Where the Necks are Red and the Llamas are Nervous


The Lexington County Republican Party has scheduled a meeting Thursday evening to discuss if, or how, to respond to state Sen. Jake Knotts’s racially derogatory remarks aimed at President Barack Obama and South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.

“We already got one raghead in the White House. We don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion,” Knotts said on an Internet political talk show last week.


Haley is an Indian-American, and she would be the first non-white to be elected to the state’s governor’s mansion if she wins this fall.

COLUMBIA, SC (WLTX, AP) — Lexington County Senator Jake Knotts has again apologized but refused to resign for calling the Republican gubernatorial front-runner Nikki Haley and President Obama “a raghead.”

“I am not going to resign under any circumstances,” Knotts said told his fellow senators at the State House Tuesday.

Knotts said he has been called names, including redneck, in the past. He said he’s proud to be stereotyped as a redneck, and is honored by the true meaning of redneck — someone who gets sunburned from working long hours outdoors.

“If all of us rednecks left the Republican Party, the party is going to have one hell of a void,” Knott said.

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His comments came after GOP leaders in his home county publicly reprimanded him. Last Thursday, the executive committee of the Lexington County Republican Party voted to censure him and ask him to resign for his “raghead” comment made during an Internet political talk show.

Knotts also said that if he had only made the comment about Obama, the Lexington GOP would not have reprimanded him. He says many of the people in that group who are criticizing him have made worse comments behind closed doors.

From THE HUFFINGTON POST (April 7, 2010):

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour doesn’t agree with Michael Steele’s contention that he has a “slimmer margin” for error because he’s black.

“When you’re a fat redneck like me and got an accent like mine you can say, ‘well they’re gonna hold me to a higher standard,'” Barbour told CNN’s John King Tuesday night.

Of course, you remember Dale Peterson, the llama rancher and Republican ex-candidate for Alabama Agricultural Commissioner.  If not, let me refresh your recollection.

Well, ol’ Dale is back.

Now here’s what you might not know about ol’ Dale.  From PolitiFact (May 25, 2010):

It’s the “it” political ad so far this season.


Time‘s Dale Fletcher dubbed it “the Best Campaign Ad Ever.” On MSNBC, Chris Matthews said it “may be the most all-out, all-American, hot dog, apple pie and I love my gun, US of A political ad ever made.” A blog posting on the ad in the Los Angeles Times ran under the headline, “We’re voting for Dale Peterson for Alabama ag commissioner (because we’re scared of him).” Peterson has been a guest on the Glenn Beck radio program (he called Beck “big guy” several times and explained that the rifle is .30-.30 Winchester) and was interviewed on the Fox Business News channel under the banner “Running on Anger.”


It’s raised Peterson to a measure of cult status.


We hate to be a wet blanket amid all this fun, but there was a line in the ad that caught our attention.

“I’ve been a farmer, a businessman, a cop, a Marine during Vietnam, so listen up!” Peterson barked.

It’s the phrase “during Vietnam” that jumped out, especially in light of the New York Times last week calling out Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat running for the U.S.  Senate, for saying that he served in Vietnam and “during the Vietnam era” when in fact he actually received five military deferments before enlisting in the Marine Reserve, enabling him to avoid combat overseas.

We went to Peterson’s campaign website. In a bio via the link “Meet Dale,” it says, “He joined the Marine Corps in 1963, returning to Birmingham in 1967, where he became a police officer.”

In a press release on the campaign website from Feb. 2, 2010, announcing his candidacy, Peterson states, “In 1963 (Vietnam), when I joined the Marine Corps, my country needed me. In 2010 my state needs me.”

We found one more online reference to Peterson’s military service, on a website for the CLI Llama Breed Association. Peterson served on the association’s management team, and it includes a bio for Peterson. When we looked at the site on May 20, 2010, it read, “After high school Dale joined the Marine Corps and served two tours during the Vietnam Conflict.”


We phoned Peterson to get some clarification on his military service […] we inquired about the allusion to Vietnam.

“That means exactly what it says, ‘during Vietnam,’ ” Peterson said. “I say what I mean and I mean what I say.”

Peterson said he never served in Vietnam.

So where did he serve? “From San Juan to Camp LeJeune to Parris Island.”

That’s San Juan, Puerto Rico; the Marine Corps base camp in LeJeune, N.C.; and the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, S.C. Peterson said he was an MP (military police) in San Juan.

Does he worry that he might have given the impression that he served in Vietnam?

“All they have to do is look at the words,” Peterson said. “If I had served in Vietnam, I for damn sure would have said I did. I served during Vietnam, and I am quite proud if it.”


At PolitiFact, we rate statements that are accurate but ignore critical facts as Barely True. And we think that describes Peterson’s claim to a “T”: Barely True.

And it’s not just the good ol’ boys, kids.  Remember this?  From THE TRAIL at The Washington Post (September 2008):

ST. PAUL — In addition to being a mayor and raising four children, Sarah Palin found time for another venture in her Wasilla years — she was part-owner of an Anchorage car wash.


