor…. so I take back my hair comment.
        My point was don’t be mocking someone else’s hair, when your own hair could be critiqued as well.

  3. AHHH OH GOD PAPER BAAAAAG PAPER BAGGGGGGG! It kind of looks like Phil Spector crossed with Dustin Hoffman from Tootsie after an angry hamster attack. Eesh.

    I saw a really inappropriate joke on Twitter about her hair comment that went something along the lines of “Boxer said the hair flap was distracting voters from the real issues, like Fiorina’s huge ass.” Hahaha.

  4. Joanaroo

    I was going to say Fiorina is no beauty herself, but my mom had cancer and I wouldn’t want anyone insulting her for having only one breast. Still I think Carly showed a Goper woman winning a primary still means my place is still in the kitchen and bedroom – butt up in bed and a bun in the oven!

    • exactly! all this nonsense about it being the year of the woman means absolutely nothing, especially when the women they’re talking about are goopers (with the exception of blanche, who isn’t far from being a rethug) who do nothing to empower women. in fact, just the opposite is true. the only women they want to have power are themselves.

  5. jenn/ jlms qkw

    gop home movies. heh.

  6. Sort of like Phyliss Diller joining a punk band after getting strung out on junk. My dislike of this woman is re-enforced every time the printer ink runs out. Other brands sell for 15 or 18 bucks while I got to shell out over 40 for a goddamned black HP cartridge and almost 50 for the color. A pox on her house.

  7. Originally, I expected this post to be about Frank Luntz & his toupee. Use the google Frank Lutz toupee to read about it.
    He’s flipping his wig to demonstrate his political transparency & now auctioning off the thing.

    I came across this quote:
    “An overwhelming majority think toupee’s are strictly reserved for clowns and elected officials, who coincidently are usually one in the same.”

    That sums it up nicely.

    • a toupee wouldn’t make me think any less of frank luntz. in fact, nothing could make me think less, because i couldn’t possibly dislike him any more than i already do.