There’s a Teabag in Every Crappy Meal!

From POST POLITICS at The Washington Post:

Sharron Angle, Nevada’s newly minted Republican Senate nominee, arrived in Washington on Tuesday to court GOP powerbrokers and try to prove that she is ready to take down Majority Leader Harry M. Reid. But as she made the rounds of the senators she came to see, the anti-Washington candidate seemed to go out of her way not to be seen.

All of Angle’s meetings took place behind closed doors, beginning with a stop at the Senate Republicans’ weekly luncheon as the guest of John Ensign (Nev.). She hustled past reporters without saying a word, and remained inside for an hour and a half.

What the article doesn’t tell you is that the gang went over to their favorite haunt, McRonald’s! They had lots of fun, and they were looked over by none other than the ghost of Ronald McReagan.  (If Sue Lowden had won the primary, would they have ordered Chicken McNuggets?)

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Angle’s Washington visit illustrated one of the difficulties she now faces. Even as she reaches out to national Republican strategists and donors to compete against Reid’s massive political machine, she must strive not to appear as though she is losing her outsider “tea party” identity to the GOP establishment.


But some tea party activists have begun to doubt whether she is remaining true to the cause. “When you start making it a political thing and then it’s the name and the money behind you that wins, that takes away from it,” said Tammy Symons, founder of the Moapa Valley Tea Party in suburban Las Vegas. “And then you have a tendency to owe those people who come in and take over your campaign. That’s what we’ve been fighting against. It’s not okay just because it’s behind closed doors.”


A dozen reporters followed the candidate. She momentarily eluded them down a back stairway before the group caught up with her, continuing to pepper her with questions as she bustled through the halls of the Capitol into a light drizzle outside and into a black sedan.


Angle left Republican senators to do the talking for her.

“She’s going to run her own campaign,” Ensign said, when asked about Angle’s silent strategy. “This is a person who came out of nowhere and won handily in the campaign, and it shocked a lot of people. But right now, as I said before, she’s an outsider. That’s a good thing to be this year.”

Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) offered an assessment of her opponent: “The people of Nevada are tired of him. At least, that’s what I hear.”

And Sen. Tom Coburn (Okla.) said he is confident that Angle can beat Reid. Coburn said she did not take questions from senators at the lunch. They discussed “getting her organization together.”


By the end of her visit to the Capitol, the buzz about her silence had grown so loud that Sen. John Cornyn (Tex.), chairman of the NRSC, felt compelled to come to her defense. He promised that Angle would grant “complete, 100 percent access” to the media in a few weeks, and acknowledged that she is not prepared for the enormous attention she has received, saying: “I don’t think anybody would be prepared for a race where 20 or 30 million dollars is going to be spent in negative advertising.”


Angle ignored reporters’ questions upon exiting the lunch, although she smiled as a National Republican Senatorial Committee official escorted her to a waiting car.

“Obviously it’s early, but we’re glad to meet Sharron Angle. We told her we would be solidly behind her. We will support her efforts,” NRSC Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) told reporters after the lunch, just prior to a scheduled meeting with the former Nevada Assemblywoman at the campaign committee’s headquarters.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell , perhaps observing his unofficial campaign nonaggression pact with Reid, declined to comment when asked if he is confident of Angle’s ability to unseat Reid in November. The Kentucky Republican referred the question to Cornyn.


[S]ince Angle’s victory, the newly minted GOP nominee continues to be dogged by news reports about controversial positions she has expressed. She has said that she might favor privatizing the Veterans Affairs Department and that she supports implementing private investment accounts as a part of Social Security. That might explain why Angle refused to answer several questions fielded by a chasing Capitol Hill press corps Tuesday following the lunch and why — accompanied by NRSC Executive Director Rob Jesmer — she used a private stairway reserved for Senators and approved staff to make her way from the second floor of the Capitol to the first-floor exit and her waiting car.

The only question Angle answered was when she was asked if she was happy with how she was received by GOP Senators during the lunch. She responded to that query with one word: “Yes.”


“I hadn’t met her. I was impressed by what she had to say, and she did interact with several of our Members,” said Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman John Thune (S.D.), who defeated then-Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D) in 2004. Among the Senators Angle talked to at length was Sen. Scott P. Brown . Thune said the two discussed the Massachusetts Republican’s Senate campaign.

