Whistling in the Dark-o?

From Bloomberg Businessweek:

June 19 (Bloomberg) — Anadarko Petroleum Corp., the Texas oil company that owns 25 percent of the damaged well pouring crude into the Gulf of Mexico, said BP Plc, the project’s operator, should pay the costs from the spill because it acted recklessly and unsafely at the drilling site.

BP didn’t monitor or react to warning signs as the Macondo well was drilled, Chief Executive Officer Jim Hackett said yesterday in a statement. BP is responsible for damages under such conditions, Anadarko said.

“BP’s behavior and actions likely represent gross negligence or willful misconduct and thus affect the obligations of the parties under the operating agreement,” Hackett said in the statement.

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BP said in a statement that it “strongly disagrees” with Anadarko’s position. Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward said his company expects other parties that may have responsibility for costs and liabilities to meet their obligations.

“These allegations will neither distract the company’s focus on stopping the leak nor alter our commitment to restore the Gulf Coast,” Hayward said in yesterday’s statement.

Oh yes, that laser-like focus that Tony has on the disaster.

The BP chief executive’s decision to take time off to attend a yacht race around England’s Isle of Wight today may have created another public relations issue for the company.

“This has just been part of a long line of PR gaffes and mistakes,” White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said in reaction to photographs of Hayward sailing his boat off the coast of Britain.


Robert Wine, a BP spokesman for the company in Houston, told the Associated Press that prior to today, Hayward had not had a break since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded April 20, killing 11 workers and triggering the oil spill.

Hey, Tony!  Those families of those 11 men haven’t had a break either.  Neither have all those “small people” whose income has been erased.

BP appointed Robert Dudley, a U.S. citizen, to take charge of cleanup operations related to the spill in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this month. Hayward will remain in charge of the company. Hayward has shown strong leadership “from the very beginning” of the disaster, Dudley said in an interview yesterday at BP’s Washington office.


BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg told Sky News yesterday that Hayward was no longer controlling the day-to-day operations of the cleanup.

Anadarko by yesterday’s market close had plunged 42 percent in New York trading since April 20.

BP’s partners should be held accountable and should set aside money to pay their share, U.S. Representative Edward Markey said yesterday in an interview for Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital With Al Hunt.”


Co-owners of the project entered into a written agreement that BP would act as the operator and all parties would share the costs based on their ownership interests, including expenses to clean up any spill resulting from drilling, BP said in its statement.

The ruptured well may hold as much as 1 billion barrels, the Times reported, citing Rick Mueller, an analyst at Energy Security Analysis in Massachusetts. BP previously estimated the field contained 50 million to 100 million barrels of oil, the U.K. newspaper said.

The Wall Street Journal reported BP used a well design that has been called “risky” by Congressional investigators in more than one out of three of its deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico, according to an analysis of federal data.


Anadarko will consider what its remedies may be, John Christiansen, an Anadarko spokesman, said yesterday in an interview. Those options may include not paying BP’s bills or litigation. Anadarko previously said it was reviewing an invoice from BP on spill costs.

Hackett said that Anadarko recognizes it has “obligations under federal law related to the oil spill but will look to BP to continue to pay all legitimate claims as they have repeatedly stated that they will do.”


U.S. Representatives Henry Waxman of California and Bart Stupak of Michigan said in a June 14 letter to BP that “time after time, it appears that BP made decisions that increased the risk of a blowout to save the company time or expense.”

If that happened, the lawmakers said, “BP’s carelessness and complacency have inflicted a heavy toll on the Gulf, its inhabitants, and the workers on the rig.”

In a televised address June 15, President Barack Obama vowed he would make BP set aside however much is needed to “compensate the workers and business owners who have been harmed as a result of his company’s recklessness.”

The extent to which BP is seen as “the chief villain of the entire world helps Anadarko,” said Jeff Rensberger, a professor at the South Texas College of Law. A finding of negligence requires a determination that a party to a contract did something a reasonable person wouldn’t while gross negligence shows more recklessness, he said.

Even if BP is at fault, Rensberger said, Anadarko might still be liable if it’s determined that abnormally hazardous activities occurred at a project in which the company has an interest.

Anadarko also said yesterday that it will donate to Gulf Coast charities or civic agencies any revenue it is entitled to receive from oil recovered in cleanup efforts.


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29 responses to “Whistling in the Dark-o?

  1. Why are the bloody peasants giving Tony such a hard time?

    The man has actually had to work a few hours and pretend to care about small people. He needed to go hang around with some proper multi-millionaires.