The car wash venture was not entirely smooth sailing. State records show the business ran into trouble with Alaska’s division of corporations business and professional licensing after Palin became governor of the state in 2006.


Palin’s gubernatorial disclosure filings also reveal her involvement in another failed startup — a marketing business which was to go by the name Rouge Cou, which evidently is a literal French translation of “red neck.”


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33 responses to “Where the Necks are Red and the Llamas are Nervous

  1. Sue

    I guess these redneck, moron, GOP’ers really think calling THEM rednecks is the same as the racially charged name calling they do all in the name of good ‘ole redneck style fun! GAG, we will always have bigots and racists but do they have to be in leadership roles? I guess if their constituents are bigots and racists too!

    • i think redneck is just their code for ‘i hate anyone who isn’t white and christian.’ this bastard will probably get reelected time and time again. a few years ago, i considered moving to south carolina. it’s really beautiful there. now it’s among the last places i’d ever move to.

  2. MNLatteLiberal

    I know this predates the redneck “comedy” tour and would be an utter anachronism, but that name just BEGS for Don Knotts to be somewhere in the back of the pickup. With his patented Mr. Furley kerchief around his turtle neck. Which brings us to the original accessory comment, Jake’s “raghead”.

    Methinks Jake misplayed his hand by invoking the universality of the GOP hatred for President Obama. His take ought to have been more SNL-ish: “oh, raghead? I meant raghead as a term of endearment. As in ‘c’mere you, old raghead, you Sikh son of a bitch!’ Some of my best friends are…” and so on. If it were chess, that’s be a more dependable e2-e4 opening for the white.

    And speaking of white, maybe it’s the white cowboy hats, but Dale Petersen’s video – I can’t watch it with a straight face, so strong is the association with “Big Bad John” Cornyn video from 2008. Were it anywhere BUT Texas, he’d been history with that.

    But that gunshot is special. Why, back in ‘nam we shot llamas for a lot less than stealing signs! That out of state son of a bitch doesn’t give a llama’s ass about ‘bama! Or, to quote Chief Wiggam “And let that be a lesson for the rest of you, nuts!” Or Francis from Stripes: “Name’s Francis, but everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you homos call me Francis, and I kill you!”

    It’s a sad day in Alabama when a sociopath comes in third in a primary for meaningless Agriculture post. Why, in the good ole days…

    ~ Latte, still chuckling

    • i wonder how all of this is playing in south carolina. while i’m sure knotts’s remark sat very well with his fellow rednecks, nikki haley got a lot of votes. which way will the teabaggers swing?

      i remember the big bad john video very well. i even wrote a song (illustrated, of course) about it.

      • MNLatteLiberal

        It’s a nice song, nonnie. Almost as catchy as your Fiddler on the Roof 🙂

        “which way will the teabaggers swing”
        is a priceless line, and I will leave it at that since I can in no way improve upon the triple entandre.

        But speaking of that crowd, I wonder you’ve seen this bit of local MN news. While off-topic, it’s entertaining in the total obliviousness of the Koering to the GOP standards. Yet another gem for the GOP closet of sexual treasures. It’s funny, were it not so sad; K. has voted against gay marriage even after coming out of the closet.

        ~ Latte

  3. writechic

    Dale Peterson’s tiny penis shrank another centimeter during the making of that commercial. 😆

  4. jeb

    Nonnie, not sure how to embed a video here but if you haven’t seen this, watch it. Unless of course you don’t give a flip about Alabama!

  5. Thet thar ol’ boy Dale don’t reelee give a rip ’bout you yankee agitatorators stealin’ them yard signs Nonnie, long’s he kin fahr his shootin’ gun up’n the air et them flur-I-datered commie cloud varmints! N’ they kin apologeratize after, too!


    • yer durned tootin’ thar, darkblack. ol’ dale thinks them thar yankee agitatorators helpin’ him out as targit practice are ennertainin’ as all git out!

  6. A good measure of stupidity is how many people, when they see a Sihk man wearing a turbin, think that they are arabs. And poor Namrata just can’t get a break between racial slurs and all those rock-hard gopers getting into her pants. The true origin of redneck comes from mine labor organizing way back in the days when the company would bring in “detectives” and commit mass murder in those Appalachian towns that dared defy their betters. The bandanas would sweat the color into the skin of said necks. This was also the case in Shanghai in 1927 when a revolt by commies took over the city. When the Koumintang forces recaptured the city, the revolutionaries were identified by the red left on their necks. They were promptly rounded up, tied up in groups of a dozen people, and shoved into the river to serve as an example to anyone not happy with Ch’iang, this will happen to you too.

  7. One can only hope they go huntin’ w Dick Cheney.

  8. Has anyone seen the Dark Father since the great disaster? He’s going to end up like Ronnie spending all his last days doing depositions!

  9. when mark sanford starts looking normal, you know you are in a real bizarro state