Guns ‘n Poses

From Rough Sketch at The Washington Post:

Arizona voters who don’t pull the lever for Republican congressional candidate Pamela Gorman have this to consider: She just might shoot them.

Gorman, in a new ad, fires a machine gun and pistols scores of times as a goofy sounding announcer calls this year “our best shot at changing Congress. ‘Course that all depends on the caliber of our candidates.”

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Gorman, identified by the announcer as a “conservative Christian and a pretty fair shot,” is seen blowing up the word “TAXES” in a graphic. “Gorman, she can take care of herself,” the voice says.

A soft, feminine voice then says: “I’m Pamela Gorman and I approve this message.” The ad ends in a hail of gunfire.


Arizona Republican congressional candidate Pamela Gorman shoots four separate firearms, including an automatic rifle, in her latest ad.

The ad splices together glamour shots of Gorman, a state senator, with her firing off rounds in the Arizona desert.


[…] Gorman shoots two separate pistols and an assault rifle. And in one shot she is even instructing a boy how to fire a gun.The ad goes on to tout her 100 percent rating from the National Rifle Association.


Gordon is competing against a half-dozen other Republicans in the North Phoenix district’s GOP primary for an open seat vacated by Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.).

Here’s the ad in case you missed it, kids:


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31 responses to “Guns ‘n Poses

  1. Joanaroo

    I guess because the GOPers, Christian or otherwise, at least claim to be sexually repressed and stifling those urges, the gun takes care of all the orgasmic expressions they would be having otherwise. You notice this woman (That’s no lady!) was shooting a variety of size guns which could be compared to something else that a man likes to shoot! She needs a Ronnie Rocket or next thing GOPer ladies will make a gun-shaped joystick.

  2. Joanaroo

    In Chicago they reported that in the mostly black populated sections of town people are suffering gun fatigue because of so many gun deaths. Mayor Daily is going to try to do something and ironically the man who challenged him is black, but I see his point. He’s older and needs protection in case of home invasion. But the Repubs in SCOTUS ran with that. But near us in Chester, PA the black mayor is having curfews because the crime down there is so bad. Philly and Chester have had gun amnesty days where people get money for guns. Even if people have guns for protection, like the man in Chicago, the criminals can get black market guns on the streets easy. So these gun-happy GOPers don’t help anything making guns look like so much fun! With all this GOPer Wild West Fever we’ll see how many GOPer kids shoot themselves when Dad does like one guy running for office in Tenn. does and brags about – sleeping with a loaded pistol under his pillow!

    • i never got the whole gun thing. i’ve never owned one, and i hope i never have to. as far as i’m concerned, if you want to have a gun, you should have to take a safety course, pass a test, and get a license and registration. that’s what you have to do to drive a car, so i don’t see any problem doing the same with a gun.

  3. MNLatteLiberal

    Wow. Never heard of her; thanks for sharing, nonnie. This is like a Caribou Barbie and Bachmann all rolled up into one and…and I want to say all substance removed, but geez… No, she makes Bachmann look like Einstein. Pamela seems to have no agenda but to shoot guns and boast about her 100% NRA rating. Wow.

    This begs the traditional Christian values question:
    WWJS? (Whom would Jesus shoot?). I have a business proposition for you, nonnie.

    This is my greatest marketing idea yet: Jesus Gun ™. We market and sell Jesus Guns. On the butt of the thing, you’d have a holy vision with el hijo del dio’s hands converging in a prayer right on the trigger. We donate all profits to DNCC.

    The “real” Jesus Gun ™ would sell like hotcakes at all the gun shows and is sure to get an endorsement of both wacky wings of the GOP: the NRA loyalist Christians and the fiscal conservative Christians. We’d have to set up a dummy GOP organization. I am thinking Tea Party. Oh, wait… Iced Tea Party?

    The toy versions we can sell to the future terrorists two threads ago.

    ~ Latte, chuck full of ideas.

    • i wonder if princess sarah will endorse her. i’m thinking she won’t, because she’s better looking than princess and younger. princess might have to challenge her to a moose-dressing in the field.

      i think the jesus gun™ would be a big hit, especially with the little homeschooled fundie kids.

      p.s. all gop organizations are dummy organizations. 😉

  4. It’s one thing to be generally supportive of Second Amendment rights …

    It’s another to be a fruitcake obsessive gun-nut.