    I mean, have you SEEN the things that they consider boats in the Gulf region? You can’t expect him to put up with this for too long without getting a decent break.

    Be reasonable!

    • and i bet poor tony had to relax after getting some botox treatments to take care of those furrowed lines he got in his forehead when he was testifying in congress and trying to look like he really gave a damn.

      • Actually, I think that that was makeup. He couldn’t actually make himself look like he cared, but he had makeup people put on some latex worry lines for him.

        Fear not, I’m sure that they pulled off just fine.

        • you are probably correct, wken. and how much you wanna bet that the prosthetic furrowed brow was made from petroleum-based products?

          • If there were any marks, they cleaned it up with petroleum jelly.

            By the way, I expect to hear that that’s being offered in school breakfasts soon. If we can’t do away with the school meals, we might as well let Halliburton make them out of oil, right?

            It is jelly after all, right?

  2. writechic

    Great poster! Spooky!

    But not nearly as terrifying as what the babies in the deep blue are facing: 😦

  3. Anadarko. Sheesh…it sounds like if I went into their headquarters, I would disappear without a trace. Just the name is enough to creep you out.

    -Hey Tony, wash the dishes.
    -No I did it last night.
    -Okay okay, geez, I’ll wash them. Just don’t say that anymore. Please.

    • the first thing i thought of when i saw the name was donnie darko. then i thought it would be a good name for a star wars villain. i googled to see where they got the name from. it’s a city in oklahoma, but it’s based in texas, so i don’t think that’s where they got the name from.

    • MNLatteLiberal

      That’s funny, dude. My association was similar, Anadarko = & a dark Co. And to the subject of the thread, it’s like a game of Marco Polo, the battle not to become “it”:
      – Anadarko!
      – Oil!
      – Anadarko!
      – Tony!
      ~ Latte

  4. So much finger pointing!

    I have a finger to point too– all of the companies who had a hand in it hold a piece of the liability.

    Ya hear that Halliburton???

    Remember when the 3 Stooges appeared together early on?
    BP pointed the finger @ Transocean, Transocean @ Halliburton & they shrugged & said they just did what they were told.

    Let’s disperse with the confusion~
    No need to dither!
    If you were involved, you hold liability.

    Halliburton was also involved in the previous oil well disaster August 2009 the Montara oil well in Australia.

    Plus Halliburton is making money in the Gulf clean up.

    Win win for them….. screw up & continue to find a way to profit.

    Bastards~ ALL of them.

    • Sort of like Curly in the basement of the fancy house screwing all those pipes together while encasing himself. I can hear the BP exec now saying “I got it Moe”. And all these Brits certainly know what stooge means in Ireland.

      • what does stooge mean in ireland?

        • During a promo tour The Three Stooges had to do a name change to The Three Gentlemen as to not offend anyone in Eire. It seems to be a popular slang as to “go home and stooge the wife” which also explains why RAF fighter command uses the term “stooging around” to mean cruising on patrol and waiting. To put it into southern American: “and he knew her”.

      • jeb

        You’re exactly right Fran. Anyone who made a profit on this venture is liable. If they had a meeting and discussed the need to invest more money to drill safer or drill faster to increase profits, it’s not a stretch to figure out what they’d all want behind closed doors.

        And how many of their other current ventures have they shutdown or reengineered at great expense to prevent a repeat of this disaster? They’re all criminally complicit and they all should pay and none of them should be allowed to come out unscathed!

        • i hope that, along with the corporate hacks, some of the people who worked in mms and scribbled in pen over what bp had written in pencil and who partied with lobbyists also get prosecuted. they took government money (their salaries) under false pretenses, and how much you want to bet they didn’t list those parties and gifts on their tax returns? time to clean house everywhere.

    • that’s the problem. they should stop pointing their fingers at each other and use them to figure out which way the wind is blowing. they might feel pretty cocky, because they’ve always gotten away with murder in the past, but i think (and hope) that it will be different this time.

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  6. I should have clicked on the original poster. I bet that’s the first time you’ve used Donnie Darko for one of your photomanips. Ever seen the movie? It’s a cult classic with a great soundtrack. Here’s my favorite song from the movie, which I loved even before it was used in the film.

    • this is the first and only time i’ve used donnie darko. i think i thought of the movie immediately when i heard the name anadarko, because i watched it just a few weeks ago. however, i fell asleep before the end. i’ll have to find it on on demand to watch the rest of it.