Although Reid is politically vulnerable, he is a tough and experienced opponent for Angle. When asked if Angle is ready for “prime time,” Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) answered, “Yes.” Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (Utah) said Angle confirmed his previously held high opinion of her, and Sen. Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) called her “capable.”

“She seems like a very accomplished woman,” Sen. Johnny Isakson (Ga.) added. “If you’re asking, ‘Did she appear to have any flaws?’ I didn’t see any. She was articulate, she was considerate, she was respectful.”

But at least one Republican cautioned that Angle could jeopardize the GOP’s chances of beating Reid, who has been stuck at around 40 percent in most public opinion polls taken over the past year, regardless of his hypothetical opponent. Sen. Lindsey Graham , who commented on Angle only when asked by a reporter, said the views she has expressed on some issues could prove problematic in a general election.

“Some of the candidates who seized on this anti-establishment, tea party [feeling] to win their primaries are going to have a difficult time” in a general election where they must appeal to voters outside their conservative base, the South Carolina Republican warned.

“These candidates who embrace libertarianism or what is being billed as ‘hard-core conservatism,’” Graham said, “are going to have to convince the public at large they can come to Washington and not just be different.”

And that’s why poor little Lindseypoo wasn’t allowed to sit with everyone else, and the only thing he got to eat was Brussels sprouts.

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  1. MNLatteLiberal

    “All of Angle’s meetings took place behind closed doors, beginning with a stop at the Senate Republicans’ weekly luncheon as the guest of John Ensign “.

    One thing to remember as you leave a private, behind closed doors meeting with John Ensign is to put your bra back on and to make sure to button your blouse. Some nit-pickers will say that’s two things, but that just showcases the speed of the corruption of the beltway political machinery. Really, who can keep track of the minutia with that silvered hair hunka-hunka-hunk of burin’ love? Not his underlings, that’s for sure.

    ~ Latte

  2. writechic

    Omg! Hysterical picture. Each expression is so perfect, and thanks for suggesting to click the larger image. I would have missed the Ronald Reagan coloring mats! 😆

    • at the last minute, i remembered that i had made those st. ronnie statues, including ronald mcreagan, so the pic took a slightly different turn. you can thank terry over at usojo for the larger image. he kept needling me to make bigger images so the detail could be seen, and after working on this as a smaller pic, i realized that most of the little jokes would be lost, so i finally made myself figure out how to link to a bigger version.

  3. Holy crap I’m in tears from laughing so hard. This is so epic. Hahhahaahhah.

    You win an extra internets for the Captain Underpants on McCrap’s hat. 😀

    • yayyy!! i win internets! 😀

      i had a picture of st. ronnie on his hat first, but once i decided to go big, i went with my original choice, capt underpants, because that’s my pet name for mcgrumpy.

  4. writechic

    How about the KY-jelly under McConnell? You know Senator Ensign is totally jealous. 😀

    • i was wondering who would be first to mention the ky jelly and what association would be made. i strategerically placed yertle mcconnell next to crazy coburn so that i could put the ky jelly in between them (that sounded yucky). i wondered if people would associate it more with yertle, since he’s from kentucky (and because he probably needs the lubrication when he gets his dinky stinky with his rented boyfriends) or with tom coburn, because he’s an ob/gyn. you didn’t know i could be enigmatic, didya? 😛

      • writechic

        McConnell rents boyfriends, too??? I thought Kentucky went for sisters or cousins!

        (I thought McConnell (R-KY) was protecting the KY keeping it as far as possible from Ensign.)

        • he would have to rent them, wouldn’t he? what self-respecting man would do him for free?

          good thinking, melissa! it didn’t occur to me that yertle would be trying to keep the ky away from ensign. now that i think about it, it might be coburn trying to keep the ky away from johnnie boy. after all, he’s the one who has to report back to the gang on c street.

      • Maybe you should have put Rand Paul in charge of the KY Jelly.

  5. O.M.G. Frickin’ Awesome, Nonnie; and now can they ALL be big, please please please?!?
    That Ronnie McDonnie is just the best! (I may have to steal that— over and over again— because they won’t let the poor bastard rest in peace.)
    Man I’m glad I missed all the KY jellybean stuff..Barf it. I just hope I don’t dream little Raygun heads.

