Re-Angling (Oh Brother!) Circus

From Alex Pareene at  Salon:

Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle gave in and did a half-hour interview on Las Vegas TV last night. She did not completely embarrass herself, because she’s been coached well enough to know to not respond to hostile questions with anything remotely resembling a coherent statement of her actual beliefs.

But she still said some really dumb stuff, because she is a nut.

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My favorite bit (and Harry Reid’s favorite bit) was when she explained her statement that “the separation of church and state” is “un-American” by both defending the concept and claiming Thomas Jefferson didn’t really mean it.

“Actually, Thomas Jefferson has been misquoted like I’ve been misquoted out of context,” she said.


Angle’s beef with the establishment clause was revealed in 1995, when she spoke out against a school vouchers program that excluded religious schools. Fun fact: Thomas Jefferson actually drafted Virginia’s Statute of Religion Freedom in order to block a plan by Patrick Henry that would’ve required Virginians to pay taxes to support churches. Not one established state church, but a plurality of denominations. That seems to clarify Jefferson’s position slightly.


But this was just one example, of many, of Angle explaining or defending prior statements by not really saying anything. Did she call the unemployed “spoiled”? Not at all:

“I said it has spoiled our citizenry; that’s a little different. They’re not spoiled. What has happened is the system of entitlement has caused us to have a spoilage with our ability to go out and get a job.”

Just a spoilage with our ability to go out and get a job. That makes much more sense.

What did Sharron Angle mean by “Second Amendment remedies”? “I was speaking broadly, as you saw, about the Constitution, and that was the context of that rhetoric,” she explained.

Is it, as Angle said recently, not the job of a U.S. senator to create jobs? And if it isn’t, isn’t it weird to attack Harry Reid for the job situation? Angle: “Certainly the job of a U.S. senator is to create a climate conducive to creating jobs, which is lower taxes and less government regulation.”

So there you have it: Everything Sharron Angle has ever said was taken out of context, and what she actually meant was either something about Harry Reid or a sound bite about taxes.

(Video at the Salon link)

Well, kids, I guess that Sharron the Obtuse Angle has figured out that some of her core beliefs are not very popular with the public at large.  From KVVU‘s FOX5NEWS:

LAS VEGAS — Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle underwent a makeover of sorts Thursday, unveiling a new website that all but eliminated some of the political positions that propelled her to victory in the primary election.

Gone is Angle’s controversial stance on Social Security and her call to have the system “transitioned out” in favor of free market alternatives.That rhetoric has been replaced by a call to put Social Security in a “lockbox” and “create personalized accounts for the next generation that cannot be raided.”


A poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal last week […] found the proposal to phase out Social Security was deeply unpopular with voters, with 48 percent saying they were “very uncomfortable” with the idea.

Angle’s declaration that the Department of Education is unconstitutional has also been scrubbed from her website. The former schoolteacher has called for the agency to be eliminated and said all education decisions should be made at the state and local level.

The redesigned website also eliminates Angle’s position on the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. There is no mention of her support for the project, which would send the country’s nuclear waste to a facility 90 miles from Las Vegas.

In the past, Angle has argued that Yucca Mountain would create jobs and the suggested Nevada be promoted as the nuclear energy capital of reprocessing spent fuel.


In a radio interview with Bill Manders on Jan. 25, Sharron Angle — the GOP candidate and Tea Party darling challenging Harry Reid for Nevada’s U.S. Senate seat — came out firmly against abortion. She even took the extreme position that women should not have control over their reproductive rights in cases of rape or incest, because it would interfere with God’s “plan” for them:

MANDERS: Is there any reason at all for an abortion?

ANGLE: Not in my book.

MANDERS: So, in other words, rape and incest would not be something?

ANGLE: You know, I’m a Christian, and I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations and we need to have a little faith in many things.

If Angle got some dread disease, I guess she wouldn’t bother going to a doctor who could cure her. After all, the divine plan would take care of whether or not she lives, wouldn’t it?

Recently, former Republican congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich, the first woman from Nevada to hold federal office, said she may not even vote for Angle. “She’s very rigid and I have a little bit of trouble understanding her positions,” Vucanovich said. “So I’m not out there waving the flag. She’s a very difficult person.”

The far right has embraced Angle’s anti-choice position. She has said that while it won’t be “the most prominent issue in Nevada’s Senate race,” she “will show voters the difference between Reid and me on abortion: He flip-flops on the issues.” She added that more people are identifying as “pro-life” because the issue “has been framed in a more positive way.”

(Audio at the THINK PROGRESS link)


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32 responses to “Re-Angling (Oh Brother!) Circus

  1. JaxDem

    Well now, seems to me God has a plan for Harry Reid to set his campaign on cruise control.

