La Shriek, C’est Chic!


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) lashed out at White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on Twitter earlier this week, telling him “u lie” for saying that many Republicans agree with Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) that the White House shook down BP to create a $20 billion escrow fund to help Gulf families. Of course, Barton’s sentiment is not unique among conservatives, as Palin herself proved today. Taking to Twitter once again, Palin urged, “GOP: Don’t let the lamestream media suck you into ‘they’re defending BP over Gulf spill victims’ bs…” She followed up by urging her followers to “read Thomas Sowell’s article,” which compares President Obama to Hitler […]

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If followers click on the link they will see that Sowell, under the headline, “Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny?” argues that the escrow fund is just like the Enabling Act, which “gave Hitler dictatorial powers that were used for things going far beyond the relief of the German people — indeed, powers that ultimately brought a rain of destruction down on the German people and on others.” On Tuesday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) endorsed Sowell’s ludicrous Hitler-Obama comparison on House floor, calling the columnist “brilliant,” before quoting several lines from the piece. “It’s difficult to overstate how absurd all of this is,” Political Correction noted.

(Copy of Tweet at link)


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38 responses to “La Shriek, C’est Chic!

  1. MNLatteLiberal

    If the good folks at Twitter had a sense of humor, they’d yank Palin’s account and cite for the reason:
    a) that someone /obviously/ broke into her account again to be posting something THIS stupid;
    b) a link with an article about the freedom of speech, /in futile hopes she gets the irony/;
    c) that Palin is being investigated by a Congressional Panel /belatedly convened following Rep. Bachmann’s request/ for her anti-American and unpatriotic activities and speaking against her President at a time of war;
    d) exceeding account lifetime allotment of bullshit in less than six months;
    e) don’t tell her the reason, just sign the note “lamestream media”
    f) deny she ever had a Twitter account.

    Now, I am not suggesting Twitter do that; I merely suggest the humor value at shutting down her sole remaining avenue for making herself more irrelevant.

    ~ Latte

    PS: Poor Lilly “…’cause we are the phone company” Tomlin. Her blue/green renewable colors ensemble is wasted on the Princess…

    • hilarious! however, i have to take issue with D. i think she used up her allotment of bs in less than 6 words, not 6 months. she deserves a permanent fail whale.

      • MNLatteLiberal

        oh, nonnie, to-MAY-toe/po-TAH-toh.

        Let’s not quibble over the units, let’s just agree on 6. Meanwhile, “I give you yet another topic. Talk amongst yourselves, discuss”:

        1) Consider the 140 character limit of her medium, Sarah does have to be even more dense than ever before!

        2) See if you can track how she’s been able to increase her already impressive stupidity/consonant (stupidity per consonant) ratio in every new tweet!

        3) Consider her time limits too: how hurried, paranoid and watched she must feel under constant scrutiny from mere 15 feet away . You know how she ABHORS being the center of attention, never mind news. And here is a guy writing a book about ‘lil ‘ole her! Every time she hits a letter on her keyboard, she has to look over her shoulder! First Putin rearing his ugly head, now Joe McGinniss.

        4) Imagine her fretting, her pain before every “send” click: What would Jesus post?”

        5) Is there enough tinfoil in all of Wasilla for all the shielding she needs?

        ~ L

        • silly latte! do you really think that princess is really writing all her own tweets? she might send one out every once in a while, but then she has an army of people who tweet under her name afterward in order to clean up the mess she made.

    • Latte, if you’re complaining about stupidity on Twitter, there’s worse than Princess Sarah. Trust me.

  2. jeb

    I agree. The President has bypassed Congress, taken arbitrary decisions, crafted very suspect legal opinions to support policy and made the Executive Branch supreme without advice and consent. In short The President and Vice President especially have consistently bypassed the will of the people.

    Oh wait, I should have written that when Bu$hCheneyCo was in charge. It’s amazing how coveniently they craft their arguments to reflect every bad thing the administration they so glowingly supported did and blame it on the current administration which has been trying to operate within the rule of law.

    I opt for C Latte. Investigate the Hell out of her and all of those who criticize the President during a time of war since we were all told so sternly for long what a no-no that was. Just the hypocrites though. Let those of us who still believe in the Constitution carry on as before.

    • i don’t think princess can even spell constitution. she’s never read it, and she has no idea what’s in it. she has no sense of history. she’s an idiot.

  3. We already know Palin’s mantras
    Drill baby drill
    Kill baby kill
    Shill & schrill baby …..

    Easy for the loser quitter to be the effing armchair critic.
    She wants to tell the president how to run things?

