Delete the Press


The Democratic and Republican nominees for the U.S. Senate, Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk, gave their views on planning and environmental issues at a Metropolitan Planning Council lunch on Monday.

But the news was what happened afterward: Mr. Kirk literally ran out the hotel door rather than answer questions about a host of recent reports that he repeatedly has exaggerated his experience and credentials.

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The Peter Cottontail moment happened at the downtown Hyatt Regency, where about 1,000 folks were on hand for MPC’s annual big do.

Mr. Giannoulias, on the way in, stopped for a couple of minutes to chat with reporters.


Mr. Kirk arrived after lunch, coming in via a side door.

He spoke for about 20 minutes, than walked down from the dais to have his picture taken with MPC President MarySue Barrett.

As soon as that was done — with a swarm of TV cameras and reporters moving toward the front of the ballroom — Mr. Kirk bolted for a back door.

With media in hot pursuit, he raced through a Hyatt kitchen and into the back seat of a black SUV — I believe it was a Cadillac Escalade — which instantly peeled out.

Mr. Kirk, of course, has been under increasing scrutiny for falsely suggesting that he was named the naval intelligence officer of the year, commanded the Pentagon’s war room, came under fire while on active duty, and declaring he learned about the impact of guns while teaching at a British prep school for a year at an upstate New York nursery school.

In addition, a Pentagon official has said Mr. Kirk improperly engaged in political activities — media interviews and Tweets — while deployed overseas.

Mr. Kirk has not been available to discuss any of this, and obviously didn’t want to on Monday.


Frankly, I’m kinda stunned about this. Bad publicity is bad publicity, but there’s a way not to make it worse. Given that the congressman can’t hide until November, he’s going to have to confront those nasty reporters sooner or later.

Sound familiar? From David Weigel at Right Now at The Washington Post:

Washington Post colleague Paul Kane talked to Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) Tuesday and got an explanation of sorts for the decision of Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle to play Marcel Marceau with the political press.

You’re going to have complete, 100 percent access to her… it just makes sense at some point. But I think she needs to get staffed up and prepared.


Angle is continuing to talk to conservative media outlets, though — none are interested in asking about damaging stories appearing at places like TPM, but none are able to let her go without something strange coming out. For example, her chat with NRO’s [National Review Online] Robert Costa includes more more musings about Social Security privatization and, interestingly, a deflection of the charge that she backed a Scientology-sponsored prisoner rehab program that more or less defends the (please, nobody sue me) religion often accused of cultish tactics.

What we’re seeing here is a very slippery slope. Whenever religion becomes the focal point — we saw this during John F. Kennedy’s race and also, to some degree, in Mitt Romney’s race — whenever this becomes the focus, we Americans should be very, very concerned. We have a First Amendment that guarantees us all the right to worship as we please. We as Americans should, even if we don’t agree, should defend their right to have that right. It shouldn’t come into play in any political arena.


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22 responses to “Delete the Press

  1. The best interview is no interview at all. They know that they can dodge the press and at least attempt to avoid all controlled media, while still getting their “message” out to the sheep, er, public.

    • they can’t dodge them until november. it might be okay with voters if they don’t appear on the national shows, but when they flee from local reporters, that’s a whole other story.

  2. Friend of the court

    we don’t allow guns at our preschool.

  3. writechic

    Has it always been this nuts or am I just paying better attention? 😯

    • i think it’s gotten much more nuts, mostly because faux news facilitates and encourages the nuttiness. there have always been crazies (father coughlin and joe mccarthy), but when they pushed too far, responsible people cut them off. now, these people are encouraged to go even further with their nuttiness, because it’s good for ratings, and corporations find a way to profit from it.

      • writechic

        The religious right was pretty loud and creepy in the 80s…but yeah, I think you’re spot on about Fox enabling, cheerleading the nutters.

        • faux is just a cog in the wheel. corporations have taken over, and faux is just one part doing their dirty work. the tea parties would not have taken off without dick armey’s freedomworks financing them, and they wouldn’t have spread across the country without faux’s free advertising.

          it’s craziness. the stupid teabaggers don’t realized that they’re doing the dirty work of the very people who want to screw them over.

          • writechic

            I think a lot of the teabaggers do know and are hoping for scraps off the table from the masters. Fat chance.

            • i think those at the top of the food chain are getting money for their efforts, but i think the average teabagger is just a moronic sheep who is either too lazy to do any research or is too caught up in the cultish atmosphere.

      • Ugh, Father Coughlin. I know I promised a diary on the man, but now I really have to follow through. I pass by his former church twice a day. Beautiful place, horrid man.

        • i remember you promising a father coughlin diary. i didn’t know you passed his church every day. you should take some pix to illustrate the diary.

          speaking of priests, did you see father guido sarducci on the colbert report tonight? so hilarious! don novello has aged well. he looks very much the same as he used to.

          • When I promised that diary, I lived 45 miles away from his church and worked 6 miles away. I’ve since moved and it’s right down the street from me. It reminds me twice a day of my promise as I pass it. Oh, well, at least I’m only 7 miles away from work!

          • Sorry, I missed Guido Sarducci on Colbert. That would have been hilarious.

  4. Seems to be the new strategy…..
    dodge the press so you have no gaffes.

    • it wouldn’t be a total failure as a strategery, except that sharron obtuse angle and little randy paul think it’s okay to talk to conservative propaganda outlets. they don’t realize that media outside those outlets can hear them spewing their rightwingnut crap and show them to be the idiots they are.

  5. I would like to see Corny get “staffed”!

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