    Maybe Sharron tried marijuana too:

    “Sarah Palin has admitted she tried marijuana several years ago, but she did not like it. She said it distorted her perceptions, impaired her thinking, and she’s hoping that the effects will eventually wear off.” —Jay Leno

    These gals along w/Batshit Bachmann are a comedy writer’s dream.

    Good work nonnie, and one quick question…Did Thomas Jefferson really say that…seriously???

    • hey jaxdem! 🙂

      sharron has that rictus smile, so maybe she’s high all the time. then again, if that’s her normal state, she should be smoking something.

      thomas jefferson came to me in a dream last night, and those were his exact words. he had more to say about sharron the obtuse angle, but i don’t want to embarrass him by quoting him. i was really surprised he knew so many dirty words! 😉

  2. I’m both a Christian and a pro-lifer, as you know.

    Angle’s answer demonstrates that she isn’t even prepared to think about the difficult questions. If she couldn’t do any better than that, she should have at least fallen back on the “rape and incest are [some tiny percentage] of all abortions, I’m talking about truly elective abortion” answer.

    I am not convinced that rape, child molestation, or “Second Amendment remedies” are part of any kind of divine plan.

    Interesting that she’s a rigid Christian when it comes to abortion, but worries about how spoiled the unemployed are when we give them enough money to survive on. ‘Cause Jesus never did care about the poor, I guess …

    • i was hoping you’d comment, wken. it’s amazing that people like sharron the obtuse angle think they can pick and choose what happens by divine design and what doesn’t. i wonder what she thinks about infertile couples doing anything and everything in order to become pregnant (including freezing embryos that they know will be destroyed later). would she say that, just like rape and incest victims who are impregnated, that’s just divine design, or would she support them? i bet that, if the infertile couples were white and christian, she’d vote for insurance having to cover their infertility treatments.

      i think she’s a despicable person. she doesn’t care about victims of rape or incest, and she thinks unemployed people are just spoiled. one day, someone she knows and loves will fall on hard times. i bet she won’t be so dismissive then.

      • I don’t know how much you’ve seen of certain religious leaders who say that God made such-and-such disaster happen as payback for something-or-other. (Hurricane Katrina was because of either the debauchery of New Orleans or because we betrayed Israel, for example.) But I haven’t seen anyone yet say that two disasters that have killed 40 people and threaten to destroy much of the Gulf of Mexico have any connection to God being mad at us for using fossil fuels.

        That’s because people like that — and like Angle — drop God’s name when it’s convenient, and drop Him when it’s not.

        I knew a woman who was pregnant, but her baby was developing without a brain.

        She aborted the pregnancy for the simple reason that the baby was not alive. While in the womb, her body was able to make it look alive, but the baby simply wasn’t. It was heartbreaking, she was crushed.

        What hurt her most, though, was the number of her “friends” who turned on her. She was given speeches not totally unlike this crap Angle is dishing — “God can use this kind of thing, it’s a test of your faith, blah, blah … oh, I get to go home to my ivory tower now while your life sucks.”

        I think it was Gandhi who said that he liked Jesus, but he didn’t think that a lot of Christians did. He had a point.

        • i remember years ago watching a hearing on tv. a woman was testifying before a congressional panel. she was talking about how she was pregnant (i think in her 6th or 7th month), and the baby was so deformed that if it had been born, it would have died an extremely horrible and painful death within hours of being born. she chose to have an abortion. it was so obvious that she was in pain just talking about it. henry hyde was one of the questioners. he called her a murderer. i was so angry, i wished i could ram my hand through the tv set and punch his fat sanctimonious face. they so easily cast judgment on people in whose shoes they have never been unfortunate enough to stand. i despised henry hyde from the day i saw that until the day he died. i hope it’s very hot where he is now.

        • It was Ghandi, but the quote goes as follows.

          “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

          Still applies to Obtuse Angle.

  3. I’m a non-christian & a pro choicer, in short my wingnut-o-meter is in the red zone!
    Anyone in favor of having their own State (or any state for that matter) as a nuclear dumping ground has to be a missing a few cards in the deck.

    Playing the Thomas Jefferson card???

    Just wrong.

    • i think nevadans should say that they’ll okay the nuclear dump, as long as she agrees to live right next to it. she shouldn’t have any qualms about that, since she must think it’s pretty safe, right? i mean, far right?

      • So right, she’s wrong!

        Gotta wonder if Princess Palin feels like she is a copy cat. Palin already cornered the female politician w assault weapon genre. Ahh but Sarah holds the Ex beauty Queen title as well.

        • i think princess would be most threatened by spamashot (oooh! i hope neon vincent doesn’t mind that i expanded on his nickname for pammy). she’s looks a lot younger than princess, she’s the new gun-crazies’ poster girl, and she’s better-looking than princess.