    Says the 1/2 term hockey Mom, mayor of Wasilla.
    Go tend to your illegal legal fund issue
    Sarah P.
    We’d tell you how to do your job…. but you don;t have one.
    One way guest speaker w no media allowed…
    man those interested sure do fit the bill—
    there’s a sucker born every minute.

    • politicians need advice on policy from princess like actors need advice on acting from bristol. 😆 did you see it? she’s so bad, it’s hilarious!

      i wonder if she wrote her lines on her palm. she wouldn’t have to worry about sweat smearing the words. wood doesn’t sweat. 😆

  4. It’s that old slippery slope again! Will these idiots ever understand that power was not “siezed” in Germany. The combined Riechstag votes of the NSDAP and Zentrum (Catholic Center) gave a parlimentary majority to the power brokers who thought they could get von Papen declared Chancellor but bad Adolf woundn’t take #2 and finagled out the appointment from Hindenburg who absolutely detested the Austrian. Burning the Riechstag led to the Patriot, er, I mean Enabling Act in 1934 but it wasn’t the first. A year earlier the military regime in Warsaw passed the “Act of Enabling” which was bad news for any non-Polska residents. And they set up concentration camps. As you can see, the details of history can be embaressing. Good thing they didn’t grab any land when the Czechs were going down in spring 39. Oh wait, they did. So did Hungary. But I digress….It is really a strech to compare the voluntary BP relief fund to Reich goings ons. The direct comparison of goper nazi talk is the same as the young boys in this country who endlessly use the phrase “thats gay” for everything. And I just got through reading the Princess screed (Turloc) over at Palingates. This is remarkably bad, even for her. It flows like a stick shift transmission with a bad sychronizer and no clutch. I can’t wait for her next book: MY STRUGGLE

    • the funny thing is (funny in a pathetic sorta way), if you suggested my struggle as the name of her new book, she’d probably think that’s a great idea.

  5. Palin spoke here recently at a $100 a plate republican’t fund raiser. She had a 3 point focus in her pre-fab speech:

    1. Undo all that Obama has done.
    2. Drill Baby Drill
    3. She is a victim of the media.

    Sarah sails through her keynote $peaker gigs by following this strategy:

    A. No media allowed
    B. No recording devices allowed
    C. She releases a pre approved photo by her personal photographer

    Sarah is a one way street, doing her pathetic dog & pony show, and people are buying it.

    When asked if she will run for president in 2012, she answers if god says so.

    Let’s hope god tells her she’d have to answer questions by the media AND that god tells her NO.

  6. Roto-Rooter

    Where Rep. Louie Gohmert and Senator Jeff Sessions separated at birth?

    • hello roto-rooter,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀 i’ve opined before that i think that jefferson beauregard sessions and joe barton look like they could be brothers born to first cousins. louie gohmert is probably their first cousin/half-brother. 😉

  7. Besides ripping off movie posters and making snarky comments do you actually have anything of substance to offer? By ANY measure the great liberal shell game has failed and failed miserably, effectively killing the Democrat Party. Yet the best you can offer those suffering at the hands of the liberal incompetence is juvenile one liners? Really? Do you even care that people are hurting?

    Instead of reliving your masturbatory anti-Bush glory days years why don’t make yourself useful? Fix what you have helped to destroy – and stopping ripping off with off people’s design work. Not cool.

    • jeb

      Sorry Nonnie. Illuscon has convinced me of the error of my ways. It’s all my fault for supporting policies that try to ensure fair and equitable treatment of the people of our country. I’ll be attending Palin rallies from now on, cheering on endless wars, promoting unregulated oil drilling and building my shrine to Michelle Bachmann.

      Thanks Illuscon. Am I cool now?

      • and don’t you have relatives in texas, jeb? illuscon is a big governor little ricky goodhair fan. over at his blog, he touts little ricky’s brilliance. you really should tell them all to vote for little ricky now that he’s gotten an endorsement from illuscon.

        • jeb

          Some of my relatives don’t need to be told to vote for GH because he’s got an R and that’s all they need. My other relatives wouldn’t vote for him if you held a gun to their hair.

    • “stopping ripping off with off [sic] people’s design work. Not cool.”

      Is your avatar your original work?
      Looks like you ripped off Joe Shuster, the artist who created Superman and his logo— or the asshat that you are ripping off did— either way, it makes you a hypocrite.

      What’s worse, you have the ignorant gall to question a stranger’s compassion?? But just what is it you’re offering besides a discredited approach to everything based on selfishness, hate, and stupidity?

      Instead of trolling and criticizing sites superior to yours in every way, in what smells like some self-serving “masturbatory” dissemination of your ignorance— why don’t you make yourself “useful” by getting a life and an education; a consistent set of real personal values — maybe even some self-respect.
      Making a complete ass of yourself here does nothing for you—or what you think you believe.