    • terry! 😀 so glad you approve! i can’t promise that they’ll all be big (that’s what he said), but i have to admit it was fun having a bit more freedom to stick more stuff in without worrying if anyone will be able to see what it is.

      funny how that old ronnie statue came in handy. i love when i get to use something old over again.

      • Ronnie’s not old— he’s dead! DEAD!
        Do you hear me GOPpers? He’s DEAD!!

        Your Bench-butt Ronnie would make a great little sculpture. Jis sayin.

        PS: Did you get my email?

  6. “Well, there she goes again!” Very busy picture, had to study it closely. I thought maybe the KY was to insert Rand into the body politic, if he gets orifice. And poor Lindsey having to sit at the “little table”. I’m sure Corny will set her straight on the party line. Just have her listen to what Kay said yesterday about dealing with the oil disaster: “We need to start drilling in the ANWAR preserve as soon as possible”. Sure. Anything goes wonky, just chase the polar bears through the muck, that will soak it all up. And why don’t those bears have jobs?

    • i think little randy would be more likely to use visine. that’ll get all those reds out that batshit bachmann is always talking about. kay should shut up and go soothe poor little lindseypoo’s feelings.

  7. Certificate update. My parcel arrived early by dispatch rider. Good thing I had the foresight to print up those “Opening special: Redheads Free” flyers and rent out that old Fotomat booth. After framing my NALPI certificate and diploma from TJU (specializing in phrenology, feminolgy, and upholstry repair) I was ready for my first client. But, alas, things didn’t go smoothly. She presented the free coupon but while getting ready, she noticed the diploma was for a L7/BYOB and the embossed golded seal was the foil off of one of those fake chocolate coins right by where the writing said Broad Certified. She let me have it and left in a huff to put out the word on the Girl Network. My hopes have been dashed!

    • damn! why did i drop the red and go back to being a brunette? 😡 you should use the tops of those yogurt cups. they’re much more sturdy than the fake chocolate coin foil.

  8. MNLatteLiberal

    This is a bit off-topic, but do you believe the right wingnuts like Bachmann and that (R)ep from Texas actually defending BP just to get yet another dig at President Obama?!

    A week after the disaster she was out parading with Orly Taitz in CA sporting a sign “drill here, drill now” positioned right over her head. Well not quite over her head, but… That was a repeat of her March pose with the same slogan..

    nonnie, I think there’s an oil poster in there somewhere along the lines of Beverly Hillbillies for all the current BP admirers…

    just sayin’ :)))
    ~ Latte, checking tags.

  9. MNLatteLiberal

    Rep. Joe Barton is the name I couldn’t remember. David Plouffe just reminded me :))
    ~ L

  10. MNLatteLiberal

    “comment awaiting moderation?
    have i gone too far to the left? lmao.

    • very strange, because i didn’t see any comments awaiting moderation, and i didn’t approve any. maybe mighty mikk0mouse is lurking, and he approved it.

      i hope the goopers keep apologizing to bp and making excuses for them. those little comments are campaign commercials already written for the dems. it’s astounding that the rethugs have no clue as to how they sound.

      i used the beverly hillbillies for the wasilla hillbillies a while ago. i might have to make another one. 🙂

      • MNLatteLiberal

        Ha! What a great poster! I can so thoroughly relate to your art there; I’ve been saying since day 1 that the Palins belong on Jerry Springer. And I recognize some of the shopping bags from the RNC Convention MOA spree in the back of the car. Just to think, we were protesting and she was shopping, both at our personal best.

        Have you heard the Misses Palin from those days, btw?

        ~ Latte

        • if you look at my posters with princess sarah in them, you’ll notice that i usually include a price tag on her clothing.

          that video is hilarious! i’ll embed it here for any lazy raisinettes.

  11. jeb

    Well, I’m sure Ms. Angle couldn’t be any slimier after that little outing if she’d had a long swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

    John Ensign brings what to the table? Advice on sleeping with your chief of staff’s spouse? Payoffs? General Scummery? The Tea Baggers ought to ask for their money back!