  5. Joanaroo

    I was thinking along the line of WWJS, but Who Would Judas Shoot? Would he have shot himself after the cock crowed the final time? Would he have shot the rooster to shut him up and to have a decent chicken dinner later? Or would he have done what usually happens to leaders that make a big difference, and shot Jesus before he was crucified? Had handguns been invented back then, would Jesus have died from a bullet-and if so, would GOPers be so stuck on guns had Jesus been murdered with one? At least the GOPers don’t go around yelling “My second amendment rights say I have a right to bear a cross to crucify you!

  6. Isn’t it interesting that gopers playing the religion card and elevate the gun to the level of the cross don’t seem to understand that getting pierced with bullets has been compared as the closest thing to being crucified. Do comedy writers come up with Pamys ads? We never really see what she is shooting at but, being republican, one can only assume everything. Can’t figure out exactly what kind of replica knock off she is firing, but if she was shooting a real Thompson submachinegun, it would walk her around in circles like a character out of the cartoons.

    • jerry, how close are you to where the hurricane is? stay safe!

      some people are commenting that calamity pammy doesn’t appear to be an expert with a gun after all. from one of andrew sullivan’s readers:

      Maybe this is a quibble. But as the son and grandson of gunsmiths, and a former military expert rifleman, I just wanted to point out how godawful that Palin wannabe’s shooting form is. Especially with the pistol: she leans back, doesn’t square her stance, and squeezes the trigger indiscriminately before the muzzle is settled. We call that “sprayin’ and prayin’”. (Also, I wonder if she or the shooting range had the required federal licensing for that Thompson submachine gun.)

      This, to me, is the ultimate in Tea Party posturing: someone who has no clue about guns, their lethality, or their regulations, trying desperately to appeal to gun nuts as their savior. It’s about as sensible as Rick Barber, a guy who’s never read history, trying to claim the mantle of the Founding Fathers.

      • Not to worry, in Texas you are always 500 miles or more away from anything going on. Back in ’04 a cat 4 hurricane hit the Kingsville section between Brownsville and Corpus Christi and caused NO damage because there aint nothing down there but the King Ranch. And it is a wonder that dopey dame didn’t plug the cameraman.

        • i heard that the storm lost power before it hit texas too badly. it still makes me uneasy that there was a hurricane so early in the season. i hope that’s not a sign of what might be coming later on. anyway, glad you’re okay.

          i was thinking the same thing about her plugging the cameraman. i was waiting for the picture to suddenly turn 90° as the cameraman fell to the ground, wounded.

  7. Joanaroo

    We-e-ell, my name is Pamela Gorman and I love my guns! If you don’t like them I’ll kick you right in your pinko buns! The liberuls and the Democrats, they think I’m nuts but they’re all dirty rats, And me, Palin and Bachmann are all total crazy dingbats! Yes a gun can be a ladies’ best friend! Sometimes it can be more exciting than the men! And the Dems on guns are allways too soft! And- oh hell I just shot my damn off!

  8. Joanaroo

    Ah, fudge! That should end Ah- hell I just shot my damn foot off! I need a 5-hour Energy shot myself!

    • i’m sitting here watching the kagan hearings, and the gun nuts are on, saying that kagan shouldn’t be confirmed, because she doesn’t go to bed at night, hugging a semi-automatic weapon, and she doesn’t realize that having a gun is a divine right. i swear i will never, ever understand these people. the importance they put on their guns is just beyond me.

  9. Joanaroo

    I know, Nonnie. My dad used to hunt but he kept his guns unloaded and stored away with the ammo on a shelf, all in a locked closet. We kids never bothered with guns or hunting, even though one of my uncles was going to teach me how to target shoot, but time went by and that never happened. I used to play even the early video games with target shooting and don’t even play the hunting video games because I love animals and wildlife too much (and this oil spill and what it’s doing to animals is killing me.). In college my ROTC friend taught me to target shoot with a pistol and it was fun, but I have as much enjoyment with the video game version and it’s safer. My friend taught me to shoot spinning targets and I had empty cans flying in the air and that kind of stuff and moving video targets is what I like on the arcade games. Now I see they have plastic bottles you can set on a shelf with a laser receiver in them and you get a plastic gun with a low level laser in it (like what a laser pointer has) and you can use it for target shooting. I never owned a gun and when my dad stopped hunting because of arthritis, he sold them to a gun store. He had rifles and I had no reason to want one. Gun ownership just never was a priority with me. Now I have been fishing and like the solitude, but that’s been almost 40 years ago. And I wouldn’t clean the fish. That was my dad’s job! Now I just play my Bassmaster reel shape video game which lets you set everything like you were out on the water.

    • though i’ve never done it myself, i can understand people who like to hunt or target shoot. i don’t understand why some feel like that have to have arsenals.