    • MNLatteLiberal

      dear troll,
      Please take note that since there is no Democrat Party, there is nothing to kill. But thank you for your concern. It’s always nice when neocons feign caring for the fate of the liberals. It gives me a soft and cuddly feeling.

      The party you are concerned about is called “Democratic Party”. You’d think after all the foaming at the mouth about the alleged Democratic failures and heartache about the progressive future, you’d point out a Republican Party success or two. Like, you know, what they’ve done for the people. A two hour talk show today produced a single, yet doubtful (doubtful as to whether it was a GOP initiative) success: that of restricting unsolicited telemarketing calls.

      If you are not a troll, you ought to be able to cough up a couple of recent GOP feats for the people. Otherwise, we’ll know whose shell game you are playing. All eager in antici-

      wait for it

      wait for it

      still waiting?


      wait for it

      pation. Till then,
      Carry on,
      ~ Latte, an avid protector of intellectual property.

      PS: you ought to learn a thing or two about arts, copyright, intellectual property or anything cerebral in general. Otherwise, your future as an blog art critic is doomed. I only say this because I too care about your future.

      • i wonder if imbeciles like illuscon call it the democrat party, because they can’t add anything that sounds like i see to it, because they never do see. they don’t really want to understand anything, whether it be the truth or any kind of empathetic feeling. they just want to make sure that they get theirs, and the hell with everyone else.

    • no, i have nothing of substance to offer, but at least i don’t go around the internets dropping turds in other people’s punchbowls. i’d be flattered that you are so interested in my day-to-day activities, but i have a feeling that the only reason you bothered to type a comment is that you dropped your lubricant while you were trolling for pix of princess sarah to whack off to, and you figured you’d type something while your hands were uncharacteristically free.

      there, i’ve been a proper hostess and replied to you. that will be the first and last time, because i don’t waste my time on anyone who actually thinks rick perry is smart. 😆 (<–that's me laughing at you)

      • I was going to remark recently about how troll free the raisin has been but I waited too long. “Masturbatory”??? Is that a real word? Maybe a place where men (of course) in white coats invent new sex acts and fantasies. Or maybe a telescope high up on the hill where wankers can look into girls windows and….!! Seems like election time is bringing them out like swarming crickets. Or did you do up a batch of TrollHouse cookies?

        • it’s my fault, jerry. i was supposed to put out the troll repellent, but i forgot. i think the heat is getting to me.

          p.s. your definition of masturbatory is hilarious. much more entertaining than the troll.

        • jeb

          And if you don’t like the intellectual slant of the masturbatory, you can indulge in Roman Culture and hang out in the Masturbatorium. I’m sure they even play such classics as “Rosie”, “Dancing By Myself” or “I Think I’m Turning Japanese.”

  8. MNLatteLiberal

    Btw, nonnie, off-topic, but the future is unfolding:

    McChrystal just announced his retirement from the military service. It’s moving a bit faster than even I thought. In a couple-few weeks we’ll know where this bird lands.

    ~ L

    • i know. i’m still going with my theory that he subconsciously screwed up on purpose so he could leave the service (not putting any money on his wanting to be a ballerina though 😉 ).

  9. Joanaroo

    Man, you know, if the constant GOPer bitching on the House floor coverage on C-SPAN didn’t squirm its way into your inner ear, climb in your cranium, hit your L-triptophan switch and knock you out cold, and make you miss these gems of misunderestimated paranoia by the GOPer hosers, uh Housers, I’d actually get plenty of laughs per mile from these sorry excuses for government representation!

  10. Joanaroo

    I seem to remember in the previous prez’s 8 year reign from the Bowels of Hell that the GOPers had a bout of constipatory rage when me and other uber liberals had the unmitigated gall to call the fabulous Dubya a Hitler. It sure is different though when the shoe is on the other foot and up your blocked colon as well! I’m waiting for the day when the GOPers take and remove the head of Saint Ronald, reanimate it as the little Frankensteins that they are and make him a candidate in the 2012 election. Since he’s oniy a head, term limits don’t count. I mean every election since he left office, the GOPers invoke his holy name in their wailing and gnashing of teeth of days gone by.

  11. Joanaroo

    By the way, I’ve heard on the black market there’s a product called the Ronnie Rocket made to certain specs. It’s made for conservative ladies only, comes in a discreet carry case and plays Hail To The Chief in moments of ecstasy. Star Wars 0, Ronnie Rocket hero.

    • 😆 is it realistic? and by realistic, i mean wrinkled and smelly and only works when you pump it full of viagra. never mind, i really don’t want to know.