  4. Like the TJ quote! When will folks get it through their collective heads that “wall of separation” predates Jefferson over a hundred years. The whole reason Williams mention and wrote on the subject was the blatant hypocrisy in the English church system and how it was used to manipulate folks and didn’t have a whole lot to do with faith. Angle lives in the rarefied world of wealth so suffering on any level shouldn’t bother her any more than it would Boner and his $88,000 spent out of campaign money for golf. She better not mess with Gov. Perrys plan to dump all those waste barrels out in west Texas , on the open ground so we can shoot ’em with guns!!

    • the tj quote was sort of a sequel. remember when mlk jr. and gandhi channeled their thoughts through me a while back? who knows, this might become a running theme. 😉

      • Is that a good idea? Look what Madam Bovinski did back in the 1870s and it’s dire aftermath. Channel responsibly!

        • ok, i googled, and i still don’t know who madam bovinski is.

          don’t worry, i’m responsible. i never channel and drive.

            • thank you, neon vincent. i’d never heard of her before.

              • I stand corrected, victim of trying to remember things at 3AM. She was big on the aryan crap and personally endorsed the swastika as a symbol of the future greatness. Another product of the silliness the Fox sisters started with the spiritist movement. Doesn’t Blavatsky sound like that cheap beer that used to sell for $1.99 a case?

                • blavatsky made me think of bluto from animal house, but i would imagine that blutarsky (bluto) would have been quite pleased with a beer named blavatsky.

                  i was reading about madam b at wiki. she denied being an anti-semite and insisted that she said that jews were aryans, too. of course, most anti-semites insist they aren’t anti-semetic, just as racists insist they aren’t racist. she sounds like she was just a fruitcase in the mold of princess sarah. she stole ideas from other people to aggrandize herself without understanding what she was really saying.

  5. Church Tax- the Congregationilist collected a mandatory church tax in Massachusetts and Connecticut up to 1832.

    • in my opinion, i think churches should pay taxes now. they use services, and so many of them are political, so why shouldn’t they pay?

  6. jeb

    This diary ties in with the Gomert Pyle theory on baby terrorists. I think his point is proven.

    I mean here is another middle-aged white woman Rethug who is out to destroy the country. When you start counting them up, Tommy Gun Pammy, Princess, Batshit, et al, can you really tell me honestly that this not some part of an evil conspiracy to bring America to it’s knees? There’s just too much evidence to the contrary to ignore here. We’re suddenly innundated with an Armey of vacuous, self-serving really mean women! Where are they all coming from?

    • louie the gohmert (i just decided to call him that, because gohmert sounds like some kind of nasty little rodent, and that describes him perfectly) just doubled down on his manchurian baby warnings. this is what he cited as proof last night:

      Some of us were traveling to the Middle East last August, a year ago. And a lady on the plane was telling one of our group that they were about to have their second granddaughter. Her husband was with Hamas, her grand — I’m sorry her son-in-law was with Hamas. And that they were going to do with the second as they did with the first grandchild. Daughter is going to come to America right before it’s born on a tourist visa. Have the baby. They just like the option of having American citizens in the family…

      We’re bringing them over here on tourist visas, some illegally, letting them be born here and saying this is an American citizen. So come back in 20, 25 years when you’re ready to blow us up.

      yeah, that’s the only evidence you need.

      • Ummm … she’s discussing this?


        Their sneaky plan to breed American citizen Hamas terrorists … and they’re chatting up folks on the plane about it?

        What’s scary is that people believe this crap.

        • louie the gohmert is talking about it. sharron the obtuse angle is too busy disparaging rape victims and the unemployed. thankfully, sue myrick is around to warn of hezbollah sneaking into the country through mexico.

          is it scary that people actually vote for these nutcases?

  7. i thought it would be harder to get my moronic and deranged than Bachmann – i was wrong (i am always wrong when it comes to this)

    Sharron Angle is about as fucked up as it gets – when i saw the quote about unemployed people all i could say was – “one day you too will be unemployed and lets see how many people come to your aid. may you sleep in the street and eat dead rats and cardboard.”

    worse than Angle – are the people who voted for her.

    as for Henry Hyde – one of the most despicable pieces of crap to ever walk on US soil. like Newt – he was leading the CLinton impeachment charge while all the while knowing he had an affair. also that poor woman he called a murderer – she should have had the baby and dumped it on his doorstep (i know this sounds cold, but you KNOW Mrs Hyde would have had her “issue” taken care of had she been in the same position)

    i hope Hyde is burning in Hell

    • since some people have to be deranged enough to vote for people like batshit bachmann, i don’t know why we’re always surprised when someone batshittier than she is shows up.

      i still get angry when i remember that bastard henry hyde being so mean to a woman who was so evidently in pain. she was incredibly classy and kept her composure. i don’t remember the exchange exactly, but he said something to the effect that murder is a sin and that she broke one of the commandments. i remember thinking that, if i had been sitting there, i would have reminded him that gluttony is a sin, too, and he’s a fat disgusting bastard. 😡